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Update - March 7

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headerbethlehemupdate.png.078ae4c9a1c037db3f3f7619094de196.pngk's St.Patric Event is BACK!
1. ::StPatty to teleport to the Global Boss Event
2. Defeat the Wild Leprechaun to get FREE St.Patrick Boxes!

St.Patrick Box:
1. St. Patrick's Day Box is now in https://www.bethlehem317.com/store/
2. Leprechaun Pet (Luckiest Pet in the game! +80DR/DDR on Weekends, and +40DR/DDR on Weekdays)
3. Golden 4-Leaf Clover (Each clover in your inventory gives you +1DR/DDR)
4. Leprechaun Set: Gives +15DR/DDR per piece on Weekends - New Best in Slot! (for those who have Custom DR, it will automatically be added)


1. Twirly Swirly: Fill the Lucky Glass with a DR Potion to create a Twirly Swirly (Gives +20DR/DDR for 30 Minutes) - Costs 10 Points
2. Charm Bag: Holds an inventory of Charms! - Costs 5 Points 
3. Trade in System: Pet = 2 points, Any Leprechaun Piece = 1 Point - Talk to an @Administrator to trade-in
4. Trade-Ins Start on St.Patrick's Day: March 17

Coming Next Week: Collector's Log and Achievements Diary! Please message me if you feel like you have good ideas for the Achievement Diaries! 

Huge Shoutout to Jinxstalock for helping code the Collector's Log and Charm's Bag!

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