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[Official] Money Making Guide - Mid Tier Players

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Rune Armour (Regular Donator Zone Teleport)

Requirements: Level 95 Thieving

Money per hour: 10000k Bil Tickets

Located in the Regular Donator Zone; Adamant boots are really in demand for Golden Spade from ::invent. You will need a lot of thing to make it, but 1000 Adamant boots are really in demand. You can sell them in the Player Owned Store



Glacors (Minigame Teleport)

Requirements: 15k ::maxhit

Money per hour: 10000k Bil Tickets

Glacors are really a good way to make money. $1 Scrolls are high in demand. $1 Scrolls are a 1/400 drop and in an hour or so, you can get around twenty $1 Scrolls. They sell for around 400-600k.


Undead Cerberus (Minigame Teleport)

Requirements: 15k ::maxhit

Money per hour: ~ 15000k Bil Tickets

Undead Cerberus has 1/4k drops rate for Primordial/Eternal/Pegasian Crystal which is a requirement to invent boots (i) and eventually Hades boots. The Primordial Crystal is the best drop you can receive from Cerberus. Its price is around 10-20q. Other crystals go for 5q-10q


Phoenix (Boss Teleport)

Requirements: 15k ::maxhit

Money per hour: ~ 2000k Bil Tickets

Phoenix Feathers are also in demand and they are quite easy to kill. 5k Phoenix Feathers will be necessary to invent the Volcanic Dragon Hammer. 1 Phoenix Feather goes for 5-7k. You are able to receive around 240 Phoenix Feathers an hour.


Treasure island (Minigame Teleport)

RequirementsMadara's Fan (i) (Blackbeard set recommended) (5k ::maxhit)

Money per hour:  3000k Bil Tickets

Its a Minigame you can see it on Minigame Teleport.
You're unable to use soulsplit there. You will need to bring food or you can buy the Blackbeard set. This will allow you to not take damage at all Undead NPC's/Bosses/Titans; This also includes Treasure Island Zombies
For this Money Making Method you will need a Blackbeard Set.
The set costs 27.5k Zombie Fragments.  You are also able to buy the full set from other players.
The Minigame is simple: there are 5 rounds. Every round contains 5 waves.
When you are on round 5; a new wave will start and when you complete 5 sets of 5 waves, you will be done. When you complete the Minigame; you will receive 1025 Zombie Fragments.
If you have the Icy Salve Amulet; you will receive an extra 500 Zombies Fragments when the Minigame is done.



Dragonix (Boss Teleport)

Requirements: 15k ::maxhit (Elite Void, Dark lords bow, Dark Departure Set)

Money per hour: ~3000k Bil Tickets

Dragonix is a decent Money maker. DragonRage Bow is a really good bow for New-Mid tier Players. Dragonix also drops a lot of Monster Fragments as well as Clue Scrolls. DragonRage Bow goes for around 1q in the Player Owned Store and Clue Scrolls go for around 5k each



Thanks to Kopo10 and Kostaskzk for helping with the guide







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