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Update - April 12

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The Easter Bunny is Back!
1. This year, the Easter Bunny will drop Easter Eggs directly!
2. Combine the Empty Basket with 4 Eggs to have access to the event boss all year round to farm eggs
3. Easter Bunny has also been added to Collection Logs
4. Easter Eggs now give +2DR/DDR instead of +1DR/DDR, permanently up to 10 eggs
5. Leprechaun Boxes have been removed and Easter Boxes have been added at: https://bethlehem317.com/store

Recap on Carrot Mace, Easter Box, Valerian/Easter Ring from years Prior:
2020: https://forums.bethlehem317.com/topic/500/
2021: https://forums.bethlehem317.com/topic/610/

NEW Easter Egg (i):
1. Combine 3 Easter Eggs to get an Easter Egg (i) at ::Invent
2. Each Egg gives +5DR/DDR permanently! (Can only consume one of each, 4 in total)

Special Easter Mask Contest
1. This year we have added 4 special Easter Bunny Masks
2. Each will have the same stats as an Anniversary Mask (i) (Best in Slot mask)
3. One of each will be given out according to these Rules Below:
4. Green Bunny Mask - First to consume all 4 Easter Egg (i)
5. Blue Bunny Mask - First to complete their Easter Bunny Collection Log
6. Gold Bunny Mask - First to complete their Easter Box Log
7. Red Bunny Mask - First place in our Live Stream Staff Event on Easter Monday (Must be subscribed to our Youtube Channel)
8. The winners of these 4 masks can choose ONE additional upgrade of +5DR/DDR or +300K Stats (a Free Item Rename will be included)
9. At the end of the month, we will be allowing players to trade in Easter Box dupes for a White Bunny Mask (same stats as Anniversary Mask (i) but no addons)unknown.png.1e0364967f52ddf8f8ef2d895078fa9b.png

Quality of Life:
1. Control + T now opens up Teleport
2. Untradeable DragonBalls are also stackable
3. Wyrm Chest Unique drops now include: 50 x Easter Box, 10 x 2K21, Sponsor Scroll, and 150 x $1 Scrolls 

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