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Update - March 07

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VIP Season 2

Apologies for the delay, life sucks 😂

Here’s everything you need to know for Season 2.

- Everyone’s VIP status has been reset to 0 as per every new season, your seasonal gear can now only be used if you possess the correct VIP rank to do so.
- Admins will be able to go through all donations from February 10th > March 6th to manually return players VIP points from donations that would have already counted towards this season.
- F2P VIP Scrolls from Season 1 are now claimable if you are below that scrolls rank ie; You cannot claim a VIP 2 scroll if you are VIP 2,3,4,5 already.
- VIP zones will now remove you if you’re not that VIP rank so players won’t be able to access zones they’re not supposed to.
- VIP 5 will now drop St. Patty boxes as the current seasonal item.
- F2P VIP 1&2 zones now accept both “$1 Scrolls” & “VIP Scrolls” as payment.
- VIP 3 & 4 daily points have been increased from 100 > 115 to allow players to still be able to complete their 9000 points by the end of season.
- VIP Season 2 will end on the 27th of May with no ifs, no butts, no coconuts.

https://bethlehem317.fandom.com/wiki/VIP_System Here you can read more about vip system

QOL/Bug Fixes
- Clover/Golden Clover rates have been slightly tweaked to be easier to collect.
- Evolution Stones will now drop from Pokemon Raids on average 37.4% more often.
- Admins can now deposit stacked items into ::dropparty with a single click
- Removing bookcases from Player Owned Houses no longer triggers Christmas Quest dialogue

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