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[Official] Money Making Guide - New Players

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Scimitar Stall (Regular Donator Zone Teleport)

Requirement: Level 85 Thieving

Money per Hour 24k B Tickets

Located in Thieving skill, it takes 1 minute to fill your inventory with scimitars and full inventory will get you 405 B tickets in. In 1 hour you will make around 24k B Tickets



Wilderness Course

Requirement: Level 55 Agility

Money per hour = 7000k Bil Tickets. You can sell them in the Player Owned Store

In 30 seconds you can complete 1 run. This will yield 6 tickets. In 1 hour you can get around 720 tickets. 2000 tickets are a requirement for Golden Spade to make it in ::invent.




AFK Tree (::AFK Teleport)

Requirements: Any Axe (no level required but 99 woodcutting is recommended

Money per Hour: 100k

The AFK tree is easy passive money because you're able to leave your account logged in over night and make money while sleeping. The best method to do this is to get 99 Woodcutting and purchase a Balmung Axe from the ::AFK Store or Woodcutting Skill Icon. With it you will get around 100k/hour




Optimus Prime (::Optimus)

Requirements: Soul Split

Money per hour: 100k (not including getting a player crate drop)

Spawns every 30 minutes. It has a 1/6 chance to drop Player Crate's and every participation, you will receive 20k-50k b tickets.




Thanks to Kopo10 and Kostaskzk for helping writing the guide

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