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Update - July 4

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Happy July 4th!

American Minigun: 
1. The most anticipated Range Weapon on par with Masamune!
2. 4 Hit Splats, Top Speed, 50DR/DDR, 999K Stats, and AOE!
3. Obtained through the American Box (https://bethlehem317.com/store), and by upgrading a Rocket Launcher with an American Glaive!


Marvel Raids Revamped!
1. Now gives American Boxes which contain the American Minigun
2. Captain America is now the Final Boss with increased HP!
3. Guranteed Drop Table: Bils Box, Arcane Scratch Card, 100K Bils Tickets
4. Rare Drop Table (1 in 100) (During July 4th is 1 in 20): American Box, Quad Box, 2K20 Box, Quad Ticket
5. Legendary Table (1 in 1000) (During July 4th is 1 in 200): Prosperity Scroll
6. Secret Drop Table: $20 BTC
7. Requires 100 Boss Kills to Enter

American Glaive:
1. The Glaive Box will exclusively drop American Glaives instead of Regular Glaives if you hit the Legendary drop table


Quality of Life:
1. 5 x Raid Chance for the week of July 4th! Make sure to take advantage of it while it lasts!
2. Unclear Store Photos Retaken
3. Custom Necklaces now collect properly
4. Third Year (i) now collecting Summer Boxes
5. If you buy a rank directly from the Store, it now gives x2 Scrolls (You can give on to an alt, sell it, or keep it for when you upgrade to the next rank)

Crypto Flower Poker/Auction Event:
1. We will be hosting a Crypto Flower Poker contest this Friday at 8PM EST
2. It costs $20 worth of BTC (0.0010) to enter, and winner takes all! (Can use in-game item as well)
3. If 8+ players join, we will be throwing in an extra $200 Store credit for First, and $100 for Second!
4. We will also be hosting regular Flower Poker afterwards, giving away an American Glaive and a Rocket Launcher!

Collector Log Contest:
1. First to complete the Marvel Raid Collection Log will get an American Dual - Talis which they can use for whatever they want! 
2. First to complete the American Box Log will get a Free Custom Pet! 


Things we are working on:

1. Summer Revamp for August 1st, a new weapon over lock and mask slot
2. Third Year Veteran Rank
3. New Home Area and New Training Monsters/Maps for newer Players
4. Achievements System
5. New Bleach Raid! (Almost finished) Marvel Raids are being taken down for the time being!
6. New Final Boss (similar to Wyrm Chest)
7. Revamp of Storefront 
Final Fantasy and DBZ Raids are being redone as we speak as well

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