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  1. July 4th Update (Coming in Now!): DBZ Raids:
 1. Fight 3 Forms of Freeza, Cell, and Super Buu 2. 50% chance of getting a God Mode Scroll (Consumable) 3. God Mode: 10 Minutes of Maxed Attack Speed, 250 combat stats (Around x2 Damage), and +10DR/DDR 4. 1 in 2000 chance of getting a Permanent God Mode Scroll (Also available in Donator Webstore) Companions: 1. Companions can be Summoned at the same time as a Mount! 2. Rare Candy is used to level up your companion to a max of 99 (+1DR/DDR per 2 levels) 3. Level up along with your Companions by buying Rare Candy in the Prestige Store Companion Box: 1. Chance of a Companion (6 Dogs, 3 Cats) 2. Available in the Donation Webstore (https://bethlehem317.com/store) and Prestige Store 3. Guaranteed Rare Candy Revamped Prestige Store: 1. Prestige System now gives 10 points for maxing all skills and Prestiging 2. Lowered the price of items in Prestige Store 3. Will be adding valuable items to this store as time goes on Suggestions:
 1. Increased inventory of Arcane Scratch Cards and Bils Box at Treasure Island 2. Option to close Custom Zone (::open zone ::closezone)
  2. Golden Spade:
 1. Digs all Clues in one Click 2. Obtainable through ::invent and 2K20 Store
 Golden Axe:
 1. Gives the Highest Tickets/Hour at the AFK Tree 2. Obtainable through ::invent and 2K20 Store Treasure Island Minigame (New Money Making Method) 1. BlackBeard Set (Set Effect: Undead - Can’t take Damage) and gives a 50% Magic Damage Boost) - Best Set for grinding the Treasure Island Minigame 2. Zombie Set (Cosmetic) 3. Arcane Scratch Cards, Bils Box, and Kingdom Hearts Chests are obtainable through the Minigame 4. 5 Waves and 5 Levels, no soul split or souls 5. Icy Salve Amulet gives an extra 500 fragments upon clearing the island 6. We will be releasing a Guide to Treasure Island this weekend, but some hints for beating the Minigame include Corrupt Bandages from Dungeoneering and DarthVader Set Bobo Zone:
 1. Joker Set (gives 15% extra drop chance at all Raids) 2. ::bobozone (requires 1Q) 3. Ask Bobo in game to teleport you for free Approved Suggestions: 1. Boosted AFK Tree to 30T/Hour with Normal Axe, 60T/Hour with Balmung, 80T/Hour with Bethlehem Axe, and 100T/Hour with Golden Axe (This is about 10X compared to before) 2. ::guides (gives quick links to important Bethlehem Guides) 3. Tweaked Anti-Bot System to give more leeway for Custom Zones 4. Added Boss Requirements to certain Minigames that are impossible for Early Game players 5. We’re working on making Examine work for ALL essential items. We have already added quite a few. This is a community effort. If you wish to contribute here is the spread sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JDPDGxDlrYzpGEmD_cmSHzuTeHSKWz1fMEO2AVSArY4/edit#gid=0 Bugs:
 1. Remove Attack Option from Beach Babe 
2. Wyrm Platebody added to ::invent 3. Amaterasu Spelling 4. Server Manager Head Icon, Item Hover ID, and Yell Color 5. Added Boss Counter for Joker 6. Fixed Steel Nails In Construction Store Depleting 7. Leprechaun, Well, and Instance DR Getting Locked.
Invention (::invent ::combine)

 Released! Golden Dice Totem: 
- Combine all Boss Trophies into a Golden Dice (Gives +50DR and +50DDR while in your inventory)

 Bobodod’s Custom Area: 
- Ask for an ::invitefriend from chief Bobo
 - Kill Joker Custom Boss for the Joker Set

 Suggestions Implemented: 
1. Suggestion 327: Button that takes you back to main POS
 2. Suggestions 292: Boss Trophies (+30DR/DDR while in your inventory, normal instances are +20DR/DDR)
 3. Added Common Drops to Star Wars Minigame: Combine 20 StarDust into a Darth Vadar Piece

 1. Masamune OffHand with ::Lock 
2. Amaterasu Scroll fixed in Donator Store: https://bethlehem317.com/store
  4. Summer Update - June 1st! (::summer) Fight Beach Hulk for Summer Boxes or find them for just 10 Cents ($0.10) each at https://bethlehem317.com/store Introducing the new Summer box! Summer Box gives 3 New Skin Sets (Skins give additional stats while FashionScaping): - Bikini Set (Gives +1DR/DDR per piece on top of Locked Stats) - Supreme Set (Gives +1DR/DDR per piece on top of Locked Stats) - Beach Set (Gives +3DR/DDR per piece on top of Locked Stats) Summer Box gives 3 New Pets: - Mario Sunshine Mushroom Pet - Mario Sunshine Star Pet - Beach Princess Pet New Owner's Goodiebag! - A new Goodiebag given to players, and you can grab yours during Admin Deals. New Bethlehem Season Pass! - Donate $100 to claim over $300 in prizes! (https://bethlehem317.com/store) New Max Stat Ranged Weapon - Rocket Launcher (Mage Weapon Coming Next Update!) - We will only be selling 3 through the store this year. - Can be obtained through Admin Goodiebags as well. Bugs: 1. Fixed Multiplier Bonus for Nulgath (2.5X) Saradomin Battlerobes (2.8X) , and Mystic Virtus (2.9X) 2. Kingdom Heart Chests should now be in the New Store 3. Veteran Status should now have Unlimited Prayer Drain Suggestions Added: 
 1. Suggestion 326: Block out Spam message from Santa and Easter Bunny 2. Suggestion 331: Make Donkey Kong Boxes Muted.
 3. Suggestion 317: ::mraids for Marvel Raids quick teleport 4. Suggestion 314: Make pets give Upgrade Bonus like Sora Set (Beach Babe 10%, Mario Sunshine Pets 5%)
  5. the number im picking is at the end of my name
  6. Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to all! from me and Cyrisus, and Gl to all 😄
  7. Hello guys! the name behind Yammer5 is Garen! Yes. Like the League of Legends champion. Wooo Demacia xD, I am 19 and currently in college as a computer science major, My favorite programming language as of right now is Java! I am very friendly and love to play computer games... obviously lmao. I came across Bethlehem and I just could not stop playing, I love the game!😃
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