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I'd like to create a forum for what the actual active player base would like to see changed/improved/considered for the continuation of the server and player population. Eventually whatever is posted here I'd like to see polls for so as a community we can vote for what we want and hope to see these wants implemented into the server. Please keep it clean, nothing ridiculous, or detrimental will be considered or allowed. Please post your opinions and lets have a fair open discussion, thank you all! examples below will show my ideal of how we should pose our requests, starting what you'd like to see, why is should be implemented, and why you think it's a good idea/will benefit the server.

EDIT - EXMP 1) I would like to see drop chances improved considerably until we get a big enough player base that these drop chances would threaten the economy. As it stands most bis is donor items or incredibly long grinds worth of upgrade/invention and i've seen many item on the POS go unsold because players either can't afford or don't want to chance losing something to the upgrade system. With better drop rates we lose partially the fear of failure for the success or improving ourselves, and helping others gain a foothold to work from in the server. 

EXMP 2) i would like a better way to farm bills in game to allow me to purchase items from the POS. I struggle to make money and then have to depend on rng in everything to make any progression. I would like a way to make money actively that is more profitable to farm afk tree. This can be from significantly increased bills box chances or improving the Q box chances from titans. This will allow early and mid level players to progress into the end game grind. This will improve player morale, help increase the confidence of progression, and boost the player base into where they should actually feel like a slow hard earned progression belongs. 

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