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  2. Glad to have you, nightSKIN!
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  4. August 19th - Game Updates Added: - Icy Glaive Offhand (15% DR, 15% DDR) - Masamune Offhand (50% DR, 50% DDR) - Sephiroth (I) (25% DR per Piece) - Custom items: Insanedoc: Honjo Masamune, Harakiri Masamune Bobodod: Soul Edge i7: Estonia Glaive - Godwars - Bandos, Zamorak, Armadyl, Saradomin Godsword (I) - Bandos, Armadyl set (I) - Saradomin's Battlemage Robes - Zamorak's Staff of the Dead - Saradomin's Staff of Life - Added sprites for Youtuber Rank - Added T4 bosses and Zulrah to Slayer Master & Daily Tasks - Added cache refreshing when updating (so people don't have to delete manually, which was causing problems) - Texa's Hold 'Em (message Beth for beta testing) - Dragonbone Corporeal Beast - Arcane Crystal Spirit Shield (dropped by Dragonbone corp. : 1.5x magic damage increase) - CTRL + B for quick banking. - Arcane Tokens - Gunballs Changed: - Top Donator Aura squeezing weapons weirdly bug fixed. - Trading bugs fixed - Armadyl Body animation bug fixed - Fixed KBD Warrior Bow - Flowers no longer mess up clipping/pathing - Took out Omni Talisman Staff from Aquanite, made it cost 500 fragments at Semi-AFK - Zulrah not counting properly bug fixed - Damage boost to the following mage armours: Normal Void: 1.5x damage increase Full Trio Set: 1.6x damage increase Normal Void: 1.8x damage increase Full Nulgath: 2.35x damage increase Elite Void: 2.5x damage increase Mystic Virtus: 2.8x damage increase - Void rebalance: Normal Void: 1.5x damage increase Elite Void: 2.5x damage increase - Blood Spirit Shield now gives 1.2x magic damage increase - More bug fixes
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  6. I am re-posting this from the discord: as for some Ctrl+f in browser is more convenient to search things quicker. If a staff member would rather re-upload and take this down, I don't mind. I just figured it could help some people out. This is the official Bethlehem Price guide. This price guide is set by the bethlehem Staff Team. If any prices are completely wrong please PM a Staff member so they can adjust the price. » Any prices stated with N/A does mean that it's too common to have a price. » In armour sets the price is set by piece! » When there is no price written, it’s either not actively traded or not provided. Melee Armour (This does not include amulets, offhands, etc.) »» Low Tier Beginner Dragon — N/A Light Darklord — N/A Dark Predator — 1T each »» Mid Tier Deadly Dragonslayer — 5T each Shadow Dragonslayer — 5T each Nature — 5T each Forest — 5T each Gold Predator — 3T each »» High Tier Trio — 10T ea Baphomet — 100T each Infernal — 100T each Shadow Lord — 400-500T each Bloodlust Shadowlord — 1,5-2Q each Light Lord — 150T each (edited) Range Armour (This does not include amulets, offhands, etc.) »» Low Tier Pernix — N/A »» Mid Tier Depature — 15T each Dark Depature — 30-40T each »» High Tier Blood Depature — 150T each Animal — 5Q+ each Dragonrage — 250T+ each (edited) Mage Armour (This does not include amulets, offhands, etc.) »» Low Tier Virtus — N/A »» Mid Tier Oblivion — 10T each »» High Tier Trio — 10T each Mystic Virtus — No set price, too rare (edited) Melee Weapons »» Low Tier Any Laser Sword — N/A Any Duo Laser Sword — N/A Infernal Spear — 100T each »» Mid Tier Dark Predator Scythe — 10T each Gold Predator Scythe — 20T each Dragon Slayer Blade — 15T each Shadow Slayer Blade — 20T each Nature Sword — 5T each Forest Sword — 5T each »» High Tier Water Blade — 10T each Darklord Blade — 500T each Razor Whip — 1Q each Nex Sword — 600T each Devil May Cry — 750T each Infernal Sword — 12Q+ each Chiller Sword — 12Q+ each Ice Dragon Hammer / Offhand — 25-30Q+ each (edited) Range Weapons »» Low Tier Duel Beretta — N/A AK-47 — N/A Scoped AK — 5-10T each AK-47 Asiimov — 100T each »» Mid Tier Lava Bow — 10T each Water Bow — 10T each Blood Duel Beretta — 50T each Blood Sniper — 250T each »» High Tier Dark Lord's Bow — 300T each Light Lord's Bow — 300T each Dragonrage/Ragefire Bow — 750T+ each Infernal M16 / Offhand M16 — 2Q+ each Infernal Minigun — 8Q+ each Arcane Crystal Bow — 40-50Q+ each (edited) Mage Weapons »» Low Tier Kryptic Staff — N/A Omni-Talisman Staff — N/A Oblivion Scythe — 15T each »» Mid Tier Staff of Water — 10T each Staff of Infernal — 50T each »» High Tier Lava Scythe — 150T each Talis Sword — 600T+ each Madara's Fan — 2Q each Madara's Fan [I] — 7Q+ each (edited) Offhands/Shields Baphomet Drygore Offhand — 100T each Tome of Frost — 400T each Magma Protector — 300T each Shadowlord Protector — 1Q each Blood Spirit Shield — 2,5Q+ each (edited) Amulets Predator Necklace — 5T each Nature Necklace — 1T each Trio Necklace — 10T each Infernal Necklace — 75T each Collectors Amulet — 4,5Q+ each Collectors Amulet [I] — 14Q+ each Rings Ring of Wealth — 1T each Ring of Wealth [1] — 15T each Ring of Wealth [2] — 50T each Ring of Wealth [3] — 300T each Lucky Ring of Wealth — 1Q each Lucky Ring of Wealth [I] — 12Q+ (edited) Miscellaneous »» Other Items Scroll of Efficiency — 10-15T each Vote Scroll — 30-50T each $1 Scroll — 150T each Monster Fragments — 50B each Boss Fragments — 5T each Mythical Shards — 3T each Arcane Crystal Shards — No set price Crystal Keys — 5-10T each Clue Scrolls — 1-2T each Charming Imp — 200T each Bonecrusher — 200T each Dragon Ball — 100T each »» Other Equipment Drygore Wings — 500B each Dragonrage Wings — 1T each Gundam Set — 2Q each piece Gundam Set [I] — 7Q each piece Void — Untradeable Elite Void — Untradeable Seers/Berserker/Archers Boots — 1Q each Seers/Berserker/Archers Boxing Gloves — 1Q each (edited) Donator Ranks Donator — Free with ::email Super Donator — 250-300T each Extreme Donator — 3-4Q each (edited) Slayer Items/Helms Slayer Key — 1T each Slayer Casket — 1T each Slayer Helm [1] — 50T each Slayer Helm [2] — 100T each Slayer Helm [3] — 500T each Slayer Helm [4] — 1Q each Slayer Helm [5] — 4Q each Pets »» Tier 1 Commander Zilyana — 500B each K’ril Tsutsaroth — 500B each Kree’arra — 500B each Corporeal Beast — 500B each General Graardor — 500B each Pet Light Creature — 500B each »» Tier 2 Luigi — 1T each Mr. Krabs —1T each Sonic — 1T each Pikachu — 1T each Homer — 1T each »» Tier 3 Skotizo — 250T+ each Yoda — 250T+ each Cerberus — 250+ each »» Tier 4 Donkey Kong — 2,5Q each Nutella — 7Q+ each Centaur — 15Q+ each »» Tier 5 Tifa — No price set Boxes & Souls »» Boxes Donator Box — 150T each Pet Mystery Box — 15T each »» Souls Bandos Avatar Soul — 20T each Infernal Groudon Soul — 25T each Abbadon Soul — 30T each Baphomet Soul — 35T each Auras Tier 1 Aura — 500t each Tier 2 Aura — 1Q each Tier 3 Aura — 2-4Q each Tier 4 Aura — 8-12Q each Tier 5 Aura — 25-30Q+ each Donation Exchange Rate(edited) [$5 - 1Q] [$10 - 2Q] [$20 - 4Q] [$50 - 10Q]
  7. I'm requesting the sponsor rank.
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    Granted! Enjoy.
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    Granted! Enjoy.
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  11. August 14th - Game Updates Added: - Dank Monster ( T4 boss) & Dank Set (melee) - KBD Warrior (T4 boss) & KBD Set (ranged) - Nulgath (T4 boss) & Nulgath Set (mage) - Glaive Offhand - Zulrah - Zulrah Miniguns (Red is more damage, Blue is more droprate) - Kingdom Hearts Box - Sora set (25% upgrade chance increase, droprate at raids) - Masamune Offhand Changed: - Keyblade rewritten, 10% upgrade chance increase - Bunch of bug fixes
  12. What's up guys Night here or Jon, I'm 21 and I live in Southern California. Feel free to pm me with any questions or if you just wanna chat. Good luck with drops and ill see ya out there.
  13. August 2nd - Game Updates Added: - Instance Totems give +20% DR and +20% DDR for their respective boss/titan (bought in boss point shop/donation store)- Jax Lamppost stats and DR (same as Ice Dragon Halberd)- Added Devil May Cry (I) - Godwars (pm Beth to beta test)- 2FA (::setup2fa)- Beta server is now live (staff pm Beth) Changed: - 1 hit splat cap has been removed for OP items- Combat elo only loses 5% instead of 10% when not logging on daily- Glaives & Buster Sword are now 2 hit splats- Masamune is now 4 hit splats- Blackjack, Roulette, Texa’s Hold’em & Slot Machines pretty much working (pm Beth for beta testing)- Zirconis removed from Daily Task- Daily Tasks can now be completed once- Previous teleport is now working- Teleporting bugs fixed (pm Beth for Dragonball refunds)- Artilleries now count properly for Daily Task- Mini Titans no longer multi-hit- ::resetdaily fixed- Aura Chests now show names in announcements- New scoreboard for Ironman contest- Keyblade now gives 10% upgrade chance increase- Removed option to pick up pets via right-clicking
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    Granted! Enjoy your rank!
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    I'm requesting this rank: Super Donator Proof :
  16. Granted! Enjoy your rank!
  17. Extreme and, WAS SUPER a DAY AGO ❤️
  18. superbeast


    :') :') :') :') :') fuck sake this cracked me up =P
  19. i absolutley love this dude, for real he helps me out so much, absolute 100% deffo deserves his rank, very active, friendly and helpful within the community
  20. very nice to read your introduction, ive spoken to you a few times and seen you in game, very nice and well respectful player, keep up your good work aswell my dude 😃
  21. welcome to bethlehem my dude, please enjoy your stay and i hope to see you around in game 🙂
  22. i, myself do find this guide very useful as i have been trying to learn how the flower poker works =P thanks for the guide 🙂
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