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​🎃​Halloween Update! - October 17​ 👻 ​

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1. ::well will allow you to access the well of goodwill anywhere (::wyrm and ::globalboss also work)
2. Wildy Wyrm will now drop 6 keys for anyone who does over 50% damage, and 4 keys for anyone who does over 10% damage, and 2 keys for everyone else
3. Keys now give 10T cash each, and we have lowered the amount required to start the event to 1 Quad 
4. We have added the Amaterasu Scroll and Battle Pass to the potential drops 
5. Keys are also available in the Donator Store for 20 cents each (It takes about 100 keys to hit the Drop Table) https://bethlehem317.com/store

🎃🎃Happy Halloween!👻👻

1. The Halloween Boxes along with the beloved Halloween Wyrm Set will be Returning from now until November 17th. They give +10DR/DDR per piece and is considered the best Drop Rate Armor in game

2. Halloween Scythe: Fastest Weapon in the Game (+10DR/DDR and 30K Strength)
3. Killer Chucky Pet: +40DR/DDR and gives +50% Damage on all Styles (Best Damage Boosting Pet in Game)

Halloween Event (Type ::Halloween to get there)
1. Kill Freddy Krueger, Micheal Myers, and Jason to get event keys. Use all three Event Keys on the Halloween Chest to get a chance at the Halloween Box and other prizes
2. This year we have lowered the difficulty of obtaining keys by 5 times, and also the difficulty of obtaining Halloween Boxes
3. This year we have also added the Skeleton Set to the potential prizes, Good Luck everyone!

Cosmetic Store:

1. We've added a Halloween Special to our Cosmetic Store at Thessalia

Bug Fixes:
1. Madara should be fixed for cash drops and tasks


-Halloween Cape will be trade-able for items you get from the Halloween Box 
-Hade's Gloves 
-Hade's Cape


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