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Update - July 15

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Update June 14, 2022

Voting Revamped!
1. You can now get 10 points per full vote, giving you 2 vote scrolls 
2. Limited Time: 2K21 Boxes can be purchased for 100 points each
3. Limited Time: Buster Sword is now available for 250 points (voting everyday for a month)


Divine Zone is now Closed! Summer is now Open!
1. Summer Boxes are also 30% off for the first month of June!
2. Here is the recap of summer boxes: https://forums.bethlehem317.com/topic/517/
3. New Summer Global Boss coming in July! Optimus is back in the meantime while we remove King Harry
4. The Bong will be switched out of the Summer Box in July permanently for an overlock Weapon and first AOE Range Weapon!

Quality of Life:
1. Third Year (i) now collect $1 Scrolls
2. Wish's Custom Halberd AOE and DDR are now fixed
3. Titan Respawn Timers for Titans in Instances have been further reduced by 30%
4. Amaterasu Scrolls have been added back to Wyrm Chests, Anniversary Chests have been taken out

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