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Update - March 10!

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New Update !

Props to our Wiki Team for creating a comprehensive Items List:

1. Use ::search (keyword) to lookup any item!

2. If there is anything not included, please contact @Pupplayuk!

Game of Thrones 2 Improvements

1. Players will now have their HP and Equipment Bonus reset after entering

2. Companions can no longer be brought in

3. A regular Collector's Necklace can now be worn

4. Dragon Slayer's Set has been added to the Lord Commander's Store

Dragon Slayer's Set:

1. Gives enough damage and defense to solo GoT2 with Soul Split (Make sure to Pot)

Thermy Boss and Ironman Chest!

1. 1 in 20 Chance of getting an Ironman Chest Key from the Thermy Boss

2. Get essential supplies and a chance for a Collector's Necklace and Collector's Necklace (i)!

3. New Thermy Pet ! (Perks will be added Next Week, post your suggestions in the #💡suggestions channel)


1. Turmoil+ now gives a strict 1.23x Multiplier to both Ranged and Magic Damage

2. Check using ::MaxHit

3. Bury 1000 Eternal Bones from Game of Thrones 2 to activate

Player's Crate and Summer Boxes will be removed from the store this Sunday. Player's Crate will come back after St.Patrick's with New Items!

Made Untradeable:

Owner's GoodieBag Tradeable

Tifa (i) Tradeable

St.Patrick's Event:unknown.png

1. ::StPatty to teleport to the Global Boss Event

2. Defeat the Wild Leprechaun to get FREE St.Patrick Boxes!

St.Patrick Box:unknown.png

1. St. Patrick's Day Box is now in https://www.bethlehem317.com/store/

2. Leprechaun Pet (Luckiest Pet in the game! +80DR/DDR on Weekends, and +40DR/DDR on Weekdays)

3. Golden 4-Leaf Clover (Each clover in your inventory gives you +1DR/DDR) 4. Always get a $1 Donator Scroll if you don't get the above prizes

Newly Added for This Year:

1. Leprechaun Set: Gives +15DR/DDR per piece on Weekends - New Best in Slot! (for those who have Custom DR, it will automatically be added)

Side Box Rewards Updated!unknown.png unknown.png            unknown.png

1. You can now get different 30 Minute Rewards depending on your Rank.

2. Sponsor Benefits (Please Refer To Image)

3. Executive Benefits (Please Refer to Image)

4. Divine Benefits (Please Refer to Image)

Thermonuclear Skilling Pet!

1. Gives an extra 20% EXP when summoned

Wiki Cape and Aura:unknown.png

1. Wiki Cape will be given to all those who have actively worked on our Wiki for over 100 Days (Equivalent to an Executive Cape)

2. Wiki Aura will be given to those who have actively contributed to our Wiki for over 250 Days (Equivalent to a Top Donator Aura i)

3. PM @Yammer(5) or @Hsmitty / A A if you're interested in Becoming Staff!

Bug Fixes:

1. Eternal Dragon Pet now gives +100DR/DDR only for Fire and Ice NPCS

2. We have decided to Remove Cores from Dragonbone Corp for now, to allow players to farm it

3. Bloodlust System Fixed (Every 5 Blood Lust Levels will increase BloodLust Blade and BloodLust Talis's DR and Strength, can use any Blood Lust Piece as sacrifice)

Easter will come Back April 5th. Optimus will come back April 15th along with a revamped Player's Crate. 420 Event will come out April 20th. Summer Boxes and Event will come back June 1st.

Raid Chests will be available this Weekend.

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