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    Boss guide

    Welcome to your standard boss guide. This guide will show you each boss in turn and what they drop. My setup I also recommend taking some prayer pots as some of these bosses also lower your prayer points as you fight them (even if you are extreme donator +) How to get to bosses Under you spell book click on the B then select your boss and click teleport. Lets take a look at each boss in turn Infernal Groudon (level 15 - 50,000hp) This boss will reduce your prayer points when you fight it. There are 3 of these in the teleport area and are passive on entry. Drops As you fight this boss you will receive infernal groudon boxes and bones for each one you kill. The bones will give you 25k xp when used on the alter at home. What can I receive from the boxes? Abbadon (level 666 - 30,000hp) There are 2 of these when you teleport in and are aggressive on entry Drops As you fight this boss you will receive Abbadon boxes and bones for each one you kill. The bones will give you 22k xp when used on the alter at home. What can I receive from the boxes? Bandos Avatar (level 299 - 8,050hp) There are 2 of these when you teleport in and are passive on entry. When fighting Bandos Avatar it will cast magic which freezes you movement and will also teleport itself. Drops As you fight this boss you will receive Bandos Avatar boxes and Livyathann bones for each one you kill. The bones will give you 19k xp when used on the alter at home. What can I receive from the boxes? Baphomet (level 20 - 32,500hp) This boss will reduce your prayer points when you fight it. There are 2 of these in the teleport area and are passive on entry. Drops As you fight this boss you will receive Baphomet boxes and bones for each one you kill. The bones will give you 30k xp when used on the alter at home. What can I receive from the boxes? Phoenix (level 235 - 200,000hp) There are 2 of these on entry and a 3rd to the north. All are passive on entry. Drops Vladimir (level 666 - 200,000hp) Drops Skortizo (level 321 - 100,000hp) Drops Dragonix (level 420 - 400,000hp) There are 2 of these and are passive on entry Drops Queen Diana (level 1000 - 500000hp) There is only one when you enter this area and she is passive. Please note Queen Diana can hit 99. If your planning on staying here a while I would reccomend using a soul. Drops Dank Monster (level 420 - 600,000hp) To be honest I really dont like this monster. Although there is only one when you teleport in and it is passive, when you start fighting Dank Monster he will say "Oh you are strong, but can you handle two" and a second Dank Monster will appear. You can easily be killed here as you are now dealing with both of the monsters. AOE weapons will hit both of the monsters at the same time but they both hit hard. I would reccomend using a soul here if your planning on staying a while. Drops KBD Warrior (level 420 - 600,000hp) Passive on entry and fairly easy to kill. Drops Nulgath (level 420 - 600,000hp) Like the Bandos Avatar, Nulgath is passive on entry but when you attack, it will use freeze spells and teleport around the map Drops Boss points As you have been killing all these bosses you will have noticed you have been gaining boss points. Now your wondering 'what can I do with these points?' At home on the east of the fountain you will find the boss point shop right click and trade him to see all his items I have stuck to the prices of the instances as these tend to be what most players buy from here. If you buy the instances they will give you an extra 20 dr/ ddr when using them. These can also be upgraded by using ::invent and the required items. When these instances have been upgraded they give you 30 dr/ ddr. What items do I need to upgrade my instance? You will need to buy the instance from the boss point shop and have it in your inventory along with the items to upgrade it. Infernal Groudon - 3x infernal spear, 3x infernal boots, 3x infernal legs, 3x infernal platebody, 3x infernal full hems, 3x staff of infernal, 3x infernal necklace Abbadon - 4x Blood departure cowl, 4x blood departure body, 4x blood departure chaps, 4x blood necklace, 4x blood duel beretta, 4x blood phat Bandos Avatar - 12x water blade, 12x pet bandos avatar Baphomet - 8x baphomet torva plate body, 8x baphomet torva plate leg, 8x baphomet torva full helm Phoenix - 6x drygore longsword, 6x drygore rapier, 6x drygore mace, 6x dark lord's bow Vladimir - 20x lava scythe Skotizo - 6x toxic staff of the dead, 6x angelic wings, 6x lightlord platelegs, 6x lightlord platebody Dragonix - 5x dragonrage boots, 5x dragonrage full helm, 5x dragonrage platebody, 5x dragonrage plateleg, 5x dragonrage bow Queen Diana - 20x talis sword I hope you find this guide useful. Enjoy the server!!
  2. Here is a list of what you get as you progress through your donation ranks and what items you need to get your next rank Regular Donator » +3% DR & +3% DDR » 27 Pest Control points » Donator zone » CTRL + B or ::bank to bank » Ability to yell Super Donator (regular donator scroll + 15 $ scrolls) » +4% DR & +4% DDR » 30 Pest Control points » Super donator zone - 2 Barrelchest spawns - Abyssal demons spawn - Frost dragon spawn » CTRL + B or ::bank to bank » Ability to yell Extreme Donator (Super donator scroll + 30 $ scrolls) » +5% DR & +5% DDR » 32 Pest Control points » Access to custom titles (::title) » Infinite Prayer » Extreme donator zone » CTRL + B or ::bank to bank » Ability to yell Sponsor Donator (Extreme donator scroll + 240 $ scrolls) » +10% DR & +10% DDR » 45 Pest Control points » Sponsor Zone - 3 Vladimir spawns - 3 Queen Dana spawns - 1 Skotizo spawn - 3 Dragonix spawns - 3 Abyssal Sire spawns (drops Sponsor Pet & Ring) » Sponsor Pet — 35% DR, 35% DDR » Sponsor Ring — 20% DR, 25% DDR » Sponsor Cape — 6% DR, 6% DDR » CTRL + B or ::bank to bank » Ability to yell Executive Donator (Sponsor scroll + 700 $ scrolls) » +15% DR & +15% DDR » 70 Pest Control points » Executive Cape — 15% DR, 15% DDR, Max Stats » Executive Zone » Titan Slayer Master » Drop rate Potion Shop » Cash Furious Flask Shop - 1 Creator spawn (drops Level 1 Lucky Aura) - 1 Destroy spawn (drops Level 1 Attack Aura) - 1 Bethlehem Guardian (drops Bethlehem Axe) - 1 Goku spawn - 1 Guardian of hell (drops donator box) » Bethlehem Axe (Gives 4 times at the AFK tree) » CTRL + B or ::bank to bank » Ability to yell Divine Donator (Executive scroll + 1500 $ scrolls) » +20% DR & +20% DDR » 85 Pest Control points » 2.2x Damage while filled Rage Bar » Divine Cape — 25% DR, 25% DDR, Max Stats » Divine Aura — 15% DR, 15% DDR » Divine Zone: - 1 Icy Vorago Spawn - 2 Divine Phoenix Zones - 2 Creator Spawn - 2 Destroy Spawn - 1 Glacor Zone » Divine Phoenix Mount: - 666K damage per hit. - allowed to equip DR items while mounted. » 10% extra chance when upgrading items. » 10% chance of saving a casket when opening » 20% chance of saving a crystal key when using. » 66% chance of getting double PK points. » 10% extra when selling to Junk Store. » ::lock (lock stats and dr, start fashionscaping!). » 5% double drop chance when opening boxes from the donator store. » CTRL + B or ::bank to bank » Ability to yell Hope this clears up any confusion
  3. Welcome to God Wars!! Hopefully this will give you all the information you will need to succeed in gwd. Click on minigames under your spellbook and select Godwars Dungeon then teleport We are going to start from this point for the rest of this guide so lets go to Zamorak first. Zamorak area Head North-North East until you reach this bridge Cross the bridge then head South East I would strongly advise using Infernal Groudon souls in this room unless you are divine rank. Possible drops Zamorak God Sword (i) Zamorak's Staff of the Dead If you want to try, you can try for a Madara's blood fan by using this staff with a Madara's Fan (i) on the upgrade machine (1/10) Saradomin area Head east from the starting point till you find the portal Click on the portal and it will teleport you to a secon area Head south and click on the second portal As with the Zamorak bosses use infernal groudon souls in here Possible drops Saradoming God Sword (i) Saradomin Battle Mage Robes Armadyl area This is the first of 2 areas where you need an item to gain access. You will need a grappling hook to get to this area Head south and grapple this pillar. Once across the divide head North North West You will need to use Mage or Range in this room Possible loot Armadyl God Sword (i) and Armadyl set Finally the last area Bandos area You will need a hammer to gain access to this area. Head North West until you find this door Once through this door head north East and enter the boss room. As I said before I would use an Infernal Groudon soul in here unless you are divine rank. Possible loot Bandos God Sword (i) and bandos armour set Have fun and Good Luck! on your loots On a side note If you want all the loots from God Wars you are going to need alot of Infernal Groudon souls and plenty of patience. I spent many hours fighting the bosses in there just to complete the sets (3000+ kills on each of the bosses in each room with a dr of 165)
  4. Welcome to the Final Fantasy Raid guide How do i get to the raid? As with all raids click on minigames in your spell book and selest Fantasy Raids and teleport. You should end up here. After 50 seconds the Raid will start. Round 1 Tifa Tifa has 90000 HP. There are 11 to kill. Once they are all dead we are ready for round 2. Round 2 Cloud Cloud has 300000 HP. Like in round 1 there are again 11 to kill. Once they are all dead your ready for the 3rd and final round. Round 3 Sephiroth The big bad Sephiroth has 1500000 hp. Make sure to let lower level players hit it first especially if your Executive+ as everyone gets a chance at a rare drop. Once he has been defeated you will be teleported back home. Rewards As a standard all players will receive 10 boxes, Abbadon, Bandos Avatar, Infernal Groudon or Baphomet providing they have inflicted damage during the raid. Also available during the raid a player may be lucky and receive a Donator box. The real reason people do the Final Fantasy Raids Cloud set (1/500 chance of getting a piece) 5 pieces for the set each giving 111111 stats and 5dr/ ddr Total set gives 555555 stats and 25 dr/ ddr Sephiroth set (1/1000 chance of getting a piece) As with the cloud set each piece gives 111111 stats but also gives 10 dr/ ddr Total set gives 555555 stats and 50 dr/ ddr Hope this guide has helped and remember Don't Die!!
  5. Welcome to a quick guide to the Treasure Island mini game. How to get there? Under your spell book minigame select Treasure island and teleport Once here right click on Blackbeard Speak to the island guardian to start the minigame Please Note:- You will need to bring the highest food you have available as soulsplit will not work once you start the island Level 1 - Waves 1-5 Monster Zombie (lvl 25) 1 zombie fragment per kill Level 2 - Wave 1-5 Monster Zombie Pirate (lvl 57) 2 zombie fragments per kill Level 3 - Wave 1-5 Monster Zombie (lvl 70) 3 monster fragments per kill Level 4 - Wave 1-5 Monster Armoured Zombie (lvl 85) 4 monster fragments per kill Level 5 - Wave 1-5 Monster Zombie (lvl 95) 5 monster fragments per kill Once you complete the 5 lvls you will recieve 500 Zombie Fragments as a bonus giving you a total of 1025 zombie fragments per completed game. Rewards Bonecrusher - 100 Zombie Fragments All zombie peices - 150 Zombie Fragments per peice (total 750 Zombie Fragments) All BlackBeard peices - 5500 Zombie Fragments per peice (total 27500 Zombie Fragments) Arcane Scratchcard - 2500 Zombie Fragments Bils Box - 7500 Zombie Fragments Kingdom Heart Chest - 25000 Zombie Fragments Although this set has no stats It provides you with the ability to receive no damage from the undead. This also works at Undead Cerberus aswell. This is purely a cosmetic set atm Hope this guide helps
  6. Welcome to the DBZ Raids guide Ok lets start at the beginning. How to get there. Under the minigame Teleport in your spellbook, select DBZ Raids and teleport. When you get to the island you will have a 50 second wit time before the raid starts. There will be a total of 5 rounds starting with Freeze mode 1 There are 11 Freeze mode 1 to be killed. They have 300000 hp each once cleared you have a 5 second wait for round 2 As in the previous round there are 11 freeze mode 2 to kill their HP is now 500000 again a 5 second wait for round 3 As in the previous 2 rounds you have 11 Cell to kill HP 700000 Complete them for round 4 The last of the 11 monster kills is Freeze mode 3 HP 900000 Kill them all for the last round Super Buu Super Buu HP 5000000. Kill him and you will be teleported back home but not before you get your reward. What can I get from these raids? God scroll - Gives you 250 att, str, def, range, mage and summoning aswell as 999 prayer and +10dr/ ddr for 10 minutes (50% chance of getting one). 20000 1B tickets God scroll (permanent)- Same as God scroll just not time bound (1/2000 chance) Also when fighting freeze and Cell you have a chance of getting a donor box drop. Hope this guide helps a little!!
  7. ok ill start with number 48
  8. https://gyazo.com/a010a1c01201a49eb6bb5411f8e028ec Dedicated follower of sara (remake of dedicated follower of fashion - the kinks 1973)
  9. welcome to the darkside bud we have cookies
  10. nice and short intro. Welcome to the darkside we have cookies
  11. welcome to the darkside flutter
  12. Well been here for a while now so guess i should introduce myself. I am pupplayuk ................... most people know me ingame as that quiet person that catches players using AOE weapons at ::train. I am related to one of the staff on here and no doubt you'll hear who it is at some point. I am married with 3 kids. My son introduced me to Bethlehem quite a few months ago now and I havent strayed from here since. And thats it really
  13. If this is ok could i please have my rank in forums
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