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July 4th - July 17th - Updates!

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July 4th Update:

DBZ Raids:

1. Fight 3 Forms of Freeza, Cell, and Super Buu

2. 50% chance of getting a God Mode Scroll (Consumable)                  unknown.png
3. God Mode: 10 Minutes of Maxed Attack Speed, 250 combat stats (Around x2 Damage), and +10DR/DDR
4. 1 in 2000 chance of getting a Permanent God Mode Scroll (Also available in Donator Webstore)

Companions:  unknown.png
1. Companions can be Summoned at the same time as a Mount!
2. Rare Candy is used to level up your companion to a max of 99 (+1DR/DDR per 2 levels)           unknown.png

3. Level up along with your Companions by buying Rare Candy in the Prestige Store

Companion Box:    image.png.04163a98c230a038dba1c11bf1b0c28f.png                                                                                                                                                      
1. Chance of a Companion (6 Dogs, 3 Cats)
2. Available in the Donation Webstore (https://bethlehem317.com/store) and Prestige Store 
3. Guaranteed Rare Candy

Revamped Prestige Store:
1. Prestige System now gives 10 points for maxing all skills and Prestiging 
2. Lowered the price of items in Prestige Store
3. Will be adding valuable items to this store as time goes on


1. Increased inventory of Arcane Scratch Cards and Bils Box at Treasure Island
2. Option to close Custom Zone (::open zone ::closezone)

July 17th Update:

Akatsuki Robes:
1. Best Stats and DR in Game currently (222k Stats and 11DR/DDR per piece)
2. For those few who have added custom DR to certain armor pieces, it will automatically be added to Akatsuki Robes.         
3. Combinable in Invention System (::invent), all items are obtainable in-game F2P.

1. Since the last update which allowed players to go to Bobozone indefinitely while logged in, this has caused serious damage to the economy. We are currently changing it to 3Q for 30 minutes at BoboZone (This number can be adjusted in the future)
2. Fixed a few bugs with people logging out outside of Custom Zones.

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