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  1. Mini Update June 18, 2022 Plebite Armour: 1. We have updated the old Plebite Armour, as it's long overdue in my opinion New Referal Program: 1. New Referal Chest now gives the Royal Minigun! 2. If you wish to be included in the Referal program, ask an admin to use the command (::addref joe1) 3. You can then ask your friends to use ::ref joe1 when they join! 4. We will be giving $20 credit to you and your friend when they log at least 20 hours of gameplay and achieve max combat (Limit once per week) Quality of Life: 1. Damage not counting in Raids should be fixed, and rates have been improved by 20%!
  2. Update June 14, 2022 Voting Revamped! 1. You can now get 10 points per full vote, giving you 2 vote scrolls 2. Limited Time: 2K21 Boxes can be purchased for 100 points each 3. Limited Time: Buster Sword is now available for 250 points (voting everyday for a month) Divine Zone is now Closed! Summer is now Open! 1. Summer Boxes are also 30% off for the first month of June! 2. Here is the recap of summer boxes: https://forums.bethlehem317.com/topic/517/ 3. New Summer Global Boss coming in July! Optimus is back in the meantime while we remove King Harry 4. The Bong will be switched out of the Summer Box in July permanently for an overlock Weapon and first AOE Range Weapon! Quality of Life: 1. Third Year (i) now collect $1 Scrolls 2. Wish's Custom Halberd AOE and DDR are now fixed 3. Titan Respawn Timers for Titans in Instances have been further reduced by 30% 4. Amaterasu Scrolls have been added back to Wyrm Chests, Anniversary Chests have been taken out
  3. Bethlehem Third Anniversary! 1. King Harry is back! 2. Wyrm Chest now contains 50 x Anniversary Chests as a drop 3. Easter and 420 Boxes are now removed from the store 4. Recap on Anniversary Chests: https://forums.bethlehem317.com/topic/615/ New addition to Anniversary Event: Anniversary Necklace 1. Anniversary Necklace (3rd Year Limited) is an uncommon drop in the Anniversary Chest 2. It has no stats but can be combined with a normal collector's necklace to make a Collectors (i) 3. It can also be combined with a set of Anniversary Masks and a Collectors (i) into 3rd Year (i) 4. 3rd Year (i) Necklace will have 30DR/DDR and 30K stats, becoming the official BIS 5. The necklace will also be a rare drop at King Harry Contest for 3rd Anniversary: 1. First to combine a 3rd Year (i) 2. First to complete the King Harry drop logs 3. First to complete their Anniversary Chest Collection Log 4. The 3 winners will get to rename their necklace and choose between another +3DR/DDR or +30K Stats Events: 1. There will be a week's worth of events coming starting on May 17th events 2. We will be giving away a normal 3rd Year Anniversary Necklace everyday through our discord giveaway 🎁giveaways 3. On the day of our official anniversary, May 17th 2022, we will give away a 3rd Year Anniversary (i) Necklace, Mask (i), and much more during our live-stream event Key Power Creep Update: 1. In order to keep the BIS items of the past in line with all the power creeps we've had, we're giving the Sephiroth Set +15DR/DDR per piece instead of +10DR/DDR 2. We're giving Sephiroth (i) +30DR/DDR instead of +25DR/DDR per piece, with +40DR/DDR for the helm 2. We're also giving Kylo Ren set a base DR of +5DR/DDR per piece Added to Store upon popular request: 1. Grinch Set - $350 2. Long Claw - $150 Quality of Life: 1. BattlePass Season 3 has been added to Player Crates, Ironman Chest, and Wyrm Chest 2. Bong (i) and Hades (i) are now untradeable upon the consideration that they both require untradeable items to create 3. Lever Added to Vegeta Bug Fixes: 1. 3rd Year amulet now collects quad boxes
  4. Get Ready for Our THIRD YEAR ANNIVERSARY on May 17th! 1. We're opening up Divine Zone to all for a week to try out! 2. Please don't crash or we might have to end the event early 3. We will be releasing a revamped Anniversary Box and Boss on the 12th 4. Tons of Giveaways and Events, stay tuned Easter Coming to an End 1. Easter Bunny is now removed, those who have the Easter Basket can continue to farm it! 2. Congratulations to our 4 winners for our Easter Event again, your extra stats and renames have been implemented 3. Easter Boxes will be in Store for one more day Battle Pass SEASON 3 (Over $400+ worth of items) 1. Some Juicy Rewards this Year! (Checkout Full Rewards Here: https://imgur.com/a/vEFnXul) 2. 10% OFF for the first week! Quality of Life Updates: 1. Phoenix now Drops 3 Feathers and Divine drops 5 2. Bong (i) no longer says null when combined 3. Control + H takes you home 4. Pet Yoda now gives +10% Magic Damage properly 5. Untradeable Dragon Balls are now combinable Upon popular request we have added the following to the store: 1. Eternal Dragon Slayer Set - $150 2. Joker Set - $350 We're currently working on reskinning the Shop as well!
  5. 420 Boxes and Event is back! (Type ::420 to join) 1. Quick refresh on the mechanics at: https://forums.bethlehem317.com/topic/613/ 2. Get them while they're in store at: https://bethlehem317.com/store This year we are releasing the Bong (i)! 1. No attack speed limitation 2. Boosted from a 1.1x to a whopping 1.15x DR Multiplier 3. No need to equip the Bong (i) when utilizing 4. Create it at ::combine! Bunny Masks: 1. We still have one Blue Bunny Mask to be claimed for completing the Bunny Collection Log! 2. Double Loot has been added to the Bunny Masks 3. You can start trading your extra Easter Pieces for a regular Bunny Mask: Mace and Bunny Pet = 1 Point, Empty Basket = 3 Points. Trade 5 Points for a regular Bunny Mask (Equivalent to an Anniversary Mask (i), best head slot) Collection Log Contest: 1. Shaman and Blood Wolf have been added to the collection log 2. We have lowered the droprates significantly to help with newer players as they were intended 3. FIRST TO COMPLETE THESE TWO LOGS GETS AN EMPEROR DRAGON SET!
  6. The Easter Bunny is Back! 1. This year, the Easter Bunny will drop Easter Eggs directly! 2. Combine the Empty Basket with 4 Eggs to have access to the event boss all year round to farm eggs 3. Easter Bunny has also been added to Collection Logs 4. Easter Eggs now give +2DR/DDR instead of +1DR/DDR, permanently up to 10 eggs 5. Leprechaun Boxes have been removed and Easter Boxes have been added at: https://bethlehem317.com/store Recap on Carrot Mace, Easter Box, Valerian/Easter Ring from years Prior: 2020: https://forums.bethlehem317.com/topic/500/ 2021: https://forums.bethlehem317.com/topic/610/ NEW Easter Egg (i): 1. Combine 3 Easter Eggs to get an Easter Egg (i) at ::Invent 2. Each Egg gives +5DR/DDR permanently! (Can only consume one of each, 4 in total) Special Easter Mask Contest 1. This year we have added 4 special Easter Bunny Masks 2. Each will have the same stats as an Anniversary Mask (i) (Best in Slot mask) 3. One of each will be given out according to these Rules Below: 4. Green Bunny Mask - First to consume all 4 Easter Egg (i) 5. Blue Bunny Mask - First to complete their Easter Bunny Collection Log 6. Gold Bunny Mask - First to complete their Easter Box Log 7. Red Bunny Mask - First place in our Live Stream Staff Event on Easter Monday (Must be subscribed to our Youtube Channel) 8. The winners of these 4 masks can choose ONE additional upgrade of +5DR/DDR or +300K Stats (a Free Item Rename will be included) 9. At the end of the month, we will be allowing players to trade in Easter Box dupes for a White Bunny Mask (same stats as Anniversary Mask (i) but no addons) Quality of Life: 1. Control + T now opens up Teleport 2. Untradeable DragonBalls are also stackable 3. Wyrm Chest Unique drops now include: 50 x Easter Box, 10 x 2K21, Sponsor Scroll, and 150 x $1 Scrolls
  7. 1. Collection Logs should now be perfect, if you still find bugs, please let admins know asap, and record kills/drops, they will count towards the contest. 2. We have added to the Logs: Leprechaun, Optimus, Pinata, Nex, and Wildy Wyrm 3. Ancient Cape now gives a visible +5% boost to WildyWyrm chest 4. Dbone Corp is now multi 5. Gundam Gauntlet and Boots due to popular request have had their upgrade chance lowered to 1 in 5 (Originally 1 in 15) 6. Ironman specific contest is now available in 🏆collection-log-contest on discord 7. Rewards for completing Minigame Collection Log have been boosted to include an additional Custom Aura ($1500 Value) and Custom Cape ($1500) Bugs Fixed for Collection Logs: - Titan Cash Drop not Working - Dbone Arcane Shield not Recording - Icy Vorago not counting - Glacor drops not counting - Zulrah drops not counting - Starwars/Ironman Chest/Summer Boxes not counting when opening all - Certain boxes not showing or showing something wrong - Sayan not counting - Creator not counting
  8. Collection Log is Out! (::log) 1. We will be hosting a series of Collection Log contests throughout the weeks ahead! 🏆collection-log-contest 2. We were able to import some of the NPC kills and unique drops. 3. Good Luck! If there are any bugs with something not counting, make sure to keep screenshots! Collection Log Contests: 1. First to kill one of every monster/boss/titan, open one of every box, and attend one of every minigame will get $100 Store Credit 2. First to kill every monster/boss/titan 5 times, open 5 of every box, and attend every minigame 5 times will get $300 Store Credit 3. First to kill every monster/boss/titan 20 times, open 20 of every box, and attend every minigame 20 times will get $1000 Store Credit 4. First to complete the entire Monster's Collection Log will get $100 Store Credit 5. First to complete the entire Boss's Collection Log will get $300 Store Credit 6. First to complete the entire Titan's Collection Log will get $1000 Store Credit 7. First to complete the entire Minigame Collection Log will get their own Custom Weapon ($1500 Value) + $1000 Store Credit 8. First to complete the entire Box Loot Collection Log will get their own Custom Zone ($2000 Value) + Custom Armor Set ($1500 Value) + Custom Pet ($1500) + $3000 Store Credit 9. The contest starts on March 25, 2022, and drops/kills prior do not count towards the contest St.Patrick's coming to an End! 1. Charm Bags are now exchangeable with any admin 2. St.Patrick's Day boxes will stay in store for another week before being taken out 3. 50 St.Patrick's boxes are now available as a drop in WildyWyrm for a week Elite Titans Shop Addition: 1. Legendary Shop Tickets are now available in the Elite Titans Store for 10K Shards! Quality of Life: 1. Naruto and Game of Thrones Part 1 should now be AOE friendly 2. DragonBalls are now Stackable
  9. k's St.Patric Event is BACK! 1. ::StPatty to teleport to the Global Boss Event 2. Defeat the Wild Leprechaun to get FREE St.Patrick Boxes! St.Patrick Box: 1. St. Patrick's Day Box is now in https://www.bethlehem317.com/store/ 2. Leprechaun Pet (Luckiest Pet in the game! +80DR/DDR on Weekends, and +40DR/DDR on Weekdays) 3. Golden 4-Leaf Clover (Each clover in your inventory gives you +1DR/DDR) 4. Leprechaun Set: Gives +15DR/DDR per piece on Weekends - New Best in Slot! (for those who have Custom DR, it will automatically be added) Trade-Ins: 1. Twirly Swirly: Fill the Lucky Glass with a DR Potion to create a Twirly Swirly (Gives +20DR/DDR for 30 Minutes) - Costs 10 Points 2. Charm Bag: Holds an inventory of Charms! - Costs 5 Points 3. Trade in System: Pet = 2 points, Any Leprechaun Piece = 1 Point - Talk to an @Administrator to trade-in 4. Trade-Ins Start on St.Patrick's Day: March 17 Coming Next Week: Collector's Log and Achievements Diary! Please message me if you feel like you have good ideas for the Achievement Diaries! Huge Shoutout to Jinxstalock for helping code the Collector's Log and Charm's Bag! JINX_IS_A_BEAST_DEV_JINX_4_DEV_2022-02-13_12-40-11.mp4
  10. 2K22 Chests Are Out! -Contains Attackers, Collectors, Defenders, Healers (Level 1-5), and Ancient Wings -Attackers: 1.2x, 1.4x, 1.6x, 1.8x, 2.0x Damage Multiplier for Level 1 to 5 -Collectors: 3, 6, 9, 15, 20 DR/DDR for Level 1 to 5 -Healers: 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000 Max HP for Level 1 to 5 -Defenders: 1.1x, 1.2x, 1.3x, 1.4x, 1.5x Experience Gain for Level 1 to 5 -Master (Combine all 4 Level 5's): 2.0x Damage, 25 DR/DDR, 1000 Max Hp, 1.5x Experience Gain Special Item Ancient Wings: -First pair of Wings on top of Cape! I will most likely reorganize equipment slots, to give room for more wings in the future -Gives +50DR/DDR in GodWars Dungeon for those who haven't checked it out yet -Gives +5% Chance in opening Wildy Wyrm Chests Pinata! -Like years prior, we can now get free 2K22 boxes by spawning the Pinata through a global voting campaign -We will also be hosting free Pinata runs for staff events, so make sure to check it out! -You can also purchase 2K22 Boxes at our donator store: https://bethlehem.gamepayments.net/ Quality of Life/Bug Fixes: -DragonBone now drops for multiple players -Vorago/Icy Vorago now drops Elite Titan Shards -Joker Respawn times have now been lowered by 33% WE SOLVED LAG: -Because a lot of players have fancy stuff, it causes lag when all standing together -You can now hide what other player's are wearing using the command ::naked/::clothed
  11. Update February 1, 2022: New Wildy Wyrm Chest: - 100 x $1 Scrolls, 10 x 2K21 Boxes, and an EXEC Rank Scroll are now available as top prizes! Christmas Shield (i): - 2.5X Magic Multiplier, 3K Magic Accuracy, and 10DR/DDR (Best Mage Offhand hands down!) Imbued Version of Hade's Gloves: - 300K Stats and +10DR/20DDR - Beating wyrm gloves, and only behind Top Donator Aura for Best-in-Slot Dragon Bone Corp now drops Elite Titan Shards Quality of Life for New Players: - Portal Contest is now 30% easier - Blood Wolf Saga is now 80% easier - E-Void now in ::invent
  12. Merry Christmas! Update December 19, 2021: Christmas Event: 1. A PvP event has been highly requested in past years, so this year we are placing the Grinch Set, Jester Scarf, and 50 x Christmas Box as a prize in the Wyrm Chest! 2. Fat Santa Pet, Candy Cane Scythe, and the Santa Hats are in the Christmas Box, which you can get for free through the ::Xmas event or through the Donator Store. (Guide: https://forums.bethlehem317.com/topic/593/ 3. All duplicates can be traded in at the end of the Christmas Event, and this year we will be releasing an Upgraded Candy Cane Scythe as one of the items up for trade-in! 4. The Grinch Set gives +5% Box Opening chance, the only set of its kind to give a boost in receiving a rare from any box in-game (tokens etc are included), it also gives a chance to obtain a Christmas Box while skilling with the set equipped (approximately one every hour or so of active skilling). Christmas Box (Available through the Event and through the Donator Store for a Month): 1. Candy Cane | 30K STR, 10% DR, 10% DDR, Fastest Speed. 2. Fat Santa Pet | 40% DR, 40% DDR, 30% DMG Increase, Freeze 1 sec every 5 hits 3. Combine all Santa Hats with Collectors (i) to make a Jester Scarf (Highest DR for the Slot, BIS) Joker and Elite Titans Released! 1. Joker Set gives 15% extra Drop Chance at Raids, and is stackable with Sora Set using Locked Stats, and stacks with Friday Raid Bonus 2. Gives 1 Elite Titan Shard, which will be used to purchase normal Titan Instances such as Gundam, Sasuke, etc. 3. Elite Store will be released this Wednesday! NEW Best-In-Slot Akatsuki Robes Upgrade: 1. We are allowing Akatsuki Robes to be upgraded with Arcane Essence, giving up to +9 on top of their current stats to give +20DR/DDR per piece, which will make them the Best-in-Slot. 2. Upgrade your Wyrm Pieces at the Upgrade Machine into Arcane Essence (100% success) HUGE Quality of Life Change: 1. Void is now an 100% upgrade chance, just bring 3 pieces to Upgrade Machine 2. Void Points received have been boosted due to popular demand: Donator 25, Super 30, Extreme 35, Sponsor 40, Exec 60, Divine 65 3. 7-Day Rewards, 30 Days Rewards, Daily Tasks, Donation Extras, and Weekly Boss Contest have all been Boosted! 4. Upgrade Machine now tells you the Upgrade Chance directly. 5. You can also upgrade partial pieces such as Leg Piece (1) into Arcane Essence at 1/6 success rate (If you have full upgrade boost gear, it should work out to slightly better as combining the pieces into Wyrm Legs then turning into Arcane Essence) New Clan to Join Bethlehem - "The Eco": 1. Message Holder, DropShot, or The Eco in-game to apply. 2. 💀clans As a recap of benefits in discord
  13. Bethlehem Event Guide FF raids (Final Fantasy Raids) If a staff member is hosting ff raids it will be always starts form 30 mins. The participants of the event may meet in ::market and wait when the event starts. The command to teleport fast to the raids is ::ffraids . If a player gets a donator box they get a second donator box for free after the event has ended. If a staff member gets a donator box, everyone gets one free. After event all should meet in ::market DBZ RAIDS If a staff member is hosting dbz raids its usually 30 mins long. All players who want to enter may meet in ::market and wait when the event is starting. Fast command to teleport to dbz raids ::dbzraid . If a participant gets a donator box they get a second donator box free. If a staff member gets a donator box, everyone gets one free. After 30 mins the host will say "Last round" that means after that run all meet in ::market . All donator boxes that you won will be given to you after the event has ended Hot/Cold The event duration is around 15-30 mins depends on how many participants join. Players who want to join can meet in ::dz . Hot colors are red/yellow/orange Cold colors are purple/blue/violet If the host plants black/white/rainbow they will replant for you If u lost don't worry the event will last till the last prize is given away Dice Duel If a staff member is hosting a Dice duel event, it will be around 15-30 mins. The participants of the event may meet in ::dz . Right click on the staff member who is hosting and click on gamble with and just press accept. If you are an ironman you can also enter the game and other staff member or a person who is trusted can roll it for you. If you lost don't worry the event will last till the last prize is given away 55+ If a staff member is hosting a 55+ event, it will be around 15-30 mins. The participants of the event may meet in ::dz . They stand in the line. While waiting for other player to join the participants can join "dice" clan chat to see what number host rolled. If the dice roll is higher than 55+ you can pick at the host goodie bag. If you lost don't worry the event will last till the last prize is given away Cheers kopo10 for helping with the guide 😉
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