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Update - February 28

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Top o’ the morning to ye laddies! Gonna jump straight into things today and to kick it off we will start with;

St. Patrick’s Day

This year for St. Patrick’s Day we have added a new fun seasonal quest for players to enjoy! Upon completion of this quest players will be able to pick Clovers at the flax fields in Camelot.

When picking these clovers, players will have a chance to receive a “Clover” which acts the same as a Gingerbread Man giving the player a chance to find St. Patrick’s Day boxes from killing Titans.

They will also have a small chance at receiving one of five “Golden Clover” pieces used to invent the Golden Clover itself, which acts the same as the Gingerbread House, being an unlimited usable Clover.

- Leprechaun Global Boss has been reactivated
- Charm Bag has been added to the St. Patrick’s Day Box & Collection Log
- Twirly Swirly has been added to the St. Patrick’s Day Box & Collection Log


For new players you can find information on the old event here so you’re all caught up! 



Tool Belt
All players will now have access to their own Tool Belt which can be found at the bottom of the Equipment tab. This Tool Belt can only hold a small variety of end game items that players would generally carry around at the precious expense of their inventory spaces. These items will now have a right click “Add to Tool Belt” option, and will automatically be transferred to the Tool Belt and can be used as per normal from the belt itself including any DR/DDR the item might boost the player while being held in the inventory. The items allowed are as follows;

God Mode Scroll (Permanent), Super Saiyan Mode, Bong (i), Gingerbread House, Golden Dice Totem, Golden Spade, Bethlehem Fishing Rod, Charm Bag, DDR Scroll (Permanent)


Battle Pass (Season 4)

The latest and greatest Battle Pass is here and contains quite a few new juicy rewards!
You can checkout the new Battle Pass in our store here: https://bethlehem.gamepayments.net/category/147/page/1

Ultimate Ironman Changes

Ultimate Ironmen are starting to become a more popular option here in Bethlehem, so I have made a few adjustments to their play style so they can fit in with the rest of the community. Definitely more changes need to be made, but this should give them a nice boost for now.

- Ultimate Ironman accounts may now WITHDRAW items from their banks. They cannot deposit items of any kind, but this allows them to benefit from things like the Achievement System or Summer Boxes that go directly to the players bank without feeling like they can’t progress from those areas.
- Hardcore Ironman renamed to Ultimate Ironman, Hardcore was never a thing here and was only a grammar mistake.
- Ultimate Ironman accounts now get a whopping 100 DR/DDR as a default account bonus!

Ultimate Ironman Bag

Ultimate Ironman accounts will now receive an “Ultimate Ironman Bag” upon creating their account. (Current UIM’s will need to reach out to an Admin+ to have this handled for them).

The Ultimate Ironman Bag can be used as permanent extra storage for Ultimate Ironman accounts for a whopping extra 28 slots!

Each UIM will have access to 4 slots by default, and will progressively unlock more slots as they play the game by finishing their achievements and typing the command ::checkcompleted

- Easy achievements will grant an extra 4 slots (8 total)
- Medium achievements will grant an extra 8 slots (16 total)
- Hard achievements will grant an extra 12 slots (28 total)

Japs Temple

We wanted to thank ItsAJap for his donation towards his new custom zone, feel free to hit him up to check out! Remember to be polite and ask for the zone rules. 🙂

QOL and Bugfixes

- The Guaranteed Upgrade Scroll now officially works correctly (third times the charm)
- Pets & GFX are now automatically hidden in player Hotspots (Such as ::2K23), you can also now do ::hidepets in general to hide all pets.
- Corrected all “Sayan” spelling mistakes > “Saiyan” throughout the game
- Fixed VIP5 (potentially, hard to test)
- Fixed some shooting star spelling errors
- Temporarily removed Dice Duel option at ::dz while we look into an issue
- Fixed Gingerbread & God mode timers appearing on alts when re-logging
- Removed “Town Crier” from the game

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