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Update - November 20

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    Update 19th November 2023
    Thanksgiving Event
    This year we have decided to release our FIRST EVER Thanksgiving event! To begin this event, simply click on the Thanksgiving Shrine located at home to teleport to a hidden cave to kill Warped Turkeys. Each turkey killed will provide you with 1 Raw Turkey (VIP 4&5 will receive 2 per turkey killed), which you will then cook to use as points in the Thanksgiving Shop! This shop has a cosmetic Chicken Suit, as well as our FIRST EVER FREE Seasonal Weapon called “Thanksgiving Smacker”. This weapon will match the other seasonal weapons (Halloween/Christmas Scythes and Easter Mace) in terms of stats and bonuses; 30K Strength, 10DR/DDR 2 Splats per hit and MAX speed resulting in 12 hits per second. This weapon can also be upgraded through ::invent requiring two Thanksgiving Smacker’ along with the Chicken Suit to create the “Thanksgiving Smacker (i)” which has an extra splat per hit resulting in a whopping 18 hits per second! (Matching the Christmas Scythe (i), which was a $400+ item last year, all in hopes of helping our new players reach Mid Game for simply participating and playing)
  2. [1:19 AM]
    Omni Scythe & Toxic Halberd
    While adding the new Thanksgiving weapons, we decided that we should also add 2 new upgraded variants to the current seasonal weaponry since the Candy Cane Scythe already has one as well. Players can now upgrade 2x Easter Carrot Mace’ along with a full Easter Egg set to create an Easter Carrot Mace (i), as well as 2x Halloween Scythe’ along with a full Halloween Wyrm set to create a Halloween Scythe (i). Now you may be wondering, “Now Jinx, why in the heck would I invest all this time and energy into making all these new (i) weapons when I already have something substantially better!?” If this sentence fits your train of thought perfectly while reading this, then hold my beer because you can combine all four of these seasonal imbued weapons to create the all new and mighty “Omni Scythe”, officially the NEW BEST IN SLOT, which matches the stats and splats of an Ice Dragon Halberd but with the Speed of a Masamune, officially making it the current best in slot melee weapon! However, the Omni Scythe’s reigh as the #1 weapon will be short lived because those who do create this awesome weapon, and also happen to have an Ice Dragon Halberd can take it one step further to invent the brand new “Toxic Halberd”! This will officially be the absolute BIS melee weapon.The stats on this weapon will remain the same in all fields just like every other max hit weapon in the game; however, the perks that come alongside these stats are phenomenal!
  3. [1:19 AM]
    • 999k stats (BIS)
    • 80 DR/DDR (BIS)
    • 5x5 AOE (BIS MELEE)
    • Infinite Rage when paired with Masamune OH (Your rage bar will not deplete, basically giving you a permanent 2.2x Damage Boost at Divine Rank, 2x at Exec, and 1.8x at Sponsor)
    QOL / Bug Fixes
    • Players can no longer cancel their Zulrah tasks to infinitely farm Zulrah
    • Ninja Implings no longer give Dragon Glass
    • Slightly buffed melee AOE damage
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