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Game of Thrones minigame

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===How to start Game of Thrones ===

Unlike most mini games this one is located under your titans teleports.


Simply click on Titans and select Game of Thrones part 1, then click teleport

Winter is coming .........
 When you teleport to the minigame talk to the 615th Lord Commander and he we tell you to protect the wall.


From then on its simple just kill the White Walkers they are all level 200 and can hit quite high (99 is possible).


Keep killing these untill you have an impressive 9999 Nights Watch Points (if you are lucky enough to have had an Icy Salve Amulet drop from Icy Vorago (1/10k) wear it as you will get double points for each kill) . Once you have the required points talk to the 615th Lord commander again and buy the long claw from him.


You will need this weapon for Game of Thrones part 2

Game of Thrones part 2

You know nothing John Snow
Coming soon

                                                May Zaros smile on you all favorably


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