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  3. VIP Season 2 Apologies for the delay, life sucks 😂 Here’s everything you need to know for Season 2. - Everyone’s VIP status has been reset to 0 as per every new season, your seasonal gear can now only be used if you possess the correct VIP rank to do so. - Admins will be able to go through all donations from February 10th > March 6th to manually return players VIP points from donations that would have already counted towards this season. - F2P VIP Scrolls from Season 1 are now claimable if you are below that scrolls rank ie; You cannot claim a VIP 2 scroll if you are VIP 2,3,4,5 already. - VIP zones will now remove you if you’re not that VIP rank so players won’t be able to access zones they’re not supposed to. - VIP 5 will now drop St. Patty boxes as the current seasonal item. - F2P VIP 1&2 zones now accept both “$1 Scrolls” & “VIP Scrolls” as payment. - VIP 3 & 4 daily points have been increased from 100 > 115 to allow players to still be able to complete their 9000 points by the end of season. - VIP Season 2 will end on the 27th of May with no ifs, no butts, no coconuts. https://bethlehem317.fandom.com/wiki/VIP_System Here you can read more about vip system QOL/Bug Fixes - Clover/Golden Clover rates have been slightly tweaked to be easier to collect. - Evolution Stones will now drop from Pokemon Raids on average 37.4% more often. - Admins can now deposit stacked items into ::dropparty with a single click - Removing bookcases from Player Owned Houses no longer triggers Christmas Quest dialogue
  4. Top o’ the morning to ye laddies! Gonna jump straight into things today and to kick it off we will start with; St. Patrick’s Day This year for St. Patrick’s Day we have added a new fun seasonal quest for players to enjoy! Upon completion of this quest players will be able to pick Clovers at the flax fields in Camelot. When picking these clovers, players will have a chance to receive a “Clover” which acts the same as a Gingerbread Man giving the player a chance to find St. Patrick’s Day boxes from killing Titans. They will also have a small chance at receiving one of five “Golden Clover” pieces used to invent the Golden Clover itself, which acts the same as the Gingerbread House, being an unlimited usable Clover. - Leprechaun Global Boss has been reactivated - Charm Bag has been added to the St. Patrick’s Day Box & Collection Log - Twirly Swirly has been added to the St. Patrick’s Day Box & Collection Log For new players you can find information on the old event here so you’re all caught up! Tool Belt All players will now have access to their own Tool Belt which can be found at the bottom of the Equipment tab. This Tool Belt can only hold a small variety of end game items that players would generally carry around at the precious expense of their inventory spaces. These items will now have a right click “Add to Tool Belt” option, and will automatically be transferred to the Tool Belt and can be used as per normal from the belt itself including any DR/DDR the item might boost the player while being held in the inventory. The items allowed are as follows; God Mode Scroll (Permanent), Super Saiyan Mode, Bong (i), Gingerbread House, Golden Dice Totem, Golden Spade, Bethlehem Fishing Rod, Charm Bag, DDR Scroll (Permanent) Battle Pass (Season 4) The latest and greatest Battle Pass is here and contains quite a few new juicy rewards! You can checkout the new Battle Pass in our store here: https://bethlehem.gamepayments.net/category/147/page/1 Ultimate Ironman Changes Ultimate Ironmen are starting to become a more popular option here in Bethlehem, so I have made a few adjustments to their play style so they can fit in with the rest of the community. Definitely more changes need to be made, but this should give them a nice boost for now. - Ultimate Ironman accounts may now WITHDRAW items from their banks. They cannot deposit items of any kind, but this allows them to benefit from things like the Achievement System or Summer Boxes that go directly to the players bank without feeling like they can’t progress from those areas. - Hardcore Ironman renamed to Ultimate Ironman, Hardcore was never a thing here and was only a grammar mistake. - Ultimate Ironman accounts now get a whopping 100 DR/DDR as a default account bonus! Ultimate Ironman Bag Ultimate Ironman accounts will now receive an “Ultimate Ironman Bag” upon creating their account. (Current UIM’s will need to reach out to an Admin+ to have this handled for them). The Ultimate Ironman Bag can be used as permanent extra storage for Ultimate Ironman accounts for a whopping extra 28 slots! Each UIM will have access to 4 slots by default, and will progressively unlock more slots as they play the game by finishing their achievements and typing the command ::checkcompleted - Easy achievements will grant an extra 4 slots (8 total) - Medium achievements will grant an extra 8 slots (16 total) - Hard achievements will grant an extra 12 slots (28 total) Japs Temple We wanted to thank ItsAJap for his donation towards his new custom zone, feel free to hit him up to check out! Remember to be polite and ask for the zone rules. 🙂 QOL and Bugfixes - The Guaranteed Upgrade Scroll now officially works correctly (third times the charm) - Pets & GFX are now automatically hidden in player Hotspots (Such as ::2K23), you can also now do ::hidepets in general to hide all pets. - Corrected all “Sayan” spelling mistakes > “Saiyan” throughout the game - Fixed VIP5 (potentially, hard to test) - Fixed some shooting star spelling errors - Temporarily removed Dice Duel option at ::dz while we look into an issue - Fixed Gingerbread & God mode timers appearing on alts when re-logging - Removed “Town Crier” from the game
  5. Update January 26th 2023 Today we bring you the first update of 2023! We’ve been working on a Brand New Slot, and not just any brand new slot, but a graphic aura, we present to you… Blessings! The slot in-between the off-hand slot & ring slot will be the home for a new type of item “Blessings” which will give the player a variety of buffs including two already known stats; Damage & DR/DDR as well as two brand new stats “Critical Hit Chance” & “Critical Hit Multiplier”. These two new stats are currently exclusive to this item slot and opens the game up to a variety of new content. We’re capped at 4 splats per hit due to the game engine, but doubling the damage of one of the splats, effectively gives you 5 splats per hit. This is where Critical Chance comes in. Whenever you crit, your splat damage doubles. You can raise the chance of critting with Critical Blessings. Blessings: - Attack Blessings(1-5) – 1.1x, 1.2x, 1.4x, 1.6x, 1.85x Damage in all combat styles - DR Blessings(1-5) – +3, +6, +9, +15, +20 Drop rate & Double drop rate - Crit Blessings(1-5) – 2% Crit Chance, 4% Crit Chance, 6% Crit Chance, 10% Crit Chance, 15% Crit Chance (The base Crit Damage is 2.0x) - Berserker Blessing(1) – 15% Crit Chance to deal 2.5x Crit DMG & Collector’s Amulet effect - Master Blessing(1) – 2.0x Damage in all combat styles, 25 DR/DDR, 20% Crit Chance, 2.5x Crit Damage & Collector’s Amulet effect The blessing Graphical Effect can be toggled on/off using the command ::togglegfx For more info on new items and how to get https://bethlehem317.fandom.com/wiki/Bethlehem317_Wiki
  6. Requesting either Divine Donator or Veteran status (whichever would take priority) (for some reason the screenshots are getting whited out....)
  7. I am request this rank:
  8. Hey Cowbrown. welcome bethlehem bud, i really like your avatar picture haha
  9. I'm Cowbrowncow, it's been good to get into the server this passed week. In light of recent news, with us starting anew, I'm definitely excited for what's to come. Though I know some veteran players surely took it hard, I'm betting the next wave will be even better. You'll probably see me in the later hours usually, feel free to hit me up! See you in-game.
  10. Hello Deuce, welcome to bethlehem!
  11. Hello everyone here in the Bethlehem community, I'm Deuce. I have not played on RSPS for a few years now, though I have played official RS. I've grow tired of it and found this server so I figured I'd give it a chance. Plan on working to get staff one day here, I have lots of administrative experience on RSPS and GTARP for 10+ years. Hope to meet lots of people and hang out and watch the server grow from its current stand point.
  12. Update August 7th, 2022 New Summer Boss - MAUI CheeHoo!!! Maui has been spotted on the shores of “Mudskipper Point” basking it up under the palm tree, loving that quiet Demi-God lifestyle. It’s our sworn duty as the players of Bethlehem to make sure his vacation is short lived! 1. Maui will respawn every 30 minutes, you can teleport directly to him via the ::maui command 2. Maui drops the all new “Tropical Box” which contains 9 new items which includes an all new BIS upgrade chance “Lifeguard” set which consists of 6 pieces, 2 halves to a new fishing rod & of course “Maui’s Fish Hook”! 3. Maui also has a small chance of dropping his Fish Hook directly upon being killed 4. Maui’s Fish Hook has a nifty little surprise that I’m going to leave as just that. My only hint is after you acquire one, try operating it whilst it’s equipped 😉 Lifeguard Set This is the newest, the coolest and the hottest addition to the Summer attire we have here on Bethlehem! 1. As mentioned this awesome new set consists of 6 pieces - Helm, Body, Legs, Hands, Sandals & Weapon. 2. Each piece includes the new BIS upgrade chance for its slot at 6% for the equipment & a whopping 12% for the weapon! 3. This set is only obtainable through the new “Tropical Box” as an Ultra Rare reward All New AFK Fishing As you already know from the above, within the Tropical Box there are two halves that when combined together via ::invention along with some other materials make the new “Bethlehem Fishing Rod”. This new fishing rod is the only way to be able to use this new fishing spot, which will give all new rewards COMPLETELY AFK! 1. Three new “Golden Fishing Spot”(s) have been added to the South-Western corner of ::AFK 2. These fishing spots will give you the all new “Golden Fishing Chest” which will accumulate over time at a rough pace of 9-12 Chests per hour 3. While this is the same spot as the AFK Tree, these are two different activities and you are permitted to have one account on the tree as well as one account on the fishing spot. 4. The new Golden Fishing Chest includes various rewards ranging from Clue Scrolls > Arcade Tokens & also contains Maui’s Fish Hook. New Home Map! We have decided it’s finally time to move on from the Varrock Era, and have banded together to create an ALL NEW Home! We would like to ask all players to try out this new map by doing ::newhome and giving the staff team as much feedback as you can on it before we launch it officially as the default home for everyone in ONE MONTH! QOL 1. Fixed the Elite Void Requirement for Final Fantasy through the teleport interface 2. Removed all announcements from monsters/bosses 3. Shooting Star locations have been adjusted 4. Evil Tree locations have been adjusted 5. Sora’s Keyblade will now correctly count in the collection log when opening Kingdom Hearts Chest 6. Player Crates will no longer spam the server with $1 scrolls 7. Added ::fillexp | ::filldr commands for filling the well for EXP or Drop Rate (Same as ::fill for Wyrm) 8. Added new global boss & boxes to the collection log
  13. Update July 27th, 2022 Cloud Upgrades: As promised we are releasing the upgraded versions of the Cloud Set through ::upgrade. 1. The first of two sets has an increase in stats making them 55K per piece, totalling at 275K for the set. Each piece requires 1,000 Titan Fragments to upgrade and is a 100% chance. 2. The second and final set has its stats increased to 80K per piece, totalling at 400K for the set as well as a new 2.7x damage multiplier, and an extra 10DR! Each piece requires 200 Elite Titan Fragments as well as each piece requiring its Elite Void equivalent and is a 100% chance. Cloud’s Head (i) - Elite Void Melee Helm, Elite Void Ranger Helm, Elite Void Mage Helm Cloud’s Body (i) - Elite Void Knight Top Cloud’s Pants (i) - Elite Void Knight Robe Cloud’s Gloves (i) - Elite Void Gloves Cloud’s Boots (i) - Elite Void Boots (NEW!) 3. Elite Void Boots can be purchased for 2000 commendations from Pest Control and require no upgrade to use. These are purely cosmetic and serve no purpose other than upgrading Cloud Boots; they are NOT required to gain the void effect nor will they count as a required piece for the boost. 4. The previous requirement we added where the player needed to have Elite Void equipped to enter the Final Fantasy Raid has been changed to allow the player to do this after “unlocking” the full Elite Void set. To do this all you need to do is equip any of the three helmets along with the top, bottom & gloves (yes you need all four pieces for this to unlock). After doing so, you can freely continue raiding in your BIS gear! QOL: Raids are now 30s to start (before 50s)
  14. Update July 16th, 2022 Hello everyone! It's been a while since we've been able to do this, and so today we're here to give you a run about what is coming to Bethlehem! This is what is planned, and what will be released. First of all, before we go into what is coming along, we would like to welcome @ Jinxstalock on as a full-time developer! We as a community would like to give him a massive and the warmest of welcomes. He's been working hard in the background, and is going to continue to work for us with all the dedication he can bring. Today’s update will be focused on much-needed mid-game revamps! New Madara’s Fan (i) Revamp: We have given Madara's Fan (I) a damage boost! We decided that the mid-tier progression for the game just needed that little bit of extra juice splashed its way! 2 x Previous Damage, totaling 10K Damage per splat Madara’s Fan (i) now has 12K Magic Accuracy Stats as opposed to the old 7000 Madara’s Blood Fan also has been given 15k Magic Accuracy Sponsor Cape Stat Boost: Sponsor cape stat boost! Now this cape will be more powerful, making it more useful for those whom obtain this rank! We know the jump between this and the executive cape was a bit much, and so to balance things out a bit more, it's time to make that difference a little smaller New Stats: 150K Stats for all bonuses (Old Stats: 50K stats for all bonuses) Cloud Armour is now 20x easier to obtain and Upgradeable! Final Fantasy Raid now requires full E-Void (any combat helmet) to access Players are guaranteed a random Cloud Piece drop on their first run! Pieces afterward are 1 in 50 Stats of Cloud Pieces are now 30K stats for all bonuses Coming Next Update: Cloud Armour can be upgraded to 80K per piece in its final form, totaling 400K stats, allowing players to progress smoothly through mid-game If you had Cloud Armour before this update, you can speak to an admin to have it exchanged for $80 Store Credit per piece Quality of Life: We will continue to have boosted Raid chances until the end of July Spelling Fixed
  15. Happy July 4th! American Minigun: 1. The most anticipated Range Weapon on par with Masamune! 2. 4 Hit Splats, Top Speed, 50DR/DDR, 999K Stats, and AOE! 3. Obtained through the American Box (https://bethlehem317.com/store), and by upgrading a Rocket Launcher with an American Glaive! Marvel Raids Revamped! 1. Now gives American Boxes which contain the American Minigun 2. Captain America is now the Final Boss with increased HP! 3. Guranteed Drop Table: Bils Box, Arcane Scratch Card, 100K Bils Tickets 4. Rare Drop Table (1 in 100) (During July 4th is 1 in 20): American Box, Quad Box, 2K20 Box, Quad Ticket 5. Legendary Table (1 in 1000) (During July 4th is 1 in 200): Prosperity Scroll 6. Secret Drop Table: $20 BTC 7. Requires 100 Boss Kills to Enter American Glaive: 1. The Glaive Box will exclusively drop American Glaives instead of Regular Glaives if you hit the Legendary drop table Quality of Life: 1. 5 x Raid Chance for the week of July 4th! Make sure to take advantage of it while it lasts! 2. Unclear Store Photos Retaken 3. Custom Necklaces now collect properly 4. Third Year (i) now collecting Summer Boxes 5. If you buy a rank directly from the Store, it now gives x2 Scrolls (You can give on to an alt, sell it, or keep it for when you upgrade to the next rank) Crypto Flower Poker/Auction Event: 1. We will be hosting a Crypto Flower Poker contest this Friday at 8PM EST 2. It costs $20 worth of BTC (0.0010) to enter, and winner takes all! (Can use in-game item as well) 3. If 8+ players join, we will be throwing in an extra $200 Store credit for First, and $100 for Second! 4. We will also be hosting regular Flower Poker afterwards, giving away an American Glaive and a Rocket Launcher! Collector Log Contest: 1. First to complete the Marvel Raid Collection Log will get an American Dual - Talis which they can use for whatever they want! 2. First to complete the American Box Log will get a Free Custom Pet! Things we are working on: 1. Summer Revamp for August 1st, a new weapon over lock and mask slot 2. Third Year Veteran Rank 3. New Home Area and New Training Monsters/Maps for newer Players 4. Achievements System 5. New Bleach Raid! (Almost finished) Marvel Raids are being taken down for the time being! 6. New Final Boss (similar to Wyrm Chest) 7. Revamp of Storefront Final Fantasy and DBZ Raids are being redone as we speak as well
  16. Mini Update June 18, 2022 Plebite Armour: 1. We have updated the old Plebite Armour, as it's long overdue in my opinion New Referal Program: 1. New Referal Chest now gives the Royal Minigun! 2. If you wish to be included in the Referal program, ask an admin to use the command (::addref joe1) 3. You can then ask your friends to use ::ref joe1 when they join! 4. We will be giving $20 credit to you and your friend when they log at least 20 hours of gameplay and achieve max combat (Limit once per week) Quality of Life: 1. Damage not counting in Raids should be fixed, and rates have been improved by 20%!
  17. Update June 14, 2022 Voting Revamped! 1. You can now get 10 points per full vote, giving you 2 vote scrolls 2. Limited Time: 2K21 Boxes can be purchased for 100 points each 3. Limited Time: Buster Sword is now available for 250 points (voting everyday for a month) Divine Zone is now Closed! Summer is now Open! 1. Summer Boxes are also 30% off for the first month of June! 2. Here is the recap of summer boxes: https://forums.bethlehem317.com/topic/517/ 3. New Summer Global Boss coming in July! Optimus is back in the meantime while we remove King Harry 4. The Bong will be switched out of the Summer Box in July permanently for an overlock Weapon and first AOE Range Weapon! Quality of Life: 1. Third Year (i) now collect $1 Scrolls 2. Wish's Custom Halberd AOE and DDR are now fixed 3. Titan Respawn Timers for Titans in Instances have been further reduced by 30% 4. Amaterasu Scrolls have been added back to Wyrm Chests, Anniversary Chests have been taken out
  18. The Developers of Bethlehem decided that they should add a new element to make the game a little more interesting. Could we combine some of the items we have in game with no risk of failure? Thus, invention was born. To access this menu in game type ::invent What can be combined? What items are needed and what do they become? Wyrm Mask - Head Piece (1),Head Piece (2) and Head Piece (3) Wyrm Boby - Body Piece (1), Body Piece (2) and Body Piece (3) Wyrm Legs - Leg Piece (1),Leg Piece (2) and Leg Piece (3) Devil May Cry - 200 Mythican Edge and 200 Mythical Hilt shards. Eternal Boots (I) - Eternal Boots, Seers Boots and Eternal Crystal (i) Pegasian Boots(i) - Pegasian Boots, Archer Boots and Pegasian Crystal(i) Primordial Boots (I) - Primordial Boots, Berserker Boots and Primordial Crystal(I) 7 Dragonball - 7 Dragon Ball Arcane Crystal Bow - 500 Arcane Crystal Shards Arcane Crystal Bow (I) - 2 Arcane Crystal Bow and 10 Dragonrage Bow (I) Hades Boots - Eternal Boots (I), Pegasian Boots(i), Primordial Boots (I) and Gundam Boots (i) Amerterasu Sharingan - Amaterasu Scroll, Lucky Aura Level 5,Attacker Aura Level 5 and Sharingan Jester Scarf - Pink Santa Hat, Black Santa Hat, Lime Santa Hat,Orange Santa Hat and Collector Necklace (i) Easter Ring - Lucky Ring of Wealth(i), 4 Different Coloured Easter Egg Sponsor Easter Ring - Sponsor Ring, 4 Different Coloured Easter Egg Top Donator Aura (i) - Top Donator Aura and Divine Aura Darth Vader Helmet - 20 Space Dust Darth Vader Platebody - 20 Space Dust Darth Vader Legs - 20 Space Dust Darth Vadar Saber - 20 Space Dust Groudon Instance(i) - Infernal Groudon Instance, 3 Infernal Spear, 3 Infernal Boots, 3 Infernal Full Helms, 3 Infernal Platebodies, 3 Infernal Necklaces, 3 Staff of Infernal and 3 Infernal Platelegs Abbadon Instance(i) - Abbadon Instance, 4 Blood Departure Cowl, 4 Blood Departure Bodies, 4 Blood Departue Legs, 4 Blood Necklaces, 4 Blood Phat and 4 Blood Duel Beretta Bandos Avatar Instance (i) - Bandos Avatar Instance, 12 Bandos Avatar(pet) and 12 Water Blade Baphomet Instance(i) - Baphomet Instance, 8 Baphomet Torva Helms, 8 Baphomet Platebodies and 8 Baphomet Platelegs Phoenix Instance(i) - Phoenix Instance 6 Drygore Longsword, 6 Drygore Rapier, 6 Drygore Mace and 6 Dark Lord's Bow Vladimir Instance(i) - Vladimir Instance and 20 Lava Scythe Skotizo Instance - 6 Toxic Staff of the Dead, 6 Angelic Wings, 6 Lightlord Platelegs and 6 Lightlord Platebodies Dragonix Instance(i) - Dragonix Instance, 5 Dragonrage Boots, 5 Dragonrage Full Helms, 5 Dragonrage Platelegs, 5 Dragonrage Platebodies and 5 Dragonrage Bow Queen Dana Instance(i) - Queen Dana Instance(i) and 20 Talis Sword Madara Instance(i) - Madara Instance, 10 Madara's Fan and 10 Sharingan Gundam Instance (i) - Gundam Instance, 4 Gundam Helms, 4 Gundam Platebodies, 4 Gundam Platelegs, 4 Gundam Wings, 4 Gundam Gauntlets and 4 Gundam Boots Bloodlust Shadowlord Instance(i) - Bloodlust Shadowlord Instance, 6 Bloodlust Blade, 6 Bloodlust Helms, 6 Bloodlust Platebodies and 6 Bloodlust Platelegs Sasuke Instance(i) - Sasuke Instance, 3 Sasuke's Tops, 3 sasuke's legs, 3 Sasuke's Gloves, 3 Sasuke's sandels, 3 sasuke's Masks, 3 Sasuke's electric katana and 3 Sharingans Sakura Instance(i) - Sakura Instance, 5 Sakura(pet) Golden Dice Totem - All the Instance (i) Golden Spade - Spade, 5000 Sulfur, 10000 Energy fragments, 2000 Agility Tickets, 50 dragon Impling Jars, 1000 Adament Boots, 1000 Cut Dragonstones, 1000 Longbows (u), 500 Rune Nails and 1000 Magic Logs Golden Axe - Bethlehems Axe, Balmung, 10000 Sulfur, Chaotic Maul, Primal Mauls, Kryptic Maul and Golden katana Akatsuki Robetop - Naruto's Body, Sasuke's Body,Sayan Armour (body), Wyrm Platebody and 20q Bil Tickets Akatsuki Bottoms - Naruto's Legs, Sayan Armour (Legs), Sasuke's Legs, Wyrm Platelegs and 20q Bil Tickets Blood Sniper - 1Q Bil Tickets and 25 AK-47 Asiimov Infernal Minigun - 10q Bil Tickets and 4 Blood Sniper Dragonbone Minigun - Zulrah Minigun (Blue), Zulrah Minigun (Red), Infernal Minigun and 3 Dragonbone Crystal Volcanic Dragon Hammer - Ice Dragon Hammer, 5000 Divine Phoenix Feather, Primordial Crystal(I) and 20q Bil Tickets Volcanic Hammer Off-Hand - Ice Dragon Hammer offhand, 5000 Divine Phoenix Feather, Primordial Crystal(I) and 20q Bil Tickets Arcane Axe - Bethlehems Axe, Balmung and 300 Arcane Crystal Shards Arcane Wood - 2500k Arcane Wood Fragment Arcane Crystal Staff - Arcane Wood, 500 Arcane Crystal Shards and 10q Bil Tickets Blood Talis Off Hand - Duel Talis Offhand, Volcanic Hammer Off-Hand, Bloodlust Blade, Bloodlust Shadowlord Instance, Bloodlust Helm, Bloodlust Platebody and Bloodlust Legs Pumpkin Cape - Wyrm Mask (halloween edition), Wyrm Body (halloween edition), Wyrm Legs (halloween edition), Wyrm Gloves (halloween edition), Wyrm Boots (halloween edition), Halloween Scythe, Killer chucky(pet), Pumpkin, Black Halloween Mask and 1000 Halloween Bones Golden Bonecrusher - Bone crusher, Golden Spirit Shield and 2 Corrupt Slayer Helmet(5) Dragon Glass Bow - Dragonbone Minigun, Arcane Crystal Bow (I) and 500 Dragon Glass Madara (pet)(I)- Madara (pet), Madara's Blood Fan, 5 Madara's Fan (I), 10 Madara's Fan & 10 Sharingan Valerian Ring - Easter Ring, Sponsor Easter Ring & 100 Valerian Steel Bar Kylo Ren Helmet - Darth Vadar (I), 20 Space Dust & 5 Valerian Steel Bar Kylo Ren Platebody - Darth Vadar (I), 20 Space Dust & 5 Valerian Steel Bar Kylo Ren Platelegs - Darth Vadar (I), 20 Space Dust & 5 Valerian Steel Bar Bethlehem Jewel - Ice Jewel(V), Inferno Jewel(V), Death Jewel(V), Life Jewel(V), Skilling Jewel(V) and Raids Jewel Hades Boots(i) - Hades Boots, Naruto's Boots, Sasuke's Sandals, Sayan Armour (Boots), 10 Valerian Steel Bar & 10 Space Dust Divine Cape (Hades Edition) - Divine Cape, Pumpkin Cape & Skeleton Set Hades Gloves - Archer Boxing Gloves, Mage Boxing Gloves, Berserker Boxing Gloves, Primordial Crystal(I), Eternal Crystal (i), Pegasian Crystal(i) & Gundam Gauntlets (i) Hades Gloves (i) - Hades Gloves, Naruto's Glovess, Sasuke's Glovess, Sayan Armour (Gloves), 10 Valerian Steel Bar & 10 Space Dust Candy Cane Scythe (i) - 2 Candy Cane Scythe, Pink Santa Hat, Black Santa Hat, Lime Santa Hat and Orange Santa Hat Christmas Wreath Shield - Santa, Pink Santa Hat, Black Santa Hat, Lime Santa Hat and Orange Santa Hat Christmas Wreath Shield (i) - Arcane Crystal Spirit Shield, Christmas Wreath Shield, 200 Elite Titan Fragments Elite Void - 3 Void and 3 Scroll Of Efficiency per piece Master Level ? - Attacker Level 5, Defender Level 5, Healer Level 5 & Collector Level 5 Easter Basket - Empty Easter Basket, 4 of each Easter Egg Easter Egg (I) - 3 of the same Easter Egg Bong (I) - Bong, Trippy Whippy, Weed Cape, Weed Chain, 420 Godsword, 420 Spirit Shield, Rasta Hat, Rasta body, Rasta Pants, Rasta Gloves, Rasta Boots, Golden Weed Aura Collector Necklace (i) - 3rd Year Necklace and Collectors Necklace 3rd Year (i) - Collector Necklace (i), Poop mask, Mario mask, Fire mask, Smiley mask and 3rd Year Necklace
  19. Bethlehem Third Anniversary! 1. King Harry is back! 2. Wyrm Chest now contains 50 x Anniversary Chests as a drop 3. Easter and 420 Boxes are now removed from the store 4. Recap on Anniversary Chests: https://forums.bethlehem317.com/topic/615/ New addition to Anniversary Event: Anniversary Necklace 1. Anniversary Necklace (3rd Year Limited) is an uncommon drop in the Anniversary Chest 2. It has no stats but can be combined with a normal collector's necklace to make a Collectors (i) 3. It can also be combined with a set of Anniversary Masks and a Collectors (i) into 3rd Year (i) 4. 3rd Year (i) Necklace will have 30DR/DDR and 30K stats, becoming the official BIS 5. The necklace will also be a rare drop at King Harry Contest for 3rd Anniversary: 1. First to combine a 3rd Year (i) 2. First to complete the King Harry drop logs 3. First to complete their Anniversary Chest Collection Log 4. The 3 winners will get to rename their necklace and choose between another +3DR/DDR or +30K Stats Events: 1. There will be a week's worth of events coming starting on May 17th events 2. We will be giving away a normal 3rd Year Anniversary Necklace everyday through our discord giveaway 🎁giveaways 3. On the day of our official anniversary, May 17th 2022, we will give away a 3rd Year Anniversary (i) Necklace, Mask (i), and much more during our live-stream event Key Power Creep Update: 1. In order to keep the BIS items of the past in line with all the power creeps we've had, we're giving the Sephiroth Set +15DR/DDR per piece instead of +10DR/DDR 2. We're giving Sephiroth (i) +30DR/DDR instead of +25DR/DDR per piece, with +40DR/DDR for the helm 2. We're also giving Kylo Ren set a base DR of +5DR/DDR per piece Added to Store upon popular request: 1. Grinch Set - $350 2. Long Claw - $150 Quality of Life: 1. BattlePass Season 3 has been added to Player Crates, Ironman Chest, and Wyrm Chest 2. Bong (i) and Hades (i) are now untradeable upon the consideration that they both require untradeable items to create 3. Lever Added to Vegeta Bug Fixes: 1. 3rd Year amulet now collects quad boxes
  20. Get Ready for Our THIRD YEAR ANNIVERSARY on May 17th! 1. We're opening up Divine Zone to all for a week to try out! 2. Please don't crash or we might have to end the event early 3. We will be releasing a revamped Anniversary Box and Boss on the 12th 4. Tons of Giveaways and Events, stay tuned Easter Coming to an End 1. Easter Bunny is now removed, those who have the Easter Basket can continue to farm it! 2. Congratulations to our 4 winners for our Easter Event again, your extra stats and renames have been implemented 3. Easter Boxes will be in Store for one more day Battle Pass SEASON 3 (Over $400+ worth of items) 1. Some Juicy Rewards this Year! (Checkout Full Rewards Here: https://imgur.com/a/vEFnXul) 2. 10% OFF for the first week! Quality of Life Updates: 1. Phoenix now Drops 3 Feathers and Divine drops 5 2. Bong (i) no longer says null when combined 3. Control + H takes you home 4. Pet Yoda now gives +10% Magic Damage properly 5. Untradeable Dragon Balls are now combinable Upon popular request we have added the following to the store: 1. Eternal Dragon Slayer Set - $150 2. Joker Set - $350 We're currently working on reskinning the Shop as well!
  21. Hey Scoop! Welcome to bethlehem, hope you enjoy your stay. if you have any questions during your journey don't hestitate to contact anyone of us.
  22. Welcome @Scoops420, Glad to have you and the Bethlehem Staff Team hope you enjoy your stay! - Old Nite
  23. New to the server but already Ballin!! ;D nice to meet everyone so far. In game name is Scoops420. Hmu if your trying to get stoned, grind, and chat about movie stars, games, or worldwide politics. I'm a sponge. Also how do I get my in game rank on forums? 🤘🤘🤘
  24. 420 Boxes and Event is back! (Type ::420 to join) 1. Quick refresh on the mechanics at: https://forums.bethlehem317.com/topic/613/ 2. Get them while they're in store at: https://bethlehem317.com/store This year we are releasing the Bong (i)! 1. No attack speed limitation 2. Boosted from a 1.1x to a whopping 1.15x DR Multiplier 3. No need to equip the Bong (i) when utilizing 4. Create it at ::combine! Bunny Masks: 1. We still have one Blue Bunny Mask to be claimed for completing the Bunny Collection Log! 2. Double Loot has been added to the Bunny Masks 3. You can start trading your extra Easter Pieces for a regular Bunny Mask: Mace and Bunny Pet = 1 Point, Empty Basket = 3 Points. Trade 5 Points for a regular Bunny Mask (Equivalent to an Anniversary Mask (i), best head slot) Collection Log Contest: 1. Shaman and Blood Wolf have been added to the collection log 2. We have lowered the droprates significantly to help with newer players as they were intended 3. FIRST TO COMPLETE THESE TWO LOGS GETS AN EMPEROR DRAGON SET!
  25. The Easter Bunny is Back! 1. This year, the Easter Bunny will drop Easter Eggs directly! 2. Combine the Empty Basket with 4 Eggs to have access to the event boss all year round to farm eggs 3. Easter Bunny has also been added to Collection Logs 4. Easter Eggs now give +2DR/DDR instead of +1DR/DDR, permanently up to 10 eggs 5. Leprechaun Boxes have been removed and Easter Boxes have been added at: https://bethlehem317.com/store Recap on Carrot Mace, Easter Box, Valerian/Easter Ring from years Prior: 2020: https://forums.bethlehem317.com/topic/500/ 2021: https://forums.bethlehem317.com/topic/610/ NEW Easter Egg (i): 1. Combine 3 Easter Eggs to get an Easter Egg (i) at ::Invent 2. Each Egg gives +5DR/DDR permanently! (Can only consume one of each, 4 in total) Special Easter Mask Contest 1. This year we have added 4 special Easter Bunny Masks 2. Each will have the same stats as an Anniversary Mask (i) (Best in Slot mask) 3. One of each will be given out according to these Rules Below: 4. Green Bunny Mask - First to consume all 4 Easter Egg (i) 5. Blue Bunny Mask - First to complete their Easter Bunny Collection Log 6. Gold Bunny Mask - First to complete their Easter Box Log 7. Red Bunny Mask - First place in our Live Stream Staff Event on Easter Monday (Must be subscribed to our Youtube Channel) 8. The winners of these 4 masks can choose ONE additional upgrade of +5DR/DDR or +300K Stats (a Free Item Rename will be included) 9. At the end of the month, we will be allowing players to trade in Easter Box dupes for a White Bunny Mask (same stats as Anniversary Mask (i) but no addons) Quality of Life: 1. Control + T now opens up Teleport 2. Untradeable DragonBalls are also stackable 3. Wyrm Chest Unique drops now include: 50 x Easter Box, 10 x 2K21, Sponsor Scroll, and 150 x $1 Scrolls
  26. 1. Collection Logs should now be perfect, if you still find bugs, please let admins know asap, and record kills/drops, they will count towards the contest. 2. We have added to the Logs: Leprechaun, Optimus, Pinata, Nex, and Wildy Wyrm 3. Ancient Cape now gives a visible +5% boost to WildyWyrm chest 4. Dbone Corp is now multi 5. Gundam Gauntlet and Boots due to popular request have had their upgrade chance lowered to 1 in 5 (Originally 1 in 15) 6. Ironman specific contest is now available in 🏆collection-log-contest on discord 7. Rewards for completing Minigame Collection Log have been boosted to include an additional Custom Aura ($1500 Value) and Custom Cape ($1500) Bugs Fixed for Collection Logs: - Titan Cash Drop not Working - Dbone Arcane Shield not Recording - Icy Vorago not counting - Glacor drops not counting - Zulrah drops not counting - Starwars/Ironman Chest/Summer Boxes not counting when opening all - Certain boxes not showing or showing something wrong - Sayan not counting - Creator not counting
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