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Update - December 19

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Merry Christmas! Update December 19, 2021:

Christmas Event:
1. A PvP event has been highly requested in past years, so this year we are placing the Grinch Set, Jester Scarf, and 50 x Christmas Box as a prize in the Wyrm Chest!
2. Fat Santa Pet, Candy Cane Scythe, and the Santa Hats are in the Christmas Box, which you can get for free through the ::Xmas event or through the Donator Store. (Guide: https://forums.bethlehem317.com/topic/593/
3. All duplicates can be traded in at the end of the Christmas Event, and this year we will be releasing an Upgraded Candy Cane Scythe as one of the items up for trade-in!
4. The Grinch Set gives +5% Box Opening chance, the only set of its kind to give a boost in receiving a rare from any box in-game (tokens etc are included), it also gives a chance to obtain a Christmas Box while skilling with the set equipped (approximately one every hour or so of active skilling).


Christmas Box (Available through the Event and through the Donator Store for a Month):
1. Candy Cane | 30K STR, 10% DR, 10% DDR, Fastest Speed.
2. Fat Santa Pet | 40% DR, 40% DDR, 30% DMG Increase, Freeze 1 sec every 5 hits
3. Combine all Santa Hats with Collectors (i) to make a Jester Scarf (Highest DR for the Slot, BIS)


Joker and Elite Titans Released!
1. Joker Set gives 15% extra Drop Chance at Raids, and is stackable with Sora Set using Locked Stats, and stacks with Friday Raid Bonus
2. Gives 1 Elite Titan Shard, which will be used to purchase normal Titan Instances such as Gundam, Sasuke, etc.
3. Elite Store will be released this Wednesday!

NEW Best-In-Slot Akatsuki Robes Upgrade:
1. We are allowing Akatsuki Robes to be upgraded with Arcane Essence, giving up to +9 on top of their current stats to give +20DR/DDR per piece, which will make them the Best-in-Slot.
2. Upgrade your Wyrm Pieces at the Upgrade Machine into Arcane Essence (100% success) 



HUGE Quality of Life Change:
1. Void is now an 100% upgrade chance, just bring 3 pieces to Upgrade Machine
2. Void Points received have been boosted due to popular demand: Donator 25, Super 30, Extreme 35, Sponsor 40, Exec 60, Divine 65
3. 7-Day Rewards, 30 Days Rewards, Daily Tasks, Donation Extras, and Weekly Boss Contest have all been Boosted!
4. Upgrade Machine now tells you the Upgrade Chance directly.
5. You can also upgrade partial pieces such as Leg Piece (1) into Arcane Essence at 1/6 success rate (If you have full upgrade boost gear, it should work out to slightly better as combining the pieces into Wyrm Legs then turning into Arcane Essence)







New Clan to Join Bethlehem - "The Eco":
1. Message Holder, DropShot, or The Eco in-game to apply.
2. 💀clans As a recap of benefits in discord

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