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How to start a Clan?
First of all the clan owner will have to meet these requirements:

1) Clan owner with 500+ hours in-game playtime or a Staff rank with 250+ hours.
2) 5 members total, including owner, to start out.
3) 50Q cash to trade in.
4) Owner must:
- set up clan's application process for new members (an application process similar to our staff application process).
- keep a record of clan members updated in their forums.
- have a record of what requirements your new members must have.
- have a rules list in their application format.
- have a record of how you would describe your own clan (PVM, PK, Gamble etc...).

If you meet the requirements you're free to apply to get the clan created here.


Benefits of a Clan:

1) Private clan chat just for your clan in-game.
2) Private forum section just for your clan.
3) Private discord chats just for your clan.
4) Clan owners will have a direct chat with other clan owners and senior staff.
5) Ability to go to ::clan area just for your clan.
6) Clan owner can do ::clanmeeting while in the clan area to have all members teleport to him.
7) All clan members online will get +5% DR/DDR.
8) If more than 10 clan members are online at the same time it becomes +10% DR/DDR.
9) If more than 15 clan members are online at the same time it becomes +15% DR/DDR.

Also soon to come the following month:
- Custom Clan Area/Map
- Custom Clan Armor for Each Clan
- Clan Tasks/Quests
- Clan Competition and Prizes
- Clan Pet
- Clan Sygil/Flag/Cape

Clan Area:



Rules you must follow:

1) Each month there's 3 more clans able to be created.
2) Maximum of 20 clan members, including clan owner.
3) Maximum of 1 discord voice channel and 1 discord text channel.
4) If you fall under 5 members your clan will be disbanded.
5) Server Managers+ reserve the right to deny applications for any reason.


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