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Update - April 5th!

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Update April 5th:

Easter Event is Back!
-Checkout Full Details Here: https://forums.bethlehem317.com/topic/500/

NEW Easter Basket for 2021!  image.png.2ade7ebb390f460470f4ac22cb269f99.png
- Fill the basket with the 4 Easter Eggs to teleport to a field of bunnies that drop Easter Boxes at anytime!
- Hop Emote 

Upgrade your Easter Ring to a Valerian Ring!  image.png.035c274fdd21735ba043ab253832892c.png
-Best-in-Slot Ring! (+40DR/DDR) 
-Only Ring Slot allowed in Game of Thrones 2 and 3
-Use ::invent to combine

Valerian Steel Bars and Lava Forge  image.png.3d24305600c6c73aef5e0da46bc9ff71.png
-Smith at the Lava Forge in Wilderness Resource Area
-Right click on the Forge to upgrade Dragon Slayer (i) 
-Requires Icy Maul of Omens to Smelt and Smith (Bars are Tradeable)

Cosmetic Store:
- Grab a Pair of Beats Headphones at the Cosmetic Store at Thessalia!

NPC Classification:
- Graador and Zilyana are now classified as Humanoid (Life Jewel)
- K'ril is classified as Inferno (Inferno Jewel)
- Khal is classified under Inferno and Humanoid

Bugs and Suggestions:
- Dragon Glass no longer drops from Tzharr
- Eternal Dragon Pet and Madara Pet now works properly with Locked Stats
- Madara Pet and Eternal Companion added to Drop Announcement
- Duo-Slayer Fixed
-Veteran Prayer Drain and Tab Reply

St. Patrick's Global Boss has been removed. The box will stay in the store for 2 more days until April 7. Please message an admin during these 2 days to trade in peices for a Twirly Swirly.

Thank you @5x for his Fiver Blade Custom Dono. Feel free to PM me for Custom Inquiries.

 Small Follow Up Update:
1. It takes approximately 10 Kills of Eternal Dragon + 10 Kills of Khal America to get the materials required for 1 x Valerian Steel Bar
2. 100 Bars Required for Valerian Steel Ring (Gives +40DR/DDR everywhere including GoT)
3. 35 Bars required for the entire set of Dragon Slayer (i) 
4. Dragon Slayer (i) now gives +25DR per set, giving one extra roll!
5. Just a reminder: Icy Maul of Omens are tradeable.(edited)

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