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  3. No more entries allowed so it's locked. Good luck everybody ! 1st: 90 Rtu 2nd: 63 Ao-Jess 3rd: 18 Ottezen (Something additional as it was the exact number 🙂
  4. Guest

    Random Number Generator

    32 is the winning number
  5. the number im picking is at the end of my name
  6. Earlier
  7. gonna gooo with 95 :), GG and GL all 😜
  8. Guest

    Random Number Generator

    I would like to pick 77
  9. i hate you GTX.. i always do 12 for the win.. i guess ill go with 69!
  10. ok ill start with number 48
  11. Hello there everybody !! Time for another forums event 😮 This time it is going to be a Random Number Generator ! Post down below a number from 0 - 100 !!! MAKE SURE another player hasn't chosen the same number !!! Results will be posted Sunday 21:00 Gmt +1 (9 PM server time) Good Luck Rewards? Store Credits 1st = $30 2nd = $20 3rd = $10
  12. Guru

    Clan Legion

    //requested close//
  13. Hi! What took you so long to make a forums acc :P!
  14. Hey all, thought id introduce myself here and say Hi! some of you will already know me in game as Ao Hope to chat to you all!! <3
  15. Clan Name: Exodus Clan Owner In-Game Username: Guru Jr Clan Owner Discord Name and Tag: Guru#6666 Current Member List (In-Game Username and Discord Tag):1: Yammer5 / Yammer5#93092: Nite Jr / Old Nite#37153: I7 / I7#01734: Galley / Galley#7190 5: Astralruler / Astralruler#8753 6: Nerdy / Rawell#9017 7: Ztoh / Drop Shot (Alex)#4693In-Game Playtime (screenshot) In-Game Rank: Executive Donator Clan purpose/theme (PVM, PK, Gamble ...): Exodus is a PVM-based clan and we will surely extend to PKing and Gambling as well later on. What your clan intends to do to help the server (your mission): Exodus is a family, we are always ready to help one another with anything he needs - without breaking rules. We want to be as close with each other as we can, while doing our own thing. We have one main goal all together which is helping out each other within the clan members, but also everyone else within the Bethlehem community. We've already helped various of players when we weren't a clan yet. Why should we support your clan?: I already have a feeling that Exodus will be one of the long lasting Clans on Bethlehem. We're already starting out strong and we will just get bigger and stronger every day. We should be supportive by everyone including Bethlehem itself because our main mission is to help the community and the players, especially within the Clan. We are looking to spread this out way more. We're still looking for members. Just PM any of the members listed above and they will get you an invite to our Discord where you have to apply. We welcome anyone, just need to meet the guidelines! Do you meet the requirements to create a clan and the 50Q cash?: Yes Do you agree with us disbanding the clan if it breaks the rules or not meeting the requirements?: Yes
  16. GTX


    Welcome! Good luck on your journey and may you be blessed with great RNG!
  17. Divinev2


    Ayo, welcome bud :) Honestly you picked the right place ;)
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