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  2. I do not believe this was ever decided on prior to my arrival. In the future, if you are still wanting to request it, feel free too! With Kind Regards, The Old Nite
  3. I have updated your rank to reflect Executive Donator for now. In the meantime, we will work on producing the Divine Donator rank on the Forums! With Kind Regards, The Old Nite
  4. Granted! With Kind Regards, The Old Nite
  5. This is not the correct place to submit an application request for Server Support. This will be denied and locked. With Kind Regards, The Old Nite
  6. Approved. You were given Sponsor to reflect your in-game status now! With Kind Regards, The Old Nite
  7. Welcome @bloodywolf, As my message may be a bit late, Welcome! I hope you are enjoying your stay here! Looking forward to seeing you in-game. With Kind Regards, The Old Nite
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    Hello @omonhg95, How can we be of assistance to you? Let us know! With Kind Regards, The Old Nite
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  11. Hey, most of the active players have seen me already, as I played like 34 hours in 4 days orso. I am bloodywolf, 22 years old, and I live in the Netherlands. I started to join the forums aswell, to get more into the community, and get to known y'all that I didn't meet yet. My hobbies are gaming, and I love to virtual DJ a bit :) Thats it, if ya have any questions, please ask me.
  12. dragondcd


    I'd like to create a forum for what the actual active player base would like to see changed/improved/considered for the continuation of the server and player population. Eventually whatever is posted here I'd like to see polls for so as a community we can vote for what we want and hope to see these wants implemented into the server. Please keep it clean, nothing ridiculous, or detrimental will be considered or allowed. Please post your opinions and lets have a fair open discussion, thank you all! examples below will show my ideal of how we should pose our requests, starting what you'd like to
  13. hey everyone, Laurac here only been playing this server about 5 days now. im 28 years old. I have met some very interesting people within Grinderscape who has helped me out so much to get where I am today. I want to give a big Shout out to ryxn and Elly for all the support and everyone else but the biggest shoutout goes to the whole staff of Grinderscape for there time and effort creating this brilliant server and keeping it safe from any form of abuses. I will continue to support and dedicate myself to this server and the community to all who needs help just like I did when I first joined. So
  14. 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY: Anniversary Chest (::Anniversary) 1. Chest gives $1 Scroll as Common Drop, Anniversary Masks as Rare Drop, and Prosperity Prayer Scroll as Legendary Drop 2. Masks give 10% Double Drop Rate for Box Openings, and 15% DR/DDR 3. Can Upgrade Masks into Imbued Versions (35% Drop Rate/Double Drop Rate - Highest in the Game) 4. Can be purchased in the Donator Store for $1: https://bethlehem317.com/store Custom Prayer - Prosperity: 1. Gives +2% Drop Rate for every Scroll Consumed while active 2. Available as a Legendary Drop in the Marvel Raids, in
  15. May 4th Star Wars Update: May the force be with you: 1. Starwars Key Drops are now THREE times as common for this month! 2. We've Quadrupled the amount of Bil Tickets for the common drop. 3. 2020 Star Wars Update Review: https://forums.bethlehem317.com/topic/509/ NEW Kylo Ren Set: 1. Helmet + Body + Legs = +1.12x Drop Rate (No HP requirement, note that this is a multiplier!) 2. Should be Best-in-Slot for End Game Players! 3. Helmet, Body, and Legs are obtainable through the Invent System 4. Cape and Gloves are purely cosmetic for now, and obtainable from the Star
  16. Happy 420! (Type ::420 to access the Zone) 420 Box: 1. Rasta Set (5 piece set that gives +3% Upgrade Chance per Piece, a lot more common than Sora, hopefully new players can benefit from it when going for EVoid) 2. Weed Chain (+3% Upgrade Chance, Best-in-Slot for Upgrades, should benefit veteran Players) 3. Weed Cape (+3% Upgrade Chance, Best-in-Slot for Upgrades, should benefit veteran Players) 4. Weed Cape can be Trimmed at the Rasta Man into Golden Weed Cape and Cyan Weed Cape (+4% Upgrade Chance) 5. We have included the Bong! (Gives 1.1x your total Drop Rate). If
  17. Update April 5th: Easter Event is Back! -Checkout Full Details Here: https://forums.bethlehem317.com/topic/500/ NEW Easter Basket for 2021! - Fill the basket with the 4 Easter Eggs to teleport to a field of bunnies that drop Easter Boxes at anytime! - Hop Emote Upgrade your Easter Ring to a Valerian Ring! -Best-in-Slot Ring! (+40DR/DDR) -Only Ring Slot allowed in Game of Thrones 2 and 3 -Use ::invent to combine Valerian Steel Bars and Lava Forge -Smith at the Lava Forge in Wilderness Resource Area -Right click on the Forge to upgrade Dragon Slayer (i
  18. Update March 30: Lucky Glass and Twirly Swirly: 1. Limited Edition St.Patrick's Cup 2. Fill the Lucky Glass with a DR Potion to create a Twirly Swirly (Gives +20DR/DDR for 30 Minutes) 3. Can be worn as a cosmetic to do the Drunken Steps (Lucky Glass will not dissapear after Twirly Swirly is consumed) 4. Costs 10 St. Patrick Points (Pet = 2 points, Any Leprechaun Piece = 1 Point) - Talk to an @Administrator to trade in. St. Patrick Fix: 1. Hat now gives +40DR/DDR, truly Best-in-Slot on Weekends! Game of Thrones 3: 1. Fire Dragon - Eternal Companion (Gives +10D
  19. I'm requesting this rank: Trusted dicer Proof (In game photo matching your forums name):
  20. I'm requesting this rank: Sponsor
  21. New Update ! Props to our Wiki Team for creating a comprehensive Items List: 1. Use ::search (keyword) to lookup any item! 2. If there is anything not included, please contact @Pupplayuk! Game of Thrones 2 Improvements 1. Players will now have their HP and Equipment Bonus reset after entering 2. Companions can no longer be brought in 3. A regular Collector's Necklace can now be worn 4. Dragon Slayer's Set has been added to the Lord Commander's Store Dragon Slayer's Set: 1. Gives enough damage and defense to solo GoT2 with Soul Split (M
  22. February 8th! ::Summer Zone is Back 1. As promised we're bringing back ::summer for those in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere 2. Will be active until the end of March, Summer Boxes will be removed from the store as well at that time 3. For those who weren't here when it was first released: https://forums.bethlehem317.com/topic/517/ Ironman Zone (Donator Teleport Tab) 1. We have introduced our first Ironman Zone as a Community Effort, we will implement all valid suggestions brought forth by the community 2. Kingly Implings and Thermies are available to ge
  23. How to make your client larger/full screen, and generally run better. ***Optional (Get Launcher Here)*** Open Bethlehem Launcher and click launch If you skipped downloading the launcher and downloaded the client directly start here Once you have the client open. Locate the high performance link at the top of the client and click it. You will get this popup. You should choose yes. It's asking if it can use your computer's resources as a normal game would. At this point it will start to open a new client directly on top of the old client. Drag the new
  24. Bethlehem Event Guide FF raids (Final Fantasy Raids) If a staff member is hosting ff raids it will be always starts form 30 mins. The participants of the event may meet in ::market and wait when the event starts. The command to teleport fast to the raids is ::ffraids . If a player gets a donator box they get a second donator box for free after the event has ended. If a staff member gets a donator box, everyone gets one free. After event all should meet in ::market DBZ RAIDS If a staff member is hosting dbz raids its usually 30 mins long. All players who want to
  25. Update January 27, 2021 Jewel Slot + 2K21 Boxes are Here! 1. For 2021, we've added an Extra Slot! 2. Jewels can be equipped to the Jewel Slot, and give special bonuses according to their type 3. Jewels can be upgraded at the Upgrade Machine giving +5, +10, +15, +20, +25 for each level. 4. Get FREE 2K21 Boxes at ::2K21, accumulate 20 Votes as a Server to summon the Pinata! Death Jewel: +5DR/DDR when faced against Undead NPCS (::checkundead) Life Jewel: +5DR/DDR when faced against Humanoid NPCS (::checkhumanoid) Inferno Jewel: +5DR/DDR when faced against Fire N
  26. Official Discord Event Guide Step 1: Under the discord section giveaways Step 2: If you see the ''event-spam-room'' click on it Step 3: Click the green button to see our event voice chat. Step 4: Join the voice chat ''Event'' When you do all these steps you can enter our Discord events 🙂 Dice duelling (Discord Edition) If u want to enter, join event-spam-room in the discord Event section, click green circle, join event voice chat and meet in ::market. How it works, you will dice duel against host's if u win u get a pick
  27. ===How to start Game of Thrones === Unlike most mini games this one is located under your titans teleports. Simply click on Titans and select Game of Thrones part 1, then click teleport Winter is coming ......... When you teleport to the minigame talk to the 615th Lord Commander and he we tell you to protect the wall. From then on its simple just kill the White Walkers they are all level 200 and can hit quite high (99 is possible). Keep killing these untill you have an impressive 9999 Nights Watch Points (if you are lucky enough to have had an Icy Salve Am
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