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Update - April 06

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Hey lads, as promised I got a juicy rework to share with you all today as well as a new Easter event so without further adieu, let’s get into it!

Slayer Revamp

I have spent the last couple of weeks reworking the weaker points of the Slayer system and I’m happy to share those changes with you guys today, hopefully making PVM even more rewarding from Early Game to Late Game.

- Slayer tasks completely reworked (Tier, Difficulty, EXP, Points, Bonuses), tasks are extended, and points are now more than doubled.

- New Elite Titan Slayer Master has been added, as the name suggests this new Master will be giving you tasks of Elite Titans.

- Slayer Casket rewards have been completely reworked, they now give the player a small random amount of 1B Tickets upon opening, as well as some new tiered items to help the gap progression from Early > Mid game. It is also now a viable money making option for players. When a player opens their first Slayer Casket they will receive a “Bonecrusher [1]”, they can also find the new “Slayer Helmet [1]” as a reward within the Slayer Casket.

- New item “Wrathful Flask”. This new potion comes in a 6 dose flask and can be purchased for 25 Slayer points and each dose lasts the player 10 minutes. While active, this potion grants the player a 15% critical chance to deal 2x damage while on task as well as 10DR/DDR, the 15% chance also stacks with blessings, but the multiplier will be capped at your BIS (2x or 2.5x). Use this potion wisely because while it’s active you will be unable to attack NPC’s that are not currently your slayer task. There will be an infinite dose version of this made in the next couple of days which will remove the on task limitation.

- New Slayer Helmets. There are 5 new Slayer Helmets with this update, as you progress through each Helmet boosts your DR, DDR & Damage while on task. Old Slayer Helmets have been rendered “Broken” so feel free to yeet those to save some space.

- New Bonecrushers:
Bonecrushers have an important end game role for players who are willing to spend time grinding them out. There may be room for these perks to grow as time goes on, and I promise they’re worth it!

-- Bonecrusher DR/DDR:
The DR/DDR increase from the Bonecrushers is not restricted to on task kills. Tier 1 grants 5 DR/DDR, Tier 2 grants 10 DR/DDR, Tier 3 grants 15 DR/DDR, Tier 4 grants 25 DR/DDR, Tier 5 grants 50 DR/DDR

-- Bonecrusher Bonus:
Bonecrushers now have a passive effect that gives players a chance to collect bonus bils tickets from Bils Boxes & Quads Boxes when the Bonecrusher is in the player's inventory. When this effect procs the following bonuses will be applied; Tier 1 Bonus 10% Cash, Tier 2 Bonus 20% Cash, Tier 3 Bonus 30% Cash, Tier 4 Bonus 50% Cash, Tier 5 Bonus 75% Cash.

-- Bonecrusher Tier 5 Double Drops:
The Bonecrusher [5] will be one of the best end game items a player can farm progressively, giving them the above perks, as well as the perk that has a chance to double all rare drops similar to the DDR Scroll (Permanent).

-- Bonecrusher Tier 5 Tripled Drops:
If a player has both the DDR Scroll (Permanent) and the Bonecrusher [5] in their inventory or tool belt when the double drop would proc, their rare drops will be TRIPLED! instead/ This is a first in Bethlehem history.

Easter Event 2023

- New Easter Egg Hunt! Similar to the old Christmas tree event, players will be able to talk to the Easter Bunny at home during an event to unlock the ability to search for the giant Easter egg that will spawn every 5 minutes. 

- Players will be able to use the command ::egg after talking to the Easter Bunny for the current egg's whereabouts if there is one.

- New Bunny Mask & Bunny Mask (i), The regular Bunny Mask is completely cosmetic and can be obtained from both an Easter Box and the Easter egg hunt. It is the main material towards upgrading it through ::invent to make the Bunny Mask (i)! The Bunny Mask (i) is made with the cosmetic mask and the White Bunny Mask from the Easter Box, and is equivalent to an Anniversary Mask (i). This invention also requires other important materials gathered from the Easter egg hunt.

- For those of you that are new to Bethlehem this year you can catch up on how our older Easter content works right here https://forums.bethlehem317.com/topic/500/

QOL / Bug Fixes
- Removed St. Patrick’s Day event / quest start.
- Fixed Gingerbread & Clover being able to be used at the same time through the Tool Belt
- Added Golden Clover as an accepted item to the Tool Belt
- Removed all old Slayer Helmets & Bonecrushers from shops and other various activities.
- POS should now show all players and not cut off alphabetically around the R-T area. (Yw @VengeanceUM  )
- Changed the Support Role ::yell colour to avoid clashing with other game announcements
- Fixed 2K23 Deposit/Withdraw amounts (Thanks to @Kostaskk for breaking it)
- Fixed 2K23 Deposit Duplication glitch (Thanks to @Kostaskk for breaking it)
- Slightly tweaked the Critical Hit system to be more accurate when displaying Crits

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