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Update - July 28

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Update July 27th, 2022

Cloud Upgrades:
As promised we are releasing the upgraded versions of the Cloud Set through ::upgrade.
1. The first of two sets has an increase in stats making them 55K per piece, totalling at 275K for the set. Each piece requires 1,000 Titan Fragments to upgrade and is a 100% chance.


2. The second and final set has its stats increased to 80K per piece, totalling at 400K for the set as well as a new 2.7x damage multiplier, and an extra 10DR! Each piece requires 200 Elite Titan Fragments as well as each piece requiring its Elite Void equivalent and is a 100% chance.
Cloud’s Head (i) - Elite Void Melee Helm, Elite Void Ranger Helm, Elite Void Mage Helm
Cloud’s Body (i) - Elite Void Knight Top
Cloud’s Pants (i) - Elite Void Knight Robe
Cloud’s Gloves (i) - Elite Void Gloves
Cloud’s Boots (i) - Elite Void Boots (NEW!)


3. Elite Void Boots can be purchased for 2000 commendations from Pest Control and require no upgrade to use. These are purely cosmetic and serve no purpose other than upgrading Cloud Boots; they are NOT required to gain the void effect nor will they count as a required piece for the boost.

4. The previous requirement we added where the player needed to have Elite Void equipped to enter the Final Fantasy Raid has been changed to allow the player to do this after “unlocking” the full Elite Void set. To do this all you need to do is equip any of the three helmets along with the top, bottom & gloves (yes you need all four pieces for this to unlock). After doing so, you can freely continue raiding in your BIS gear!


Raids are now 30s to start (before 50s)

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