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Update - May 10

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Get Ready for Our THIRD YEAR ANNIVERSARY on May 17th!
1. We're opening up Divine Zone to all for a week to try out!
2. Please don't crash or we might have to end the event early
3. We will be releasing a revamped Anniversary Box and Boss on the 12th
4. Tons of Giveaways and Events, stay tuned

Easter Coming to an End
1. Easter Bunny is now removed, those who have the Easter Basket can continue to farm it!
2. Congratulations to our 4 winners for our Easter Event again, your extra stats and renames have been implemented
3. Easter Boxes will be in Store for one more day

Battle Pass SEASON 3 (Over $400+ worth of items)
1. Some Juicy Rewards this Year! (Checkout Full Rewards Here: https://imgur.com/a/vEFnXul)
2. 10% OFF for the first week! 


Quality of Life Updates:
1. Phoenix now Drops 3 Feathers and Divine drops 5
2. Bong (i) no longer says null when combined
3. Control + H takes you home
4. Pet Yoda now gives +10% Magic Damage properly
5. Untradeable Dragon Balls are now combinable 

Upon popular request we have added the following to the store:
1. Eternal Dragon Slayer Set - $150
2. Joker Set - $350

We're currently working on reskinning the Shop as well! 

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