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  1. ===How to start Game of Thrones === Unlike most mini games this one is located under your titans teleports. Simply click on Titans and select Game of Thrones part 1, then click teleport Winter is coming ......... When you teleport to the minigame talk to the 615th Lord Commander and he we tell you to protect the wall. From then on its simple just kill the White Walkers they are all level 200 and can hit quite high (99 is possible). Keep killing these untill you have an impressive 9999 Nights Watch Points (if you are lucky enough to have had an Icy Salve Am
  2. Welcome to one useful but often forgotten about FREE items in the game the Blood Wolf mount. In this guide we will look at the monsters involved with getting the requirements for this. So lets start with the basics. My setup Also I had a pet Yoda when completing this so my DR was only 50 when i got my set. What do I need? For the mount you will need to gain a Blood Wolf pet, Wolf head totem, Shaman staff, Shaman body, Shaman legs, Shaman boots and finally Shaman gloves. How do i get them? In your spellbook click on minigames then click on Liz-Shaman (for
  3. Welcome to your standard boss guide. This guide will show you each boss in turn and what they drop. My setup I also recommend taking some prayer pots as some of these bosses also lower your prayer points as you fight them (even if you are extreme donator +) How to get to bosses Under you spell book click on the B then select your boss and click teleport. Lets take a look at each boss in turn Infernal Groudon (level 15 - 50,000hp) This boss will reduce your prayer points when you fight it. There are 3 of these in the teleport area and are p
  4. Here is a list of what you get as you progress through your donation ranks and what items you need to get your next rank Regular Donator » +3% DR & +3% DDR » 13 Pest Control points » Donator zone » CTRL + B or ::bank to bank » Ability to yell Super Donator (regular donator scroll + 15 $ scrolls) » +4% DR & +4% DDR » 20 Pest Control points » Super donator zone - 2 Barrelchest spawns - Abyssal demons spawn - Frost dragon spawn » CTRL + B or ::bank to bank » Ability to yell Extreme Donator (S
  5. Welcome to God Wars!! Hopefully this will give you all the information you will need to succeed in gwd. Click on minigames under your spellbook and select Godwars Dungeon then teleport We are going to start from this point for the rest of this guide so lets go to Zamorak first. Zamorak area Head North-North East until you reach this bridge Cross the bridge then head South East I would strongly advise using Infernal Groudon souls in this room unless you are divine rank. Possible drops Zamorak God Sword (i) Zamorak's Staf
  6. Welcome to the Final Fantasy Raid guide How do i get to the raid? As with all raids click on minigames in your spell book and selest Fantasy Raids and teleport. You should end up here. After 50 seconds the Raid will start. Round 1 Tifa Tifa has 90000 HP. There are 11 to kill. Once they are all dead we are ready for round 2. Round 2 Cloud Cloud has 300000 HP. Like in round 1 there are again 11 to kill. Once they are all dead your ready for the 3rd and final round. Round 3 Sephiroth The big bad Sephiroth has 1500000 hp. Make s
  7. Welcome to a quick guide to the Treasure Island mini game. How to get there? Under your spell book minigame select Treasure island and teleport Once here right click on Blackbeard Speak to the island guardian to start the minigame Please Note:- You will need to bring the highest food you have available as soulsplit will not work once you start the island Level 1 - Waves 1-5 Monster Zombie (lvl 25) 1 zombie fragment per kill Level 2 - Wave 1-5 Monster Zombie Pirate (lvl 57) 2 zombie fragments per kill Level 3 - Wave 1-5 Monster Zo
  8. Welcome to the DBZ Raids guide Ok lets start at the beginning. How to get there. Under the minigame Teleport in your spellbook, select DBZ Raids and teleport. When you get to the island you will have a 50 second wit time before the raid starts. There will be a total of 5 rounds starting with Freeze mode 1 There are 11 Freeze mode 1 to be killed. They have 300000 hp each once cleared you have a 5 second wait for round 2 As in the previous round there are 11 freeze mode 2 to kill their HP is now 500000 again a 5 second wait for round 3
  9. https://gyazo.com/a010a1c01201a49eb6bb5411f8e028ec Dedicated follower of sara (remake of dedicated follower of fashion - the kinks 1973)
  10. welcome to the darkside bud we have cookies
  11. nice and short intro. Welcome to the darkside we have cookies
  12. welcome to the darkside flutter
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