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Update - May 4th

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May 4th Star Wars Update:

May the force be with you:
1. Starwars Key Drops are now THREE times as common for this month!
2. We've Quadrupled the amount of Bil Tickets for the common drop.
3. 2020 Star Wars Update Review: https://forums.bethlehem317.com/topic/509/

NEW Kylo Ren Set:      unknown.png
1. Helmet + Body + Legs = +1.12x Drop Rate (No HP requirement, note that this is a multiplier!)
2. Should be Best-in-Slot for End Game Players!
3. Helmet, Body, and Legs are obtainable through the Invent System
4. Cape and Gloves are purely cosmetic for now, and obtainable from the Star Wars Chest
5. Kylo Ren Saber is upgradeable from the Darth Saber. Each Special Attack does Max Damage, and only consumes 1% of Spec Bar. (Upgrade Machine: 1 out of 10) 
6. We will be releasing the` Hades Boots (i) next week, which will be using Space Dust as material

Cosmetic Shop:                           unknown.png
1. We've added the Storm Trooper Set to the $1 Cosmetic Store       unknown.png

Player Crates coming Back! https://bethlehem317.com/store           unknown.png
1.The New Player Crate now contains: Tank, Ice Dragon Halberd, Legendary Scroll, Rocket Launcher, Buster Sword, and Battle Pass Season 2unknown.png
2. Anniversary Chest has been replaced with 420 Box
3. Anniversary Chest will be revamped for our May 17th Anniversary!

Bethlehem Jewel:
1. Combine all Jewels for a +25DR Bonus Flat, +25% Skilling, and +5% at Raidsunknown.png
2. Once combined, becomes untradeable

Bugs and Suggestions:
1. Just to be safe, we reworked Bong and Darth Vadar DR boost multiplier. Should be impeccable now.
2. POS now clears out to bank if the item hasn't been sold for 60 Days

3. AFK Tree now has been boosted to give more cash

4. ::2fa is now less spammy

5. Bils Box have been added to Regular Bosses, and Quad Boxes have been added to Titans as a Rare Drop to celebrate our upcoming Second Year Anniversary Event on May 17, will last until end of the summer

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