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September 12th - Update

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Bethlehem Event:
1. Summer is Over and we're removing our Anniversary Boss, in between Seasons, we will have Bethlehem Global Boss Events which will drop Player Crates. 

Player Crate:
1. We have added much needed items such as Devil May Cry (i) and Ice Dragon Hammers, along with 1/4 Chance of getting a random Seasonal Box
2. For our ULTIMATE prize, we have added Ice Dragon Halberd!

Ice Dragon Halberd Boost:
1. We have given Ice Dragon Halberd 999K Stats
2. DR is boosted to +50DR/+50DDR to become the best Drop Rate Item in Game along with Masamune
3. The One-Handed Halberd also hits 4 times per tick at the same speed as a Range Weapon

Vote Store Revamp:
1. We have revamped the Voting System, now you can get all your Rewards through the Vote Store
2. Claim your Vote Scroll to get a Voting Point
3. We have placed the 2K20 Box in the Voting Store for 25 Voting Points!

Lucky Charm Upgrade!
1. Due to popular request, we have added the ability to upgrade lucky charms to Tier 3
2. Tier 2 (+2DR/DDR) Tier 3 (+3DR/DDR)
3. Upgrade Chance is 1/3 
4. Because the poll passed back when the boxes were available, we have decided to add St.Patrick Box’s back to the store for 2 Weeks: https://bethlehem317.com/store

KBD Revamp and Range Damage Offhand!

1. Rewored KBD combat strategy
2. Now Drops KBD Bow Offhand 
3. KBD Offhand Bow: Same Stats as Infernal MH Offhand + 4000 Ranged, with +4DR/DDR

 (First Car Released)image.png.28cf6fc6fe34c6003afc49a6be147b15.png
1. To match the Optimus Prime Global Boss we have added a Sports Car to the Player’s Crate
2. Drive around in it while Gambling/Merching
3. Will add Special Effects in the near future

Ice Dragon Halberd
1. Since a Halberd is a long-range Weapon, we have added a 5 x 5 AOE effect to it, should be very effective in places like Treasure Island and Highscore Portals
2. Gives +50DR/DDR, Max Stats, and Second Highest Speed in Game
3. Obtainable Through Player’s Crate

Quality of Life
1. Upgraded First 7 Day Rewards 
2. Adjusted the NPCs for  30 Day Rewards 
3. Upgraded Rewards for 30 Day Rewards.

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