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Update - November 7

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Warped Wolf Mount

We are introducing a new mount that can be obtained through ::invent called “Warped Wolf Mount”.

This new mount is very easy to obtain, all you need is two full sets of the current wolf mount set which is obtained at Liz-Shaman & Blood Wolf on the Minigames tab in the teleport interface. New players will also receive a free Wolf Mount Box after their first week of playing through the Daily Login Rewards.

This variant of the Warped Wolf Mount along with its insane new look, comes with 10DR/DDR as well as double the damage of the regular wolf mount making this a must have for new players!

Glaive Box Changes

We have decided to give our OG Glaive Box a small rework. We have increased the rates SIGNIFICANTLY on players' chances at getting a Glaive.

Since the Icy Glaive can be obtained via voting it has actually been removed from the box and has instead been replaced with a custom style glaive which we will be changing periodically with the seasons to give players new items to fashionscape with!

For those that might have missed their chance at collecting all the candies required to obtain one during the Halloween event attendance roster, the first custom glaive we have decided to add to the box is the Toxic Glaive!

QOL & Bug Fixes
Equipping full Gilded Third-Age now gives you double trivia points when worn
Gundam now correctly gives DR/DDR when having a Life Jewel equipped
::checkhumanoid now includes Gundam
Added a 5% increased chance at rares from the Pokemon Raids chest while having a Mudkip mask equipped. (Also includes @wizy Shiny Mew Mask)
Changed the 3 day login reward to a command issued via the mailing system
Added an infinite fire for adding logs to VIP2 (near the tree’s & woodcutting shop)
Raised Titans cash amount per kill from 3-5K > 10-25K
Halloween scoreboard should no longer reset each week

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