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  3. Hello @Eithriel , Your Rank Request has been granted. Enjoy! With Kind Regards, Old Nite
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    new Player

    Hello @BakeD, There is no need to extract the files. You can access the direct download link on our discord. You can locate our discord by clicking on 'Discord' @ the top of our webpage. Let me know if the problem persists and I'll help you out. With Kind Regards, Old Nite
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    new Player

    hey everyone my name is paul and im looking foward to getting into the server and meeting some of you fine people :) i do have one issue though im having difficulties installing the files ive downloaded the files via play now but when i extract it there is no launch file there just the resources if anyone owuld be able to help me out here i would really appreiate it
  6. 7 Days of Bonuses Revamped! Monday - Double Pest Control Points Tuesday - Double Vote Scroll Day Wednesday - Double AFK Tree Day Thursday - Double Pest Control Points Friday - Double Chance of Getting a Drop at Raids Saturday/Sunday - Double EXP and +10DR/DDR for Every Player Arcane Crystal Staff (AOE MAX STAT WEAPON): 1. Our Max Stat Magic Weapon is a little Different from the Melee and Range variations 2. It has the same Raw Damage as Glaive/Halberd (Effectively removing the Magic Damage Limitation) 3. In consideration of its Magic Attack Speed which is a lot slower than Melee and Range, we have given it an AOE effect! How to Get the Staff (Fully Obtainable in Game): 1. Combine Arcane Wood with 500 Arcane Shards to obtain the Arcane Crystal Staff 2. Combine 2.5mil Arcane Wood Fragments to get Arcane Wood 3. Get Arcane Wood Fragments by using Arcane Axe on AFK Tree 4. Get an Arcane Axe by combining 300 Arcane Crystal Shards with Balmung and Bethlehem Axe 5. Arcane Shards can be obtained at the Treasure Island Minigame 6. For those who want it early, it will be here: https://bethlehem317.com/store Suggestions: 1. Weekly Donation Totals are Now Automated 2. Owners GoodieBag is now in game! 3. Fixed Golden Axe, should give the right number of Bil Tickets now
  7. Bethlehem Event: 1. Summer is Over and we're removing our Anniversary Boss, in between Seasons, we will have Bethlehem Global Boss Events which will drop Player Crates. Player Crate: 1. We have added much needed items such as Devil May Cry (i) and Ice Dragon Hammers, along with 1/4 Chance of getting a random Seasonal Box 2. For our ULTIMATE prize, we have added Ice Dragon Halberd! Ice Dragon Halberd Boost: 1. We have given Ice Dragon Halberd 999K Stats 2. DR is boosted to +50DR/+50DDR to become the best Drop Rate Item in Game along with Masamune 3. The One-Handed Halberd also hits 4 times per tick at the same speed as a Range Weapon Vote Store Revamp: 1. We have revamped the Voting System, now you can get all your Rewards through the Vote Store 2. Claim your Vote Scroll to get a Voting Point 3. We have placed the 2K20 Box in the Voting Store for 25 Voting Points! Lucky Charm Upgrade! 1. Due to popular request, we have added the ability to upgrade lucky charms to Tier 3 2. Tier 2 (+2DR/DDR) Tier 3 (+3DR/DDR) 3. Upgrade Chance is 1/3 4. Because the poll passed back when the boxes were available, we have decided to add St.Patrick Box’s back to the store for 2 Weeks: https://bethlehem317.com/store KBD Revamp and Range Damage Offhand!
 1. Rewored KBD combat strategy 2. Now Drops KBD Bow Offhand 3. KBD Offhand Bow: Same Stats as Infernal MH Offhand + 4000 Ranged, with +4DR/DDR Buggati
 (First Car Released) 1. To match the Optimus Prime Global Boss we have added a Sports Car to the Player’s Crate 2. Drive around in it while Gambling/Merching 3. Will add Special Effects in the near future Ice Dragon Halberd
 1. Since a Halberd is a long-range Weapon, we have added a 5 x 5 AOE effect to it, should be very effective in places like Treasure Island and Highscore Portals 2. Gives +50DR/DDR, Max Stats, and Second Highest Speed in Game 3. Obtainable Through Player’s Crate Quality of Life 1. Upgraded First 7 Day Rewards 2. Adjusted the NPCs for 30 Day Rewards 3. Upgraded Rewards for 30 Day Rewards.
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  9. I'm requesting this rank: Extreme Donator
  10. Droprate Guide ~ DR TITANS 1/500 » Shadow Lord 1/1k » Madara » Gundam » Bloodlust » Dragonball series (Part 1-3) 1/4k » Mini Titans 1/10k » Sasuke » Sakura » Dragonbone Corp MINIGAMES 1/100 » Starwars (Vader set) 1/400 » Glacors 1/500 » 3 Bros (Gloves) » 3 Bros (Boots) 1/1k » Zulrah (Miniguns) 1/4k » Cerberus » Godwars Dungeon BOSSES Tier 1 - 1/250 » Infernal Groundon » Abbadon » Bandos Avatar Tier 2 - 1/300 » Baphoment » Phoenix » Vladimir Tier 3 - 1/400 » Skotizo » Dragonix » Queen Diana Tier 4 - 1/750 » Dank Monster » KBD Warrior » Nulgath TRAINING MONSTERS Start - 1/5 » Skidadrum (Melee) » Artillery (Range) » Aquanite (Mage) Mid - 1/50 » Weisslogia (Melee) » Aurelia (Mage) » Big Black Beast (Range) High - 1/75 » Belerion (Range) » Allan (Melee) » Livyathann (Mage) SPONSOR ZONE 1/1k » Abyssal Sire EXECUTIVE ZONE 1/1K » Destroyer » Creator » Bethlehem Guardian » Guardian Of Hell DIVINE ZONE 1/10K » Divine Phoenix » Icy Vorago MARVEL RAIDS Always one: » 10 - Bandos Avatar Box » 10 - Abbadon Box » 10 - Baphomet Box » 10 - Infernal Groudon Box RARE 1/333 » Donator Box » Pet Mystery Box LEGENDARY 1/1k » Blood Sniper » Infernal M16 Mainhand » Infernal M16 Offhand » Extreme Donator » Infernal Minigun » Ring of Wealth [3] » Lucky Ring of Wealth » Blood Barettas » Prosperity Scroll FINAL FANTASY RAIDS Always one: » 10 - Bandos Avatar Box » 10 - Abbadon Box » 10 - Baphomet Box » 10 - Infernal Groudon Box RARE 1/500 » Cloud Helm » Cloud Body » Cloud Legs » Cloud Boots » Cloud Gloves LEGENDARY 1/1k » Sephiroth Helm » Sephiroth Body » Sephiroth Legs » Sephiroth Boots » Sephiroth Gloves DBZ RAIDS Always » 20T Rare 1/2 » God scroll ULTRA RARE 1/6 » Dragon ball LEGENDARY 1/2500 » God Scroll (Permanent) Drop Rate is a complex thing as our server uses a RNG. This stands for Random Number Generator. NPCs, specifically Bosses, have a Drop Table. You as the player, have a roll on it depending on your Drop Rate. For example if the Boss has a Drop Rate of 1/1000 and the number is 798 you have to be lucky enough to roll 798 to get a drop. If you have a Drop Rate of 25%, that means you get 1 extra roll on the Drop Table. If we take the same example and use 798, you now have 2 chances of rolling the correct number. So if you roll 567 and 798 you will get 1 Drop. This means if you have a very large drop rate of 1000+, you get 5 rolls in total. This will greatly increase your chances of getting a drop from an NPC. Also thank you to Faithwolf for helping me.
  11. requesting extreme donator
  12. Hey everyone. i started playing about a month ago and really enjoy my time here. i thought it would be time to do a little introduction. My name is Joshua. I'm 19 years old and live in the Netherlands, i have a full time job at the biggest wood company in the country. I like to game and spent time with my girl. i don't know what else to say xD
  13. I quit. kthxbye
  14. Summer Coming to an End! 1. Bong is Officially Out! +10% DR. Equip Bong, and right click to Operate, works like a potion. 2. Bong is still obtainable in the Summer Boxes! They will be removed from the store at the end of month, along with the Anniversary Boss and Anniversary Chest on September 1st. Volcanic Dragon Hammer (Mid-Game Content): 1. In order to provide more content for mid-game players, we have added Volcanic Hammers as an upgrade to Ice Dragon Hammers, can be upgraded in ::invent 2. Phoenix Feathers can be obtained at normal Phoenix (Drops 1 per kill), and at Divine Phoenix (Drops 3 per kill) 3. Primordial Crystal is obtained at Cerberus 4. Stats are 140K strength per hammer (2x compared to Icy), officially becoming the highest damaging weapon in slot apart from Glaives. (If you still have chiller or infernal sword, there will be an update coming out to revamp those as well) DragonBone Minigun (Mid-Game Content): 1. Obtain 3 DragonBone Crystals at DragonBone Corp 2. Use it to combine the Ultimate Minigun at 50K range bonus. (11K was the highest before for a minigun) 3. Officially the best Range Weapon apart from the Rocket Launcher
  15. Bethlehem Warrior Points Zone Re-Opened! 1. We have added 2 Offhands for Mid Game Players, one at +5DR and one at +10DR 2. We've also added a Bones Package and Bils Package for early game players Unique Clan is Officially Out! 1. Get +1 DR for clan member in the clan chat 2. Hit Up Exodus or Old Nite in Game to Join Clan Donation Points is Out! 1. All Donations from now on get an additional equal amount of Donation Points AUTOMATICALLY when using ::claim, which can be used at the Donation Points Store at Home 2. Added items to the Donation Store, will add items in the future based on Suggestions 3. You can ask for Donation Points for Custom Donations from your Admin 4. Old Donations do not count, this is released as a Bonus for new Donations starting today forward Bugs and Suggestions 1. Made De-Iron Message to be more clear 2. Sasuke Katana Special Properly Reduced at Global Bosses 3. Fixed losing Arcane Scratch Cards from accidentally closing the interface 4. Added Madara and 2 Glacors to AA Zone 5. Removed Cell and Armored Zombies from Dungeoneering 6. Removed POS command from dungeoneering 7. Icy Katana is added to Vote Store directly, and is now more discounted than before
  16. Guest

    Skylord Rank Request

    Hello i have been playing private servers for several years and i wanting to become atleast a server support or anything, i really like to play this server it is amazing and i enjoy helping others and chatting with people, i am use to tough situations and i have been staff multiple times in the past when RSWebclients was a thing. i am also 21 years old. i just recently came home from boot camp at MCRD San Diego and right now just trying enjoy my time playing games :)
  17. Welcome to one useful but often forgotten about FREE items in the game the Blood Wolf mount. In this guide we will look at the monsters involved with getting the requirements for this. So lets start with the basics. My setup Also I had a pet Yoda when completing this so my DR was only 50 when i got my set. What do I need? For the mount you will need to gain a Blood Wolf pet, Wolf head totem, Shaman staff, Shaman body, Shaman legs, Shaman boots and finally Shaman gloves. How do i get them? In your spellbook click on minigames then click on Liz-Shaman (for the Shaman set) or Blood Wolf (for the pet and Wolf head totem) then teleport. Lets look at the 2 monsters in turn Blood Wolf The Blood Wolf pups are Level 80 and have 200,000hp. You can only kill 1 at a time so A.O.E weapons wont hit multiple enimies. Keep killing these until you have the 2 items required. Lizardman Shaman The Lizardman Shaman are Level 150 but only have 50,000hp. Your A.O.E weapon will hit multiple targets but you will only kill them 1 at a time. They will tend to teleport you around the map a little but they will continue to attack you so you will not lose your targeted monster. Keep killing these until you get the full Shaman set (at the end of this guide i will show you my drops and kc for each of these monsters). The outfit equipped As you can see the set itself is alot lower than your initial set up . Even when mounted your stats do not improve. So why did i go through all this to get the mount? OK the reason you did all this is because, when mounted, you will hit constant 50,000 magic damage that is not capped at ::2k20 or ::Anniversary also it will allow you to deal the damage at Vorago aswell. Hopefully this guide has helped you understand why you worked so hard to get your mount. Obviously the later in game you are you will not see the benifit from thiis mount. As I said earlier in this guide I have included my drops and KC for each of the monsters so here they are
  18. hbrk

    Boss guide

    that's a nice guide fella, when I read your passion for slaying dank monsters i lol'd because same 😢
  19. pupplayuk

    Boss guide

    Welcome to your standard boss guide. This guide will show you each boss in turn and what they drop. My setup I also recommend taking some prayer pots as some of these bosses also lower your prayer points as you fight them (even if you are extreme donator +) How to get to bosses Under you spell book click on the B then select your boss and click teleport. Lets take a look at each boss in turn Infernal Groudon (level 15 - 50,000hp) This boss will reduce your prayer points when you fight it. There are 3 of these in the teleport area and are passive on entry. Drops As you fight this boss you will receive infernal groudon boxes and bones for each one you kill. The bones will give you 25k xp when used on the alter at home. What can I receive from the boxes? Abbadon (level 666 - 30,000hp) There are 2 of these when you teleport in and are aggressive on entry Drops As you fight this boss you will receive Abbadon boxes and bones for each one you kill. The bones will give you 22k xp when used on the alter at home. What can I receive from the boxes? Bandos Avatar (level 299 - 8,050hp) There are 2 of these when you teleport in and are passive on entry. When fighting Bandos Avatar it will cast magic which freezes you movement and will also teleport itself. Drops As you fight this boss you will receive Bandos Avatar boxes and Livyathann bones for each one you kill. The bones will give you 19k xp when used on the alter at home. What can I receive from the boxes? Baphomet (level 20 - 32,500hp) This boss will reduce your prayer points when you fight it. There are 2 of these in the teleport area and are passive on entry. Drops As you fight this boss you will receive Baphomet boxes and bones for each one you kill. The bones will give you 30k xp when used on the alter at home. What can I receive from the boxes? Phoenix (level 235 - 200,000hp) There are 2 of these on entry and a 3rd to the north. All are passive on entry. Drops Vladimir (level 666 - 200,000hp) Drops Skortizo (level 321 - 100,000hp) Drops Dragonix (level 420 - 400,000hp) There are 2 of these and are passive on entry Drops Queen Diana (level 1000 - 500000hp) There is only one when you enter this area and she is passive. Please note Queen Diana can hit 99. If your planning on staying here a while I would reccomend using a soul. Drops Dank Monster (level 420 - 600,000hp) To be honest I really dont like this monster. Although there is only one when you teleport in and it is passive, when you start fighting Dank Monster he will say "Oh you are strong, but can you handle two" and a second Dank Monster will appear. You can easily be killed here as you are now dealing with both of the monsters. AOE weapons will hit both of the monsters at the same time but they both hit hard. I would reccomend using a soul here if your planning on staying a while. Drops KBD Warrior (level 420 - 600,000hp) Passive on entry and fairly easy to kill. Drops Nulgath (level 420 - 600,000hp) Like the Bandos Avatar, Nulgath is passive on entry but when you attack, it will use freeze spells and teleport around the map Drops Boss points As you have been killing all these bosses you will have noticed you have been gaining boss points. Now your wondering 'what can I do with these points?' At home on the east of the fountain you will find the boss point shop right click and trade him to see all his items I have stuck to the prices of the instances as these tend to be what most players buy from here. If you buy the instances they will give you an extra 20 dr/ ddr when using them. These can also be upgraded by using ::invent and the required items. When these instances have been upgraded they give you 30 dr/ ddr. What items do I need to upgrade my instance? You will need to buy the instance from the boss point shop and have it in your inventory along with the items to upgrade it. Infernal Groudon - 3x infernal spear, 3x infernal boots, 3x infernal legs, 3x infernal platebody, 3x infernal full hems, 3x staff of infernal, 3x infernal necklace Abbadon - 4x Blood departure cowl, 4x blood departure body, 4x blood departure chaps, 4x blood necklace, 4x blood duel beretta, 4x blood phat Bandos Avatar - 12x water blade, 12x pet bandos avatar Baphomet - 8x baphomet torva plate body, 8x baphomet torva plate leg, 8x baphomet torva full helm Phoenix - 6x drygore longsword, 6x drygore rapier, 6x drygore mace, 6x dark lord's bow Vladimir - 20x lava scythe Skotizo - 6x toxic staff of the dead, 6x angelic wings, 6x lightlord platelegs, 6x lightlord platebody Dragonix - 5x dragonrage boots, 5x dragonrage full helm, 5x dragonrage platebody, 5x dragonrage plateleg, 5x dragonrage bow Queen Diana - 20x talis sword I hope you find this guide useful. Enjoy the server!! kbddrop.bmp
  20. Here is a list of what you get as you progress through your donation ranks and what items you need to get your next rank Regular Donator » +3% DR & +3% DDR » 27 Pest Control points » Donator zone » CTRL + B or ::bank to bank » Ability to yell Super Donator (regular donator scroll + 15 $ scrolls) » +4% DR & +4% DDR » 30 Pest Control points » Super donator zone - 2 Barrelchest spawns - Abyssal demons spawn - Frost dragon spawn » CTRL + B or ::bank to bank » Ability to yell Extreme Donator (Super donator scroll + 30 $ scrolls) » +5% DR & +5% DDR » 32 Pest Control points » Access to custom titles (::title) » Infinite Prayer » Extreme donator zone » CTRL + B or ::bank to bank » Ability to yell Sponsor Donator (Extreme donator scroll + 240 $ scrolls) » +10% DR & +10% DDR » 45 Pest Control points » Sponsor Zone - 3 Vladimir spawns - 3 Queen Dana spawns - 1 Skotizo spawn - 3 Dragonix spawns - 3 Abyssal Sire spawns (drops Sponsor Pet & Ring) » Sponsor Pet — 35% DR, 35% DDR » Sponsor Ring — 20% DR, 25% DDR » Sponsor Cape — 6% DR, 6% DDR » CTRL + B or ::bank to bank » Ability to yell Executive Donator (Sponsor scroll + 700 $ scrolls) » +15% DR & +15% DDR » 70 Pest Control points » Executive Cape — 15% DR, 15% DDR, Max Stats » Executive Zone » Titan Slayer Master » Drop rate Potion Shop » Cash Furious Flask Shop - 1 Creator spawn (drops Level 1 Lucky Aura) - 1 Destroy spawn (drops Level 1 Attack Aura) - 1 Bethlehem Guardian (drops Bethlehem Axe) - 1 Goku spawn - 1 Guardian of hell (drops donator box) » Bethlehem Axe (Gives 4 times at the AFK tree) » CTRL + B or ::bank to bank » Ability to yell Divine Donator (Executive scroll + 1500 $ scrolls) » +20% DR & +20% DDR » 85 Pest Control points » 2.2x Damage while filled Rage Bar » Divine Cape — 25% DR, 25% DDR, Max Stats » Divine Aura — 15% DR, 15% DDR » Divine Zone: - 1 Icy Vorago Spawn - 2 Divine Phoenix Zones - 2 Creator Spawn - 2 Destroy Spawn - 1 Glacor Zone » Divine Phoenix Mount: - 666K damage per hit. - allowed to equip DR items while mounted. » 10% extra chance when upgrading items. » 10% chance of saving a casket when opening » 20% chance of saving a crystal key when using. » 66% chance of getting double PK points. » 10% extra when selling to Junk Store. » ::lock (lock stats and dr, start fashionscaping!). » 5% double drop chance when opening boxes from the donator store. » CTRL + B or ::bank to bank » Ability to yell Hope this clears up any confusion
  21. Welcome to God Wars!! Hopefully this will give you all the information you will need to succeed in gwd. Click on minigames under your spellbook and select Godwars Dungeon then teleport We are going to start from this point for the rest of this guide so lets go to Zamorak first. Zamorak area Head North-North East until you reach this bridge Cross the bridge then head South East I would strongly advise using Infernal Groudon souls in this room unless you are divine rank. Possible drops Zamorak God Sword (i) Zamorak's Staff of the Dead If you want to try, you can try for a Madara's blood fan by using this staff with a Madara's Fan (i) on the upgrade machine (1/10) Saradomin area Head east from the starting point till you find the portal Click on the portal and it will teleport you to a secon area Head south and click on the second portal As with the Zamorak bosses use infernal groudon souls in here Possible drops Saradoming God Sword (i) Saradomin Battle Mage Robes Armadyl area This is the first of 2 areas where you need an item to gain access. You will need a grappling hook (general store at home) to get to this area Head south and grapple this pillar. Once across the divide head North North West You will need to use Mage or Range in this room Possible loot Armadyl God Sword (i) and Armadyl set Finally the last area Bandos area You will need a hammer (buy from smithing skill) to gain access to this area. Head North West until you find this door Once through this door head north East and enter the boss room. As I said before I would use an Infernal Groudon soul in here unless you are divine rank. Possible loot Bandos God Sword (i) and bandos armour set Have fun and Good Luck! on your loots On a side note If you want all the loots from God Wars you are going to need alot of Infernal Groudon souls and plenty of patience. I spent many hours fighting the bosses in there just to complete the sets (3000+ kills on each of the bosses in each room with a dr of 165)
  22. Welcome to the Final Fantasy Raid guide How do i get to the raid? As with all raids click on minigames in your spell book and selest Fantasy Raids and teleport. You should end up here. After 50 seconds the Raid will start. Round 1 Tifa Tifa has 90000 HP. There are 11 to kill. Once they are all dead we are ready for round 2. Round 2 Cloud Cloud has 300000 HP. Like in round 1 there are again 11 to kill. Once they are all dead your ready for the 3rd and final round. Round 3 Sephiroth The big bad Sephiroth has 1500000 hp. Make sure to let lower level players hit it first especially if your Executive+ as everyone gets a chance at a rare drop. Once he has been defeated you will be teleported back home. Rewards As a standard all players will receive 10 boxes, Abbadon, Bandos Avatar, Infernal Groudon or Baphomet providing they have inflicted damage during the raid. Also available during the raid a player may be lucky and receive a Donator box. The real reason people do the Final Fantasy Raids Cloud set (1/500 chance of getting a piece) 5 pieces for the set each giving 111111 stats and 5dr/ ddr Total set gives 555555 stats and 25 dr/ ddr Sephiroth set (1/1000 chance of getting a piece) As with the cloud set each piece gives 111111 stats but also gives 10 dr/ ddr Total set gives 555555 stats and 50 dr/ ddr Hope this guide has helped and remember Don't Die!!
  23. i'm thinking that the ingame item Stardust that is gathered from the Meteorite that spawns in random location.. I was hoping that it could be used for a mining store or perhaps as money for the use of a Cosmetic shop ingame, so that if u needed something there was a need for this item also, if going getting Cosmetic Items/Gear you Have to use Mining ingame since there is a afk use of Woodcutting allready and Mining is not much used except for Ranking so this would make the use of a useless and crap item more of a value since there is now no use for it ingame. was gonna ask inside Discord for Players/People to Vote if this could be used as a Currency if it ever gonna be made use of. If it happens so that its not made use of i think that the Staff could buy it from all players instead of removing it directly, so that what players have spent time and money on this crap could actually earn money of what was used of time ingame for something could be used Somewhere else of other game Applications. Vote Yes or No. if you think this could be used like a Currency for Cosmetic shop and/or Mining shop if there could be applied more of a activity in mining since it's mostly dead except from pure essence Mining!
  24. Welcome to a quick guide to the Treasure Island mini game. How to get there? Under your spell book minigame select Treasure island and teleport Once here right click on Blackbeard Speak to the island guardian to start the minigame Please Note:- You will need to bring the highest food you have available as soulsplit will not work once you start the island Level 1 - Waves 1-5 Monster Zombie (lvl 25) 1 zombie fragment per kill Level 2 - Wave 1-5 Monster Zombie Pirate (lvl 57) 2 zombie fragments per kill Level 3 - Wave 1-5 Monster Zombie (lvl 70) 3 monster fragments per kill Level 4 - Wave 1-5 Monster Armoured Zombie (lvl 85) 4 monster fragments per kill Level 5 - Wave 1-5 Monster Zombie (lvl 95) 5 monster fragments per kill Once you complete the 5 lvls you will recieve 500 Zombie Fragments as a bonus giving you a total of 1025 zombie fragments per completed game. Rewards Bonecrusher - 100 Zombie Fragments All zombie peices - 150 Zombie Fragments per peice (total 750 Zombie Fragments) All BlackBeard peices - 5500 Zombie Fragments per peice (total 27500 Zombie Fragments) Arcane Scratchcard - 2500 Zombie Fragments Bils Box - 7500 Zombie Fragments Kingdom Heart Chest - 25000 Zombie Fragments Although this set has no stats It provides you with the ability to receive no damage from the undead. This also works at Undead Cerberus aswell. This is purely a cosmetic set atm Hope this guide helps
  25. July 4th Update: DBZ Raids:
 1. Fight 3 Forms of Freeza, Cell, and Super Buu 2. 50% chance of getting a God Mode Scroll (Consumable) 3. God Mode: 10 Minutes of Maxed Attack Speed, 250 combat stats (Around x2 Damage), and +10DR/DDR 4. 1 in 2000 chance of getting a Permanent God Mode Scroll (Also available in Donator Webstore) Companions: 1. Companions can be Summoned at the same time as a Mount! 2. Rare Candy is used to level up your companion to a max of 99 (+1DR/DDR per 2 levels) 3. Level up along with your Companions by buying Rare Candy in the Prestige Store Companion Box: 1. Chance of a Companion (6 Dogs, 3 Cats) 2. Available in the Donation Webstore (https://bethlehem317.com/store) and Prestige Store 3. Guaranteed Rare Candy Revamped Prestige Store: 1. Prestige System now gives 10 points for maxing all skills and Prestiging 2. Lowered the price of items in Prestige Store 3. Will be adding valuable items to this store as time goes on Suggestions:
 1. Increased inventory of Arcane Scratch Cards and Bils Box at Treasure Island 2. Option to close Custom Zone (::open zone ::closezone) July 17th Update: Akatsuki Robes: 1. Best Stats and DR in Game currently (222k Stats and 11DR/DDR per piece) 2. For those few who have added custom DR to certain armor pieces, it will automatically be added to Akatsuki Robes. 3. Combinable in Invention System (::invent), all items are obtainable in-game F2P. Bugs/Suggestions: 1. Since the last update which allowed players to go to Bobozone indefinitely while logged in, this has caused serious damage to the economy. We are currently changing it to 3Q for 30 minutes at BoboZone (This number can be adjusted in the future) 2. Fixed a few bugs with people logging out outside of Custom Zones.
  26. Welcome to the DBZ Raids guide Ok lets start at the beginning. How to get there. Under the minigame Teleport in your spellbook, select DBZ Raids and teleport. When you get to the island you will have a 50 second wit time before the raid starts. There will be a total of 5 rounds starting with Freeze mode 1 There are 11 Freeze mode 1 to be killed. They have 300000 hp each once cleared you have a 5 second wait for round 2 As in the previous round there are 11 freeze mode 2 to kill their HP is now 500000 again a 5 second wait for round 3 As in the previous 2 rounds you have 11 Cell to kill HP 700000 Complete them for round 4 The last of the 11 monster kills is Freeze mode 3 HP 900000 Kill them all for the last round Super Buu Super Buu HP 5000000. Kill him and you will be teleported back home but not before you get your reward. What can I get from these raids? God scroll - Gives you 250 att, str, def, range, mage and summoning aswell as 999 prayer and +10dr/ ddr for 10 minutes (50% chance of getting one). 20000 1B tickets God scroll (permanent)- Same as God scroll just not time bound (1/2000 chance) Also when fighting freeze and Cell you have a chance of getting a donor box drop. Hope this guide helps a little!!
  27. Golden Spade:
 1. Digs all Clues in one Click 2. Obtainable through ::invent and 2K20 Store
 Golden Axe:
 1. Gives the Highest Tickets/Hour at the AFK Tree 2. Obtainable through ::invent and 2K20 Store Treasure Island Minigame (New Money Making Method) 1. BlackBeard Set (Set Effect: Undead - Can’t take Damage) and gives a 50% Magic Damage Boost) - Best Set for grinding the Treasure Island Minigame 2. Zombie Set (Cosmetic) 3. Arcane Scratch Cards, Bils Box, and Kingdom Hearts Chests are obtainable through the Minigame 4. 5 Waves and 5 Levels, no soul split or souls 5. Icy Salve Amulet gives an extra 500 fragments upon clearing the island 6. We will be releasing a Guide to Treasure Island this weekend, but some hints for beating the Minigame include Corrupt Bandages from Dungeoneering and DarthVader Set Bobo Zone:
 1. Joker Set (gives 15% extra drop chance at all Raids) 2. ::bobozone (requires 1Q) 3. Ask Bobo in game to teleport you for free Approved Suggestions: 1. Boosted AFK Tree to 30T/Hour with Normal Axe, 60T/Hour with Balmung, 80T/Hour with Bethlehem Axe, and 100T/Hour with Golden Axe (This is about 10X compared to before) 2. ::guides (gives quick links to important Bethlehem Guides) 3. Tweaked Anti-Bot System to give more leeway for Custom Zones 4. Added Boss Requirements to certain Minigames that are impossible for Early Game players 5. We’re working on making Examine work for ALL essential items. We have already added quite a few. This is a community effort. If you wish to contribute here is the spread sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JDPDGxDlrYzpGEmD_cmSHzuTeHSKWz1fMEO2AVSArY4/edit#gid=0 Bugs:
 1. Remove Attack Option from Beach Babe 
2. Wyrm Platebody added to ::invent 3. Amaterasu Spelling 4. Server Manager Head Icon, Item Hover ID, and Yell Color 5. Added Boss Counter for Joker 6. Fixed Steel Nails In Construction Store Depleting 7. Leprechaun, Well, and Instance DR Getting Locked.
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