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Update - October 28

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We're excited to introduce some unique features for this year's Halloween Event. To participate, simply use the command "::hween2k23" to receive your very own "Halloween Elemental" pet. While this pet is active, you'll have the opportunity to obtain "Halloween Candy" drops from any monster in the game. These candies can be fed to your Halloween Elemental, levelling it up to 99. Once your pet reaches level 99, feeding it again will pop a special Halloween reward.
The first reward that will be obtained during this Halloween Event is an “Uncharged Halloween Lantern” which is a low tier off-hand item that has 10K in all stats and 10DR/DDR. The Uncharged Halloween Lantern also has a charged variant which is made through ::invention and requires the Uncharged Halloween Lantern & an Icy Glaive which can be obtained through the ::vote system after voting for 30 days. The Charged Halloween Lantern is a mid-high tier off-hand item that has 450k in all stats, 45DR/DDR and one extra splat on hit. 
The best part is that after getting your first reward, you can grow your pet as many times as you like until the Halloween event concludes. Rewards include: Halloween Wyrm, Halloween Boxes, Halloween Candies, etc. But that's not all! Each time you gain a reward from your Elemental, you also earn a point on the Halloween scoreboard located at home. When the event ends, special prizes will be awarded to the top performers on the leaderboard. However, even if you don't top the charts, remaining on the board until the end will earn you 20 Halloween Boxes (There are 20 spots on the scoreboard).
Revenant Caves

As previously promised with the release of our Revenant Caves earlier this year, each new seasonal event will introduce an additional upgradeable slot, allowing you to maximise your account's potential. We are delighted to announce that the latest slot, coming alongside the Halloween event, is the Helmet slot. To unlock this slot for the season, you will need to equip a different seasonal equipment set, details of which can be obtained by speaking to the Revenant Knight at the home location.
Similar to its counterparts, the Helmet slot can be upgraded to a maximum level of 5, providing a significant boost to your character. This upgrade includes a 10% increase in damage, 10DR/DDR and a 1.5% critical chance. If you prefer to expedite the slot's enhancement, you have the option to purchase a "Master Totem Scroll" from our online store. Please note that to use the scroll, you must have already unlocked the Revenant Caves by equipping the current seasonal equipment set.
Daily Login Reward Changes
We understand that the rewards provided through the Daily Login for new players have become outdated over time. In response to this, we have taken the initiative to breathe new life into this feature by conducting a comprehensive revamp of the rewards it offers.
With the updated Daily Login rewards, new players will now receive items that align more closely with the broader in-game experience, ensuring a smoother transition into our community. Among the improved rewards, reaching day 7 will grant you access to a range of valuable items, including an Extreme Donator Scroll, a Wolf Mount box, and a Lucky Ring of Wealth (i).
We believe that these enhanced rewards will not only benefit our new players but also contribute to a more engaging and enjoyable gaming experience for all.

New players will also receive a free little mystery package in their banks upon their second day of logging into Bethlehem. Just use the command ::day2 and the rewards will be automatically added to your bank. This box can only be claimed within your first week of playing and should help newcomers have a stronger start to the game.

QOL & Bug Fixes
WildyWyrm can no longer be accessed if a soul is active (this includes cars & Broly)
Players can no longer use ::lock at GWD to gain a bonus 50DR/DDR while using wings/ancient wyrm
Added ::hween command for easier teleporting to the Halloweeen key zone

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