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  3. Merry Christmas! Update December 19, 2021: Christmas Event: 1. A PvP event has been highly requested in past years, so this year we are placing the Grinch Set, Jester Scarf, and 50 x Christmas Box as a prize in the Wyrm Chest! 2. Fat Santa Pet, Candy Cane Scythe, and the Santa Hats are in the Christmas Box, which you can get for free through the ::Xmas event or through the Donator Store. (Guide: https://forums.bethlehem317.com/topic/593/ 3. All duplicates can be traded in at the end of the Christmas Event, and this year we will be releasing an Upgraded Candy Cane Scythe as one of the items up for trade-in! 4. The Grinch Set gives +5% Box Opening chance, the only set of its kind to give a boost in receiving a rare from any box in-game (tokens etc are included), it also gives a chance to obtain a Christmas Box while skilling with the set equipped (approximately one every hour or so of active skilling). Christmas Box (Available through the Event and through the Donator Store for a Month): 1. Candy Cane | 30K STR, 10% DR, 10% DDR, Fastest Speed. 2. Fat Santa Pet | 40% DR, 40% DDR, 30% DMG Increase, Freeze 1 sec every 5 hits 3. Combine all Santa Hats with Collectors (i) to make a Jester Scarf (Highest DR for the Slot, BIS) Joker and Elite Titans Released! 1. Joker Set gives 15% extra Drop Chance at Raids, and is stackable with Sora Set using Locked Stats, and stacks with Friday Raid Bonus 2. Gives 1 Elite Titan Shard, which will be used to purchase normal Titan Instances such as Gundam, Sasuke, etc. 3. Elite Store will be released this Wednesday! NEW Best-In-Slot Akatsuki Robes Upgrade: 1. We are allowing Akatsuki Robes to be upgraded with Arcane Essence, giving up to +9 on top of their current stats to give +20DR/DDR per piece, which will make them the Best-in-Slot. 2. Upgrade your Wyrm Pieces at the Upgrade Machine into Arcane Essence (100% success) HUGE Quality of Life Change: 1. Void is now an 100% upgrade chance, just bring 3 pieces to Upgrade Machine 2. Void Points received have been boosted due to popular demand: Donator 25, Super 30, Extreme 35, Sponsor 40, Exec 60, Divine 65 3. 7-Day Rewards, 30 Days Rewards, Daily Tasks, Donation Extras, and Weekly Boss Contest have all been Boosted! 4. Upgrade Machine now tells you the Upgrade Chance directly. 5. You can also upgrade partial pieces such as Leg Piece (1) into Arcane Essence at 1/6 success rate (If you have full upgrade boost gear, it should work out to slightly better as combining the pieces into Wyrm Legs then turning into Arcane Essence) New Clan to Join Bethlehem - "The Eco": 1. Message Holder, DropShot, or The Eco in-game to apply. 2. 💀clans As a recap of benefits in discord
  4. Evening @Xiare, Executive Rank was granted. We currently don't have a Divine Donator rank. With Kind Regards, Old Nite
  5. https://gyazo.com/ee4770f53a8ba77452a4a0346dcf5020
  6. Christmas time is upon us! For the upcoming Christmas holiday, the Bethlehem Staff Team will be hosting daily events with special prizes! The Bethlehem Staff Team wishes you a happy holiday and enjoy the extra presents! The Event dates are as follows: December 15 10x Christmas Boxes Host: @Jinxstalock Time: 2:30 PM EST (20:30 Server Time) December 16 10x Christmas Boxes Host: @Holder Time: 4 PM EST (22:00 Server Time) December 17 1x Fat Santa Pet Host: @Holder Time: 4 PM EST (22:00 Server Time) December 18 10x Christmas Boxes Host: @Yammer Time: 4 PM EST (22:00 Server Time) December 19 10x Christmas Boxes Host: @Zacc Time: 10 AM EST (4:00 Server Time) December 20 2x Candy Cane Scythe Host: @Pupplayuk Time: 4 PM EST (22:00 Server Time) December 21 10x Christmas Boxes Host: @Weegodz Time: 8 PM EST (02:00 Server Time) December 22 1x Jester Scarf Host: @Panic Time: 11:30 AM EST (17:30 Server Time) December 23 To Be Determined Host: @Kostask Time: 9 AM EST (3:00 Server Time) December 24 To Be Determined Host: @Kostask Time: 10 AM EST (4:00 Server Time) Be sure to join at least 5/10 Events. On the last day, you will receive Cosmetic Items 🙂 With Kind Regards, Old Nite
  7. Glaive Box Revamp! (Please refer to picture above for possible loots) 1. The Legendary Bronco's Glaive is now available in the Glaive Box! There is only ONE Bronco's Glaive in the box, once it's been claimed by a player, all future drops will revert back to a normal glaive (we will announce it) 2. The Glaive Off-Hand is now also available in the box as well! 3. We will be adding an extra splat of damage for people who dual-wield Glaives! Ironman Chest Revamp and Ironman Zone: 1. We have fixed the bug in the Ironman Chest, and added juicy loot to it 2. Ironman Chest keys are obtainable from Thermys in the Ironman Zone (Donator Teleport -> Ironman Zone) or from the Donator Store for 10 cents each Elite Titans and Joker! 1. We will be releasing the Joker Set to the public, a set that increases drop chance from Raids! This is in conjunction with our plan to rework and revamp our raids into the most profitable venture on Bethlehem! 2. Joker Set gives 15% extra Drop Chance at Raids, and is stackable with Sora Set using Locked Stats, and stacks with Friday Raid Bonus 3. Joker will also be our first Elite Titan with an ecosystem of Elite Titan Shards and Store, which will be released next week 4. For early access and for people who wish to solo the Elite Titan, the Joker Instance is currently in the Donator Store Quality of Life: 1. Due to popular demand, Wyrm timer has been halved to 30 seconds Thank you @WeeGodz for sponsoring the Realm of Godz custom zone, message him when he's in-game for an invite. Halloween is officially over and boxes are removed, but watch out for the Thanksgiving Events coming this weekend!!
  8. Hello @Iron kane, Welcome to Bethlehem! The Staff Team hopes you enjoy your stay. With Kind Regards, Old Nite
  9. Halloween Follow-Up: 1. Hade's Gloves: In our commitment to make things accessible for those players who are truly in the grind. We have added Best-in-Slot +10DR/DDR gloves through ::invent. Wyrm Gloves will still have more Double Drop Rate, and it will be still useful for getting the Halloween Cape. It will work the same way as Hade's Boots, and will have a (i) version coming out as well in the immediate future. 2. Halloween Cape: Halloween Cape is invent-able through ::invent, and ALL materials are trade-able. 3. We have added 50 Halloween Boxes as a potential loot to the Wyrm Chest, and we will be taking it away once Halloween Ends. 4. We have added the Divine Cape (Hades Edition) to ::invent as well. The ingredients are the Skeleton Set, Halloween Cape, and Divine Cape. The Cape will have +5 extra DR/DDR on top of the Divine Cape. It will also be used for our NEXT and FINAL Donator Status/Rank on top of Divine. Quality of Life: 1. We have added a ::fill command, which automatically fills the Wyrm Well with 1Q. 2. Madara should be fixed once and for all. Thank you @Analdemon for Sponsoring a Spooky Halberd. Looks amazing, and if anyone is looking to do customs, please PM any admin. For the time being, we are only accepting Custom Orders from @Top Donators
  10. Hello everyone, my name is Brandon and i am new to this server, a little bit about me is when im not working to help my mom out and buy her meds, i am working renovating and fixing apartments/houses. If you got any questions hmu. Hope to see everyone in game.
  11. WILDY WYRM REVAMP!!! 1. ::well will allow you to access the well of goodwill anywhere (::wyrm and ::globalboss also work) 2. Wildy Wyrm will now drop 6 keys for anyone who does over 50% damage, and 4 keys for anyone who does over 10% damage, and 2 keys for everyone else 3. Keys now give 10T cash each, and we have lowered the amount required to start the event to 1 Quad 4. We have added the Amaterasu Scroll and Battle Pass to the potential drops 5. Keys are also available in the Donator Store for 20 cents each (It takes about 100 keys to hit the Drop Table) https://bethlehem317.com/store 🎃🎃Happy Halloween!👻👻 1. The Halloween Boxes along with the beloved Halloween Wyrm Set will be Returning from now until November 17th. They give +10DR/DDR per piece and is considered the best Drop Rate Armor in game 2. Halloween Scythe: Fastest Weapon in the Game (+10DR/DDR and 30K Strength) 3. Killer Chucky Pet: +40DR/DDR and gives +50% Damage on all Styles (Best Damage Boosting Pet in Game) Halloween Event (Type ::Halloween to get there) 1. Kill Freddy Krueger, Micheal Myers, and Jason to get event keys. Use all three Event Keys on the Halloween Chest to get a chance at the Halloween Box and other prizes 2. This year we have lowered the difficulty of obtaining keys by 5 times, and also the difficulty of obtaining Halloween Boxes 3. This year we have also added the Skeleton Set to the potential prizes, Good Luck everyone! Cosmetic Store: 1. We've added a Halloween Special to our Cosmetic Store at Thessalia Bug Fixes: 1. Madara should be fixed for cash drops and tasks COMING NEXT WEEKEND: -Halloween Cape will be trade-able for items you get from the Halloween Box -Hade's Gloves -Hade's Cape
  12. I do not believe this was ever decided on prior to my arrival. In the future, if you are still wanting to request it, feel free too! With Kind Regards, The Old Nite
  13. I have updated your rank to reflect Executive Donator for now. In the meantime, we will work on producing the Divine Donator rank on the Forums! With Kind Regards, The Old Nite
  14. Granted! With Kind Regards, The Old Nite
  15. This is not the correct place to submit an application request for Server Support. This will be denied and locked. With Kind Regards, The Old Nite
  16. Approved. You were given Sponsor to reflect your in-game status now! With Kind Regards, The Old Nite
  17. Welcome @bloodywolf, As my message may be a bit late, Welcome! I hope you are enjoying your stay here! Looking forward to seeing you in-game. With Kind Regards, The Old Nite
  18. Old Nite


    Hello @omonhg95, How can we be of assistance to you? Let us know! With Kind Regards, The Old Nite
  19. Hey, most of the active players have seen me already, as I played like 34 hours in 4 days orso. I am bloodywolf, 22 years old, and I live in the Netherlands. I started to join the forums aswell, to get more into the community, and get to known y'all that I didn't meet yet. My hobbies are gaming, and I love to virtual DJ a bit :) Thats it, if ya have any questions, please ask me.
  20. dragondcd


    I'd like to create a forum for what the actual active player base would like to see changed/improved/considered for the continuation of the server and player population. Eventually whatever is posted here I'd like to see polls for so as a community we can vote for what we want and hope to see these wants implemented into the server. Please keep it clean, nothing ridiculous, or detrimental will be considered or allowed. Please post your opinions and lets have a fair open discussion, thank you all! examples below will show my ideal of how we should pose our requests, starting what you'd like to see, why is should be implemented, and why you think it's a good idea/will benefit the server. EDIT - EXMP 1) I would like to see drop chances improved considerably until we get a big enough player base that these drop chances would threaten the economy. As it stands most bis is donor items or incredibly long grinds worth of upgrade/invention and i've seen many item on the POS go unsold because players either can't afford or don't want to chance losing something to the upgrade system. With better drop rates we lose partially the fear of failure for the success or improving ourselves, and helping others gain a foothold to work from in the server. EXMP 2) i would like a better way to farm bills in game to allow me to purchase items from the POS. I struggle to make money and then have to depend on rng in everything to make any progression. I would like a way to make money actively that is more profitable to farm afk tree. This can be from significantly increased bills box chances or improving the Q box chances from titans. This will allow early and mid level players to progress into the end game grind. This will improve player morale, help increase the confidence of progression, and boost the player base into where they should actually feel like a slow hard earned progression belongs.
  21. hey everyone, Laurac here only been playing this server about 5 days now. im 28 years old. I have met some very interesting people within Grinderscape who has helped me out so much to get where I am today. I want to give a big Shout out to ryxn and Elly for all the support and everyone else but the biggest shoutout goes to the whole staff of Grinderscape for there time and effort creating this brilliant server and keeping it safe from any form of abuses. I will continue to support and dedicate myself to this server and the community to all who needs help just like I did when I first joined. So far I have helped a few new players to get them started by offering them 300m to show them we are a big community like a family who will always support and guide them in the right direction.
  22. 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY: Anniversary Chest (::Anniversary) 1. Chest gives $1 Scroll as Common Drop, Anniversary Masks as Rare Drop, and Prosperity Prayer Scroll as Legendary Drop 2. Masks give 10% Double Drop Rate for Box Openings, and 15% DR/DDR 3. Can Upgrade Masks into Imbued Versions (35% Drop Rate/Double Drop Rate - Highest in the Game) 4. Can be purchased in the Donator Store for $1: https://bethlehem317.com/store Custom Prayer - Prosperity: 1. Gives +2% Drop Rate for every Scroll Consumed while active 2. Available as a Legendary Drop in the Marvel Raids, in the 2K20 Legendary Store, and as a Legendary Loot from the Anniversary Chets Veteran Rank:
 1. For all players that have over 365 days since they joined, will receive a Veteran’s Rank 2. ::VeteranOn ::VeteranOff to turn your Veteran Icon On and Off 3. Receive 5% Drop Rate Permanently 4. If you joined before July (which is when we started tracking join date), message an admin with proof of join date and they will manually set your Veteran Rank (::giveVeteran (Username)) Player of the Year: 1. If there is a player/staff that you feel that have contributed significantly to your Bethlehem experience, please PM me, as we want to know! Will be preparing a little special something! Will be releasing a new Cosmetic mid week for our anniversary! We will also be releasing a trade-in store for extra masks and prosperity scrolls this coming weekend!
  23. May 4th Star Wars Update: May the force be with you: 1. Starwars Key Drops are now THREE times as common for this month! 2. We've Quadrupled the amount of Bil Tickets for the common drop. 3. 2020 Star Wars Update Review: https://forums.bethlehem317.com/topic/509/ NEW Kylo Ren Set: 1. Helmet + Body + Legs = +1.12x Drop Rate (No HP requirement, note that this is a multiplier!) 2. Should be Best-in-Slot for End Game Players! 3. Helmet, Body, and Legs are obtainable through the Invent System 4. Cape and Gloves are purely cosmetic for now, and obtainable from the Star Wars Chest 5. Kylo Ren Saber is upgradeable from the Darth Saber. Each Special Attack does Max Damage, and only consumes 1% of Spec Bar. (Upgrade Machine: 1 out of 10) 6. We will be releasing the` Hades Boots (i) next week, which will be using Space Dust as material Cosmetic Shop: 1. We've added the Storm Trooper Set to the $1 Cosmetic Store Player Crates coming Back! https://bethlehem317.com/store 1.The New Player Crate now contains: Tank, Ice Dragon Halberd, Legendary Scroll, Rocket Launcher, Buster Sword, and Battle Pass Season 2 2. Anniversary Chest has been replaced with 420 Box 3. Anniversary Chest will be revamped for our May 17th Anniversary! Bethlehem Jewel: 1. Combine all Jewels for a +25DR Bonus Flat, +25% Skilling, and +5% at Raids 2. Once combined, becomes untradeable Bugs and Suggestions: 1. Just to be safe, we reworked Bong and Darth Vadar DR boost multiplier. Should be impeccable now. 2. POS now clears out to bank if the item hasn't been sold for 60 Days 3. AFK Tree now has been boosted to give more cash 4. ::2fa is now less spammy 5. Bils Box have been added to Regular Bosses, and Quad Boxes have been added to Titans as a Rare Drop to celebrate our upcoming Second Year Anniversary Event on May 17, will last until end of the summer
  24. Happy 420! (Type ::420 to access the Zone) 420 Box: 1. Rasta Set (5 piece set that gives +3% Upgrade Chance per Piece, a lot more common than Sora, hopefully new players can benefit from it when going for EVoid) 2. Weed Chain (+3% Upgrade Chance, Best-in-Slot for Upgrades, should benefit veteran Players) 3. Weed Cape (+3% Upgrade Chance, Best-in-Slot for Upgrades, should benefit veteran Players) 4. Weed Cape can be Trimmed at the Rasta Man into Golden Weed Cape and Cyan Weed Cape (+4% Upgrade Chance) 5. We have included the Bong! (Gives 1.1x your total Drop Rate). If you already have the Bong, put it in your inventory, and it will prevent dupes. We will be releasing an updated Summer Box come June. Weed Plantation: 1. Water the Weed Plantation to obtain Weed Leaves (AFK friendly) 2. Use the Weed Leaves at the Rasta Store Rasta Store: 1. Sells 420 GodSword, 420 Spirit Shield, 420 Whip (Will be used for PKing Revamp this Summer), Rasta Set, and the Golden Weed Aura 2. Sells 99 Farming Skill Scroll (This is for those who despise farming in the traditional sense) 4. You can trade in your extra items from the 420 box at the plantation for Weed Leaves Cosmetic Store: 1. We have added a special 420 themed cape to the cosmetic store. The Beats Headphones will leave the Cosmetic store in May. Bugs and Suggestions: -Fire Talisman can no longer take you to Game of Thrones -Beats Headphones and Trusted Dicer Cape now go in the right slots -Added 4 Dragon Impling spawns spread across the Extreme Zone -Included Tips in Login Text (Please leave Suggestions) -Sora Set is now Untradeable (you can still obtain it at the Treasure Island, for those with extra sets, we will be coming out with a trade-in system).
  25. Update April 5th: Easter Event is Back! -Checkout Full Details Here: https://forums.bethlehem317.com/topic/500/ NEW Easter Basket for 2021! - Fill the basket with the 4 Easter Eggs to teleport to a field of bunnies that drop Easter Boxes at anytime! - Hop Emote Upgrade your Easter Ring to a Valerian Ring! -Best-in-Slot Ring! (+40DR/DDR) -Only Ring Slot allowed in Game of Thrones 2 and 3 -Use ::invent to combine Valerian Steel Bars and Lava Forge -Smith at the Lava Forge in Wilderness Resource Area -Right click on the Forge to upgrade Dragon Slayer (i) -Requires Icy Maul of Omens to Smelt and Smith (Bars are Tradeable) Cosmetic Store: - Grab a Pair of Beats Headphones at the Cosmetic Store at Thessalia! NPC Classification: - Graador and Zilyana are now classified as Humanoid (Life Jewel) - K'ril is classified as Inferno (Inferno Jewel) - Khal is classified under Inferno and Humanoid Bugs and Suggestions: - Dragon Glass no longer drops from Tzharr - Eternal Dragon Pet and Madara Pet now works properly with Locked Stats - Madara Pet and Eternal Companion added to Drop Announcement - Duo-Slayer Fixed -Veteran Prayer Drain and Tab Reply St. Patrick's Global Boss has been removed. The box will stay in the store for 2 more days until April 7. Please message an admin during these 2 days to trade in peices for a Twirly Swirly. Thank you @5x for his Fiver Blade Custom Dono. Feel free to PM me for Custom Inquiries. Small Follow Up Update: 1. It takes approximately 10 Kills of Eternal Dragon + 10 Kills of Khal America to get the materials required for 1 x Valerian Steel Bar 2. 100 Bars Required for Valerian Steel Ring (Gives +40DR/DDR everywhere including GoT) 3. 35 Bars required for the entire set of Dragon Slayer (i) 4. Dragon Slayer (i) now gives +25DR per set, giving one extra roll! 5. Just a reminder: Icy Maul of Omens are tradeable.(edited)
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