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​🎃​October 11th - Update!​🎃​

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🎃Happy Halloween!🎃


1. The Halloween Boxes along with the beloved Halloween Wyrm Set will be Returning from now until November 11th. They give +10DR/DDR per piece and is considered the best Drop Rate Armor in game
2. In addition to the Wyrm Set, we have added a Halloween Scythe and Killer Chucky Pet to this years assembly of prizes obtainble through the Halloween Box
3. Halloween Scythe: Fastest Weapon in the Game (+10DR/DDR and 30K Strength)
4. Killer Chucky Pet: +40DR/DDR and gives +50% Damage on all Styles (Best Damage Boosting Pet in Game)unknown.png

Halloween Event:    unknown.png         unknown.png            unknown.png
1. Kill all three NPCS Freddy Kreuger, Michael Myers, and Jason to get an event key. Use the Event Key on the Halloween Chest to get a chance at the Halloween Box and other prizes
2. This year we have lowered the difficulty of obtaining keys by 5 times, and also the difficulty of obtaining Halloween Boxes. Good Luck everyone!
3. If you have the Halloween Cape, you can teleport back to the event any time of the year, even after the event ends. Halloween Cape is now unobtainable.

Market Price Guide:
1. We've been working hard on refining Bethlehem317.com/market
2.  It should start recording every single trade/POS transaction from now on
3. You can search for an item, and it will show you roughly the price it has been trading for in the past week to a month
4. This should be much more accurate than any price guide the staff team can come up with

Ice Dragon Halberd:
1. Ice Dragon Halberds are now fixed and working 
2. +50DR/DDR
3. Untradeable as with all Max Stat weapons, if you had traded it before, we're going to let it be

Bug Fixes:
1. Redid Spell Book Teleport Order to match the Teleport Interface

Suggestions Implemented:
1. Boosted Sponsor Cape to 50K stats to make it more worth it, and make mid-game a smoother transition

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