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  1. • It is our one year anniversary! Party time! • Anniversary boss at ::anniversary. • Drops Anniversary Chest, contains $1 scroll (common), anniversary masks (rare) and prosperity prayer scroll (legendary). • Boxes in the store for $1. • Anniversary Masks • Masks give +10% DDR for box openings and +15% DR/DDR. • Upgradeable into imbued versions, gives +35% DR/DDR. • Prosperity Prayer • Gives +2% DR for every scroll consumed, while prayer is active. • Ob
  2. • Star Wars Release: • Star Wars Minigame Released • Type ::starwars to get started. • ::starwars • Fight Clone Troopers Private to get Space Key 1. • Fight Jedi's to get Space Key 2. • Fight Clone Troopers Corporals to get Space Key 3. • Fight Master Yoda to get Space Key 4. • Fight Darth Vader to get Starwars Chest Key. • Darth Vader Set • Gives permanent 2000 HP when worn. • Can use soulsplit and food, won't reset y
  3. April 23rd - Game Updates • Divine Rank Release: • Divine Rank: • Obtained through the donator store for $2.500 or upgrading Executive Scroll with 1.500 $1 Scrolls. • +20% DR,+20% DDR. • 2.2x Damage while in Rage Combat Mode. • 5x Pest control Points (Extreme is 2x, Sponsor is 3x, Executive is 4x) • 10% extra chance when upgrading items. • 10% chance of saving a casket when opening. • 20% chance of saving a crystal key when using. • 66% chance of getting double PK poin
  4. April 12th - Game Updates • Easter Release: • Easter PVM event: • Kill the Easter Bunny for an Easter Box. (1/5) • Easter Eggs: • Each egg consumed will give you +1% DR/DDR permanent. • A maximum of 10 eggs / +10% DR/DDR. • Easter Ring: • Obtainable by combining all 4 different kind of Easter Eggs with a Lucky Ring of Wealth (I). • +25% DR, +30% DDR. • Picks up all clue scrolls, efficiency scrolls, hilt/edge shards. • Easter Carrot Mace:
  5. March 6th/14th - Game Updates • Icy Vorago Release: • Drops Ice Dragon Hammers and Icy Salve Amulet. • 1 Spawn in Divine Rank Zone. (Divine Rank released in the week of 16-22 March) • Non-Divine rank can challenge it once by sacrificing 10 Stone of Anima. • Icy Maul of Omens: • Upgraded from Maul of Omens (1/10). • Becomes 2-Handed but has 999k stats. • Will have +65% DR/DDR while charged. • Will consume 1 charge every 4 hits, instead of Every Hit. • You can turn on Frenzy Mode, to hit 4 times pe
  6. March 3rd - Game Updates • Vorago Release: • Maul of Omens (0 Stats, but can be charged up to 1000 using Stone of Anima). Maul of Omens will be Single Hit since it consumes 1 charge per hit, but will have 600k Stats and 65% DR / 65% DDR. • Drops Vorago Pet, which spawns 1 Stone of Anima every hour while summoned. • Minecraft Release: • Diamond Pickaxe (allows you to mine Stone of Anima AFK at 1 per 50 minutes), only obtainable in Donation Store, 2K20 Shop, 1/10k Clue Scrolls. • Minecraft Helmet (speeds up the mining rate of Stone of Anima to 1 per 25 minute
  7. January 30th - Game Updates Added: 1. BloodLust Blade: - Bloodlust Blade added to Bloodlust Shadowlord (same Droprate as Madara’s fan) you can sacrifice any bloodlust pieces to increase your Bloodlust percentage. Each percentage will increase Bloodlust Blade and all future Bloodlust items damage output. - Each bloodlust level increases BloodLust Blade's stats by 1 fold. (::bloodlust to check) - Every 5 bloodlust levels will increase Droprate and Double Droprate by +1. - When Maxed: Strength = 100k and DR/DDR = +20. (New Melee Best in Slot) 
(Ice Dragon or DMC (i) gives 70K st
  8. Welcome to Exodus. We are not just a clan, we are friends, we are a family. Exodus is a PVM-based clan and we will surely extend to PKing and Gambling as well later on. We are always excited to have players joined in and seeing their achievements pop up. Or to help the player out if they need assistance on through their journey. Currently we only have 4 ranks which are General, Captain, Lieutenant and Recruit. These are equivalent to Leader, Admin, Mod and Member. Ranks are for now only chosen by the Generals. And we may be having more ranks in the future if we get more clan membe
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