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Nite Jr

Unique Clan

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Clan Name: Unique

Clan Owner In-Game Username: Nite Jr / A A

Clan Owner Discord Name and tag: Nite Jr#0041, Hsmitty#0618

First 4 members (in-game username and discord tag):
1: Nite Jr - Nite Jr#0041
2: A A - Hsmitty #0618
3: Cast Away - Cast Away#5360
4: Im Gonna Win - Im Gonna Win/Jadders#9749

In-game Playtime (screenshot):


In-Game Rank: Divine Donator

Clan purpose/theme (PVM, PK, Gamble ...):

Unique Is A PvM-Based Clan.

What your clan intends to do to help the server (your mission):

Members of the clan, Unique, intend to PvM as much as possible and create a well rounded PvM playerbase.

Why should we support your clan?:

Unique Clan is made up of Staff Members and community players. We enjoy playing and look forward to accepting more members into our clan to have fun with and chat!

Do you meet the requirements to create a clan and the 50Q cash?:


Do you agree with us disbanding the clan if it breaks the rules or not meeting the requirements?:


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