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Update - April 2

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1. Collection Logs should now be perfect, if you still find bugs, please let admins know asap, and record kills/drops, they will count towards the contest.
2. We have added to the Logs: Leprechaun, Optimus, Pinata, Nex, and Wildy Wyrm
3. Ancient Cape now gives a visible +5% boost to WildyWyrm chest
4. Dbone Corp is now multi
5. Gundam Gauntlet and Boots due to popular request have had their upgrade chance lowered to 1 in 5 (Originally 1 in 15)
6. Ironman specific contest is now available in 🏆collection-log-contest on discord
7. Rewards for completing Minigame Collection Log have been boosted to include an additional Custom Aura ($1500 Value) and Custom Cape ($1500)

Bugs Fixed for Collection Logs:
- Titan Cash Drop not Working
- Dbone Arcane Shield not Recording
- Icy Vorago not counting
- Glacor drops not counting
- Zulrah drops not counting
- Starwars/Ironman Chest/Summer Boxes not counting when opening all
- Certain boxes not showing or showing something wrong
- Sayan not counting
- Creator not counting

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