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Update - July 02

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Update 1st July 2023

Gear Enhancement

Introducing our newest system to Bethlehem, “Gear Enhancement”! This system used to be exclusively for people who bought custom weapons and gear, but we’ve decided to release it to the broader community this summer.

This system allows players to upgrade their equipment slots directly after unlocking the Revenant Caves. To access these caves, players will need to equip a full seasonal set chosen each season (Summer, Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc..) for example kicking it off with Summer the player will need to equip a full Bikini Set (5 Pieces) as well as either summon a Beach Princess Pet OR wield a Maui’s Fish Hook at least once to unlock the caves for this current season. Alternatively players can also equip the rarer BEACH Body & BEACH Shorts as well as either summon a Beach Princess Pet OR wield a Maui’s Fish Hook at least once to unlock the caves for this current season. Each season, the requirement to access the caves will be changed for a set that matches the new season as well as the slots available to upgrade will rotate.

In the caves, players will kill various Revenants for the new materials required to upgrade each slot, each slot can be upgraded to a maximum level of 5.

This Summer, we’re proud to be releasing the Platebody & Platelegs slots.

The maximum stats per slot that a player can achieve is 10% Damage, 10DR/DDR, 1.5% Crit.

Players who want to skip the grind can also head to our official webstore to buy a Master Totem Scroll where they will be able to select which slot they would like to maximise to level 5 instantly! (Revenant caves will still be required to be unlocked for this scroll to work!)


Enigma Axe

The Enigma Axe is the all new BIS axe for the ::afk tree, it gives players both Bils Tickets & Arcane Wood Fragments at the same time and is the only axe in the game that has not only double AFK Wednesdays, but also double AFK Weekends!

Player’s who obtain this axe can expect 210T per hour as well as the same rate of Arcane Wood Fragments as the Arcane Axe with the exception of double AFK days where the fragments are also doubled!

This Axe can be obtained via invention and requires 1x Bethlehem Axe, 1x Golden Axe, 1x Arcane Axe, 2x Primordial Crystal(i)’s, 2x Eternal Crystal(i)’s & 2x Pegasian Crystal(i)’s.


Bug Fixes & QOL
Client settings will now save on a player by player basis correctly during a cache update
Added PupplayUk’s custom Shiny Arcanine Pet (contest winner)
Added Cmoi’s custom Rick Mask (contest winner)
Added Wizy’s custom Shiny Mew Mask (contest winner)
Added Vengeance’s custom Divine Hades Cape (contest winner)
Divine players now have a rare chance to get 10x $1 Scrolls while killing Glacors in ::divinezone
Fixed a spelling mistake while trying to equip VIP 4 items (told player’s they needed VIP 3 instead of 4)
Fixed various spelling mistakes on the Anniversary Masks
Added Revenant Knight to ::home south of fountain to help players with required items for the current season
Added Infinite Wrathful Flask to Player’s Crate collection log
Added Scroll Box to collection log
Anniversary boss has been disabled until next year
VIP 5 Seasonal box has been swapped for 10x Summer boxes
Fixed POS not showing correct names
Fixed End Soul Buff not appearing in the player panel
Removed second server time from player panel
Fixed a bug where players could abuse damage within pokemon raid using magic damage
Players can now buy a Slayer Helmet [1] from the slayer shop for 1250 Slayer points due to popular demand

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