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Update - July 17

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Update July 16th, 2022

Hello everyone! It's been a while since we've been able to do this, and so today we're here to give you a run about what is coming to Bethlehem! This is what is planned, and what will be released. 

First of all, before we go into what is coming along, we would like to welcome @ Jinxstalock on as a full-time developer! We as a community would like to give him a massive and the warmest of welcomes. He's been working hard in the background, and is going to continue to work for us with all the dedication he can bring.
Today’s update will be focused on much-needed mid-game revamps!

New Madara’s Fan (i) Revamp:
We have given Madara's Fan (I) a damage boost! We decided that the mid-tier progression for the game just needed that little bit of extra juice splashed its way!
2 x Previous Damage, totaling 10K Damage per splat
Madara’s Fan (i) now has 12K Magic Accuracy Stats as opposed to the old 7000
Madara’s Blood Fan also has been given 15k Magic Accuracy

Sponsor Cape Stat Boost:
Sponsor cape stat boost! Now this cape will be more powerful, making it more useful for those whom obtain this rank! We know the jump between this and the executive cape was a bit much, and so to balance things out a bit more, it's time to make that difference a little smaller
New Stats: 150K Stats for all bonuses (Old Stats: 50K stats for all bonuses)

Cloud Armour is now 20x easier to obtain and Upgradeable!
Final Fantasy Raid now requires full E-Void (any combat helmet) to access
Players are guaranteed a random Cloud Piece drop on their first run!
Pieces afterward are 1 in 50
Stats of Cloud Pieces are now 30K stats for all bonuses
Coming Next Update: Cloud Armour can be upgraded to 80K per piece in its final form, totaling 400K stats, allowing players to progress smoothly through mid-game
If you had Cloud Armour before this update, you can speak to an admin to have it exchanged for $80 Store Credit per piece

Quality of Life:
We will continue to have boosted Raid chances until the end of July
Spelling Fixed

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