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Welcome to Exodus. We are not just a clan, we are friends, we are a family.


Exodus is a PVM-based clan and we will surely extend to PKing and Gambling as well later on. We are always excited to have players joined in and seeing their achievements pop up. Or to help the player out if they need assistance on through their journey. Currently we only have 4 ranks which are General, Captain, Lieutenant and Recruit. These are equivalent to Leader, Admin, Mod and Member. Ranks are for now only chosen by the Generals. And we may be having more ranks in the future if we get more clan members. We have set strict rules to make sure everyone likes it here. The rules are stated in the #guidelines. Everyone has to follow the guidelines to be a part of Exodus after all, or to stay with us.


The current member list of Exodus is the following:




Ocean Water


You must meet these requirements to join Exodus.
1 ) You must have the “Exodus” title in-game.
2 ) You must have Extreme Donator rank or higher.
3 ) You must have 75 in-game playtime or more.
4 ) You must agree with the rules.
5 ) You must be active in game, on both discords and Bethlehem forums.


You must follow these rules at all cost, when joining or to stay in Exodus.
1 ) We are a family, we care about each other.
2 ) We do not disrespect one another. Jokes are a different story.
3 ) We support each other everywhere.
4 ) We help each other out if we’re buying items.
5 ) We follow the general Bethlehem rules.
6 ) You have to play 15~ hours a week.
7 ) By agreeing to these rules you allow the Generals or Lieutenant to kick you from the clan whenever you break these rules.
8 ) You must be active in game, on both discords and Bethlehem forums.


How to apply, application format are on our personal clan discord, and repeated info stated here!
Click here to join the discord!

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