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Please read these rules thoroughly. By playing Bethlehem you agree to these rules and you will not break them. Upon breaking these rules you will get punished accordingly, these can be either temporary or permanent. We are allowed to change these rules anytime. Be warned, staff members are not forced to give you more than one warning. These rules all count through entire Bethlehem so in-game, forums and discord!


1. Language Rules
a) Disrespect, flaming, calling names or flamebaiting is not allowed.
b) Verbal abuse, racism, homophobic remarks, sexism or harassment is not allowed.

2. Chat Rules
a) Advertising a different forum, discord or server in any way is not allowed.
b) Impersonating any person is not allowed.
c) Any spamming is not allowed.
d) Making use of specific coding in the chat to make images or coloured text is not allowed.
e) You have to speak english in public chats. f) Any buying, selling, trading or gambling in help cc is not allowed.

3. Other Chat Rules
a) Causing drama in public chat, help cc, yell, discord or forums is not allowed.
b) Any kind of asking for items, begging for items or joking around for free items is not allowed.
c) As an extreme+ donator you are able to set your own title. Your title can not be inappropriate or include any staff ranks or names.

4. PVM Rules
a) When PVMing you must reply when being mentioned/called, you are not allowed to AFK PVM.
b) Safespotting any NPC in the game is not allowed.
c) Crashing others is not allowed. Everyone should have 1 NPC to farm.
d) Using cannons is not allowed.
e) You are not allowed to use any AOE weapon other than Omni-Talisman Staff at ::train.

5. Gambling Rules
a) Gambling donations is not allowed, and shall not be refunded when scammed.
b) Only Trusted Dicers and ones who have Dice Cape are allowed to host.
c) Scamming is strongly forbidden. Must have video proof and a middleman for full action.
d) You must use a Trusted Dicer or Staff member when gambling. These are recognizable by dice cape or discord role.

6. Strictly Forbidden Rules
a) We take security very seriously and we will remove anyone who jokes or threatens with DDoS or DOX from Bethlehem. Also any kind of chargeback threats are not allowed and are taken very seriously.
b) Account sharing is not allowed whatsoever.
c) Betlehem's in-game items, currency and accounts are not allowed to be sold for other currencies outside Bethlehem.
d) Bug or exploit abusing is strictly forbidden.
e) Talking or asking about personal information is strictly forbidden.
f) Scamming is strongly forbidden.*

7. Other Game Rules
a) Untradeables are not allowed to be traded in any way.
b) Avoiding your punishment is not allowed, appeal instead.
c) Any giveaways or lending above 500T without Moderator+ approval is not allowed. You can only giveaway once per day.
d) Mass voting or mass creating accounts is not allowed.
f) You are only allowed to use 1 account at the same minigame, raid, NPC, boss or AFK Tree.
g) Daily Rewards are limited to one regular account and one ironman account.
h) No one other than staff members are allowed to transfer items for players!
i) For the time being that the Christmas Event is live, you are not allowed to camp the tree. Making up excuses that you're "skilling" near the tree are not valid.
j) 3rd party software such as autoclickers, autotypers, vpns or bots are not allowed.

* Remember that putting a set of items at their normal prices and a different one hidden in those for an absolute high price is considered scamming. I.E: clues for 1T and there's one clue in the row which is 10Q.

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