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Update - May 16!

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2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY: Anniversary Chest (::Anniversary)

1. Chest gives $1 Scroll as Common Drop, Anniversary Masks as Rare Drop, and Prosperity Prayer Scroll as Legendary Drop

2. Masks give 10% Double Drop Rate for Box Openings, and 15% DR/DDR

3. Can Upgrade Masks into Imbued Versions (35% Drop Rate/Double Drop Rate - Highest in the Game)

4. Can be purchased in the Donator Store for $1: https://bethlehem317.com/store

Custom Prayer - Prosperity:

1. Gives +2% Drop Rate for every Scroll Consumed while active

2. Available as a Legendary Drop in the Marvel Raids, in the 2K20 Legendary Store, and as a Legendary Loot from the Anniversary Chets

Veteran Rank:

1. For all players that have over 365 days since they joined, will receive a Veteran’s Rank

2. ::VeteranOn ::VeteranOff to turn your Veteran Icon On and Off

3. Receive 5% Drop Rate Permanently

4. If you joined before July (which is when we started tracking join date), message an admin with proof of join date and they will manually set your Veteran Rank (::giveVeteran (Username))

Player of the Year:

1. If there is a player/staff that you feel that have contributed significantly to your Bethlehem experience, please PM me, as we want to know! Will be preparing a little special something!

Will be releasing a new Cosmetic mid week for our anniversary! We will also be releasing a trade-in store for extra masks and prosperity scrolls this coming weekend!

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