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The Developers of Bethlehem decided that they should add a new element to make the game a little more interesting. Could we combine some of the items we have in game with no risk of failure? Thus, invention was born. To access this menu in game type ::invent

What can be combined?

What items are needed and what do they become?

Wyrm Mask - Head Piece (1),Head Piece (2) and Head Piece (3)

Wyrm Boby - Body Piece (1), Body Piece (2) and Body Piece (3)

Wyrm Legs - Leg Piece (1),Leg Piece (2) and Leg Piece (3)

Devil May Cry - 200 Mythican Edge and 200 Mythical Hilt shards.

Eternal Boots (I) - Eternal Boots, Seers Boots and Eternal Crystal (i)

Pegasian Boots(i) - Pegasian Boots, Archer Boots and Pegasian Crystal(i)

Primordial Boots (I) - Primordial Boots, Berserker Boots and Primordial Crystal(I)

7 Dragonball - 7 Dragon Ball

Arcane Crystal Bow - 500 Arcane Crystal Shards

Arcane Crystal Bow (I) - 2 Arcane Crystal Bow and 10 Dragonrage Bow (I)

Hades Boots - Eternal Boots (I), Pegasian Boots(i), Primordial Boots (I) and Gundam Boots (i)

Amerterasu Sharingan - Amaterasu Scroll, Lucky Aura Level 5,Attacker Aura Level 5 and Sharingan

Jester Scarf - Pink Santa Hat, Black Santa Hat, Lime Santa Hat,Orange Santa Hat and Collector Necklace (i)

Easter Ring - Lucky Ring of Wealth(i), 4 Different Coloured Easter Egg

Sponsor Easter Ring - Sponsor Ring, 4 Different Coloured Easter Egg

Top Donator Aura (i) - Top Donator Aura and Divine Aura

Darth Vader Helmet - 20 Space Dust

Darth Vader Platebody - 20 Space Dust

Darth Vader Legs - 20 Space Dust

Darth Vadar Saber - 20 Space Dust

Groudon Instance(i) - Infernal Groudon Instance, 3 Infernal Spear, 3 Infernal Boots, 3 Infernal Full Helms, 3 Infernal Platebodies, 3 Infernal Necklaces, 3 Staff of Infernal and 3 Infernal Platelegs

Abbadon Instance(i) - Abbadon Instance, 4 Blood Departure Cowl, 4 Blood Departure Bodies, 4 Blood Departue Legs, 4 Blood Necklaces, 4 Blood Phat and 4 Blood Duel Beretta

Bandos Avatar Instance (i) - Bandos Avatar Instance, 12 Bandos Avatar(pet) and 12 Water Blade

Baphomet Instance(i) - Baphomet Instance, 8 Baphomet Torva Helms, 8 Baphomet Platebodies and 8 Baphomet Platelegs

Phoenix Instance(i) - Phoenix Instance 6 Drygore Longsword, 6 Drygore Rapier, 6 Drygore Mace and 6 Dark Lord's Bow

Vladimir Instance(i) - Vladimir Instance and 20 Lava Scythe

Skotizo Instance - 6 Toxic Staff of the Dead, 6 Angelic Wings, 6 Lightlord Platelegs and 6 Lightlord Platebodies

Dragonix Instance(i) - Dragonix Instance, 5 Dragonrage Boots, 5 Dragonrage Full Helms, 5 Dragonrage Platelegs, 5 Dragonrage Platebodies and 5 Dragonrage Bow

Queen Dana Instance(i) - Queen Dana Instance(i) and 20 Talis Sword

Madara Instance(i) - Madara Instance, 10 Madara's Fan and 10 Sharingan

Gundam Instance (i) - Gundam Instance, 4 Gundam Helms, 4 Gundam Platebodies, 4 Gundam Platelegs, 4 Gundam Wings, 4 Gundam Gauntlets and 4 Gundam Boots

Bloodlust Shadowlord Instance(i) - Bloodlust Shadowlord Instance, 6 Bloodlust Blade, 6 Bloodlust Helms, 6 Bloodlust Platebodies and 6 Bloodlust Platelegs

Sasuke Instance(i) - Sasuke Instance, 3 Sasuke's Tops, 3 sasuke's legs, 3 Sasuke's Gloves, 3 Sasuke's sandels, 3 sasuke's Masks, 3 Sasuke's electric katana and 3 Sharingans

Sakura Instance(i) - Sakura Instance, 5 Sakura(pet)

Golden Dice Totem - All the Instance (i)

Golden Spade - Spade, 5000 Sulfur, 10000 Energy fragments, 2000 Agility Tickets, 50 dragon Impling Jars, 1000 Adament Boots, 1000 Cut Dragonstones, 1000 Longbows (u), 500 Rune Nails and 1000 Magic Logs

Golden Axe - Bethlehems Axe, Balmung, 10000 Sulfur, Chaotic Maul, Primal Mauls, Kryptic Maul and Golden katana

Akatsuki Robetop - Naruto's Body, Sasuke's Body,Sayan Armour (body), Wyrm Platebody and 20q Bil Tickets

Akatsuki Bottoms - Naruto's Legs, Sayan Armour (Legs), Sasuke's Legs, Wyrm Platelegs and 20q Bil Tickets

Blood Sniper - 1Q Bil Tickets and 25 AK-47 Asiimov

Infernal Minigun - 10q Bil Tickets and 4 Blood Sniper

Dragonbone Minigun - Zulrah Minigun (Blue), Zulrah Minigun (Red), Infernal Minigun and 3 Dragonbone Crystal

Volcanic Dragon Hammer - Ice Dragon Hammer, 5000 Divine Phoenix Feather, Primordial Crystal(I) and 20q Bil Tickets

Volcanic Hammer Off-Hand - Ice Dragon Hammer offhand, 5000 Divine Phoenix Feather, Primordial Crystal(I) and 20q Bil Tickets

Arcane Axe - Bethlehems Axe, Balmung and 300 Arcane Crystal Shards

Arcane Wood - 2500k Arcane Wood Fragment

Arcane Crystal Staff - Arcane Wood, 500 Arcane Crystal Shards and 10q Bil Tickets

Blood Talis Off Hand - Duel Talis Offhand, Volcanic Hammer Off-Hand, Bloodlust Blade, Bloodlust Shadowlord Instance, Bloodlust Helm, Bloodlust Platebody and Bloodlust Legs

Pumpkin Cape - Wyrm Mask (halloween edition), Wyrm Body (halloween edition), Wyrm Legs (halloween edition), Wyrm Gloves (halloween edition), Wyrm Boots (halloween edition), Halloween Scythe, Killer chucky(pet), Pumpkin, Black Halloween Mask and 1000 Halloween Bones

Golden Bonecrusher - Bone crusher, Golden Spirit Shield and 2 Corrupt Slayer Helmet(5)

Dragon Glass Bow - Dragonbone Minigun, Arcane Crystal Bow (I) and 500 Dragon Glass

Madara (pet)(I)- Madara (pet), Madara's Blood Fan, 5 Madara's Fan (I), 10 Madara's Fan & 10 Sharingan

Valerian Ring - Easter Ring, Sponsor Easter Ring & 100 Valerian Steel Bar

Kylo Ren Helmet - Darth Vadar (I), 20 Space Dust & 5 Valerian Steel Bar

Kylo Ren Platebody - Darth Vadar (I), 20 Space Dust & 5 Valerian Steel Bar

Kylo Ren Platelegs - Darth Vadar (I), 20 Space Dust & 5 Valerian Steel Bar

Bethlehem Jewel - Ice Jewel(V), Inferno Jewel(V), Death Jewel(V), Life Jewel(V), Skilling Jewel(V) and Raids Jewel

Hades Boots(i) - Hades Boots, Naruto's Boots, Sasuke's Sandals, Sayan Armour (Boots), 10 Valerian Steel Bar & 10 Space Dust

Divine Cape (Hades Edition) - Divine Cape, Pumpkin Cape & Skeleton Set

Hades Gloves - Archer Boxing Gloves, Mage Boxing Gloves, Berserker Boxing Gloves, Primordial Crystal(I), Eternal Crystal (i), Pegasian Crystal(i) & Gundam Gauntlets (i)

Hades Gloves (i) - Hades Gloves, Naruto's Glovess, Sasuke's Glovess, Sayan Armour (Gloves), 10 Valerian Steel Bar & 10 Space Dust

Candy Cane Scythe (i) - 2 Candy Cane Scythe, Pink Santa Hat, Black Santa Hat, Lime Santa Hat and Orange Santa Hat

Christmas Wreath Shield - Santa, Pink Santa Hat, Black Santa Hat, Lime Santa Hat and Orange Santa Hat

Christmas Wreath Shield (i) - Arcane Crystal Spirit Shield, Christmas Wreath Shield, 200 Elite Titan Fragments

Elite Void - 3 Void and 3 Scroll Of Efficiency per piece

Master Level ? - Attacker Level 5, Defender Level 5, Healer Level 5 & Collector Level 5

Easter Basket - Empty Easter Basket, 4 of each Easter Egg

Easter Egg (I) - 3 of the same Easter Egg

Bong (I) - Bong, Trippy Whippy, Weed Cape, Weed Chain, 420 Godsword, 420 Spirit Shield, Rasta Hat, Rasta body, Rasta Pants, Rasta Gloves, Rasta Boots, Golden Weed Aura

Collector Necklace (i) - 3rd Year Necklace and Collectors Necklace

3rd Year (i) - Collector Necklace (i), Poop mask, Mario mask, Fire mask, Smiley mask and 3rd Year Necklace

 May Zaros smile on you all favorably


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