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  3. Update April 5th: Easter Event is Back! -Checkout Full Details Here: https://forums.bethlehem317.com/topic/500/ NEW Easter Basket for 2021! - Fill the basket with the 4 Easter Eggs to teleport to a field of bunnies that drop Easter Boxes at anytime! - Hop Emote Upgrade your Easter Ring to a Valerian Ring! -Best-in-Slot Ring! (+40DR/DDR) -Only Ring Slot allowed in Game of Thrones 2 and 3 -Use ::invent to combine Valerian Steel Bars and Lava Forge -Smith at the Lava Forge in Wilderness Resource Area -Right click on the Forge to upgrade Dragon Slayer (i
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  5. Update March 30: Lucky Glass and Twirly Swirly: 1. Limited Edition St.Patrick's Cup 2. Fill the Lucky Glass with a DR Potion to create a Twirly Swirly (Gives +20DR/DDR for 30 Minutes) 3. Can be worn as a cosmetic to do the Drunken Steps (Lucky Glass will not dissapear after Twirly Swirly is consumed) 4. Costs 10 St. Patrick Points (Pet = 2 points, Any Leprechaun Piece = 1 Point) - Talk to an @Administrator to trade in. St. Patrick Fix: 1. Hat now gives +40DR/DDR, truly Best-in-Slot on Weekends! Game of Thrones 3: 1. Fire Dragon - Eternal Companion (Gives +10D
  6. I'm requesting this rank: Trusted dicer Proof (In game photo matching your forums name):
  7. I'm requesting this rank: Sponsor
  8. New Update ! Props to our Wiki Team for creating a comprehensive Items List: 1. Use ::search (keyword) to lookup any item! 2. If there is anything not included, please contact @Pupplayuk! Game of Thrones 2 Improvements 1. Players will now have their HP and Equipment Bonus reset after entering 2. Companions can no longer be brought in 3. A regular Collector's Necklace can now be worn 4. Dragon Slayer's Set has been added to the Lord Commander's Store Dragon Slayer's Set: 1. Gives enough damage and defense to solo GoT2 with Soul Split (M
  9. February 8th! ::Summer Zone is Back 1. As promised we're bringing back ::summer for those in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere 2. Will be active until the end of March, Summer Boxes will be removed from the store as well at that time 3. For those who weren't here when it was first released: https://forums.bethlehem317.com/topic/517/ Ironman Zone (Donator Teleport Tab) 1. We have introduced our first Ironman Zone as a Community Effort, we will implement all valid suggestions brought forth by the community 2. Kingly Implings and Thermies are available to ge
  10. How to make your client larger/full screen, and generally run better. ***Optional (Get Launcher Here)*** Open Bethlehem Launcher and click launch If you skipped downloading the launcher and downloaded the client directly start here Once you have the client open. Locate the high performance link at the top of the client and click it. You will get this popup. You should choose yes. It's asking if it can use your computer's resources as a normal game would. At this point it will start to open a new client directly on top of the old client. Drag the new
  11. Bethlehem Event Guide FF raids (Final Fantasy Raids) If a staff member is hosting ff raids it will be always starts form 30 mins. The participants of the event may meet in ::market and wait when the event starts. The command to teleport fast to the raids is ::ffraids . If a player gets a donator box they get a second donator box for free after the event has ended. If a staff member gets a donator box, everyone gets one free. After event all should meet in ::market DBZ RAIDS If a staff member is hosting dbz raids its usually 30 mins long. All players who want to
  12. Update January 27, 2021 Jewel Slot + 2K21 Boxes are Here! 1. For 2021, we've added an Extra Slot! 2. Jewels can be equipped to the Jewel Slot, and give special bonuses according to their type 3. Jewels can be upgraded at the Upgrade Machine giving +5, +10, +15, +20, +25 for each level. 4. Get FREE 2K21 Boxes at ::2K21, accumulate 20 Votes as a Server to summon the Pinata! Death Jewel: +5DR/DDR when faced against Undead NPCS (::checkundead) Life Jewel: +5DR/DDR when faced against Humanoid NPCS (::checkhumanoid) Inferno Jewel: +5DR/DDR when faced against Fire N
  13. Official Discord Event Guide Step 1: Under the discord section giveaways Step 2: If you see the ''event-spam-room'' click on it Step 3: Click the green button to see our event voice chat. Step 4: Join the voice chat ''Event'' When you do all these steps you can enter our Discord events ๐Ÿ™‚ Dice duelling (Discord Edition) If u want to enter, join event-spam-room in the discord Event section, click green circle, join event voice chat and meet in ::market. How it works, you will dice duel against host's if u win u get a pick
  14. ===How to start Game of Thrones === Unlike most mini games this one is located under your titans teleports. Simply click on Titans and select Game of Thrones part 1, then click teleport Winter is coming ......... When you teleport to the minigame talk to the 615th Lord Commander and he we tell you to protect the wall. From then on its simple just kill the White Walkers they are all level 200 and can hit quite high (99 is possible). Keep killing these untill you have an impressive 9999 Nights Watch Points (if you are lucky enough to have had an Icy Salve Am
  15. ๐ŸŽ…Christmas Event Guide!๐ŸŽ… 1. Lumber Mill: located east of Varrock AKA ::home, run east, follow the trail until you see the tree 2. Lumbridge Flour Mill: You can get to this spot by typing ::Lumbridge and follow the path north until you reach this point. 3. Draynor Mansion: Reach this spot by typing ::draynor and following the path north until you reach this point. 4. Draynor Market: Reach this spot by typing ::draynor and running west to the market! 5. Port Sarim Docks: Reach this spot by typing ::portsarim and running south of the docs, just ea
  16. โ˜ƒ๏ธMERRY CHRISTMAS!!!โ„๏ธ - Update December 13 12 Days of Christmas! 1. We will be doing 12 Days of Giveaways Everyday until Christmas Day, starting TODAY! 2. Participate in every Event to get a Special Prize on Christmas Day! Christmas Event is Back! 1. Talk to Santa at Home to Begin 2. Find the Christmas Tree before anyone else and size the present! (Prizes Include Santa Hats, Christmas Boxes, and Christmas Cracker!) 3. Type ::xmas or ::hint for a clue on where the Christmas Tree is, a Guide will be made shortly Christmas Box (Available through the Event and through
  17. My name is Manny, my ign is Blood knight nice to meet'cha. I'm trying to become a youtuber for the server, really enjoy it the staff are pretty chill too. And if you need any help send a pm over :D ingame rank atm is executive but we'll get to divine soon ;) Youtube is : Blood knight RSPS
  18. welcome! if you have any questions just ask ๐Ÿ™‚
  19. Madara (Titan Teleports) Requirements: 50k ::maxhit (Elite Void, Ice Dragon Hammers or Devil May Cry (i) and Soul Split) Money per hour: ~10000k Bil Tickets Madara has 1/1000k drop rate it is a good source of income. It can drop Madara's fan which sells for around 5000k Bil Tickets or Sharingan which is worth around 20000k Bil Tickets. Bloodlust Shadowlord (Titan Teleports) Requirements: 50k ::maxhit (Elite Void, Ice Dragon Hammers or Devil May Cry (i) and Soul Split) Money per hour: ~10000k Bil Tickets Bloodlust shadowlord drops highly demanded B
  20. Rune Armour (Regular Donator Zone Teleport) Requirements: Level 95 Thieving Money per hour: 10000k Bil Tickets Located in the Regular Donator Zone; Adamant boots are really in demand for Golden Spade from ::invent. You will need a lot of thing to make it, but 1000 Adamant boots are really in demand. You can sell them in the Player Owned Store Glacors (Minigame Teleport) Requirements: 15k ::maxhit Money per hour: 10000k Bil Tickets Glacors are really a good way to make money. $1 Scrolls are high in demand. $1 Scrolls are a 1/400 drop and in an hou
  21. Thieving Scimitar Stall (Regular Donator Zone Teleport) Requirement: Level 85 Thieving Money per Hour: 24k B Tickets Located in Thieving skill, it takes 1 minute to fill your inventory with scimitars and full inventory will get you 405 B tickets in. In 1 hour you will make around 24k B Tickets Agility Wilderness Course Requirement: Level 55 Agility Money per hour = 7000k Bil Tickets. You can sell them in the Player Owned Store In 30 seconds you can complete 1 run. This will yield 6 tickets. In 1 hour you can get around 720 tickets. 2000 ticke
  22. Forums Posting Guide! - First thing to do it is type the ::forums command in game! - Next up is to click on the category you want to create a topic on! In this example I will be using guides. - Now we are to choose which type of Guide you would like to make! - There should be a button that says start new topic, click that button! - You are all set to creating your new topic! Fill in what you would like to post and submit for everyone to see! -Posting images can be tricky, you can copy paste pictures, if they do not show up on the topic, the
  23. Update November 27! Black Friday Sale and Limited Items Coming Back! 1. Unlike other servers Bethlehem items don't go on sale except during this once a year occasion. 2. Today we're putting most items on 20% OFF: https://bethlehem317.com/store 3. We're also bringing back seasonal and limited items for the next 4 days until the end of Cyber Monday Duo Slayer Fully Released: 1. Mihail now assigns tasks specifically for Duo Teams such as Cerberus, Blood Wolf, Gokus, etc (Requires 60+ Slayer) 2. On top of regular slayer points, you and your partner will get 10 Duo-Slayer Point
  24. Update - November 18, 2020 Slots are Released! 1. The Slot Machine at ::Gamble is finally released! 2. The Slot Machine is designed to have a 1.5% house edge, here's how to play: Cherry - x2 Bar - x5 DoubleBar - x25 TripleBar - x40 SEVEN - x80 Double Cherry - x5 Triple Cherry - x10 Triple Bar - x500 Triple DoubleBar - x1000 Triple TripleBar - x3000 Triple SEVEN - x10000 Raid Bonus: 1. Sora Set gives 25% extra Drop Chance at Raids (Obtainable through Treasure Island and our Donation St
  25. Hey guys, new player here, names mainely or greg. I am a streamer as well. FI used to play osrs but have stopped more recently. I like RSPS a bunch so lets try this one out
  26. Welcome to the family!
  27. What's up, guys. I've been heavy into the rsps scene for abuot 7 years now. had my main on osrs for 13 years now. I love to drink and smoke when im not working. i play guitar. This isn't my first custom server but its definitely the most unique i've seen. loving it so far. lets see what we can do :D pm me in game @Four Loko
  28. Hey @Jinxstalock, At the current moment, the Forums do not have Divine Donator as a rank. This should be happening in the near future. With Kind Regards, Old Nite
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