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Update - February 1

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Update February 1, 2022:

New Wildy Wyrm Chest:
- 100 x $1 Scrolls, 10 x 2K21 Boxes, and an EXEC Rank Scroll are now available as top prizes!

Christmas Shield (i): 
- 2.5X Magic Multiplier, 3K Magic Accuracy, and 10DR/DDR (Best Mage Offhand hands down!)

Imbued Version of Hade's Gloves:
- 300K Stats and +10DR/20DDR
- Beating wyrm gloves, and only behind Top Donator Aura for Best-in-Slot

Dragon Bone Corp now drops Elite Titan Shards

Quality of Life for New Players:
- Portal Contest is now 30% easier 
- Blood Wolf Saga is now 80% easier 
- E-Void now in ::invent

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