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​ 🥦 ​Update - April 20th​ 🥦 ​

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Happy 420!

(Type ::420 to access the Zone)

420 Box:     unknown.png
1. Rasta Set (5 piece set that gives +3% Upgrade Chance per Piece, a lot more common than Sora, hopefully new players can benefit from it when going for EVoid)
2. Weed Chain (+3% Upgrade Chance, Best-in-Slot for Upgrades, should benefit veteran Players)
3. Weed Cape (+3% Upgrade Chance, Best-in-Slot for Upgrades, should benefit veteran Players)
4. Weed Cape can be Trimmed at the Rasta Man into Golden Weed Cape and Cyan Weed Cape (+4% Upgrade Chance)
5. We have included the Bong! (Gives 1.1x your total Drop Rate). If you already have the Bong, put it in your inventory, and it will prevent dupes. We will be releasing an updated Summer Box come June.

Weed Plantation:     unknown.png
1. Water the Weed Plantation to obtain Weed Leaves (AFK friendly)unknown.png
2. Use the Weed Leaves at the Rasta Store

Rasta Store:unknown.png
1. Sells 420 GodSword, 420 Spirit Shield, 420 Whip (Will be used for PKing Revamp this Summer), Rasta Set, and the Golden Weed Aura 
2. Sells 99 Farming Skill Scroll (This is for those who despise farming in the traditional sense)
4. You can trade in your extra items from the 420 box at the plantation for Weed Leaves

Cosmetic Store:
1. We have added a special 420 themed cape to the cosmetic store. The Beats Headphones will leave the Cosmetic store in May.

Bugs and Suggestions:
-Fire Talisman can no longer take you to Game of Thrones
-Beats Headphones and Trusted Dicer Cape now go in the right slots
-Added 4 Dragon Impling spawns spread across the Extreme Zone
-Included Tips in Login Text (Please leave Suggestions)
-Sora Set is now Untradeable (you can still obtain it at the Treasure Island, for those with extra sets, we will be coming out with a trade-in system).

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