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August 22nd - Update!

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Summer Coming to an End!
1. Bong is Officially Out! +10% DR. Equip Bong, and right click to Operate, works like a potion.
2. Bong is still obtainable in the Summer Boxes! They will be removed from the store at the end of month, along with the Anniversary Boss and Anniversary Chest on September 1st.

Volcanic Dragon Hammer (Mid-Game Content):image.png.b9997f7874d28e71111c988c09cfe308.png
1. In order to provide more content for mid-game players, we have added Volcanic Hammers as an upgrade to Ice Dragon Hammers, can be upgraded in ::invent
2. Phoenix Feathers can be obtained at normal Phoenix (Drops 1 per kill), and at Divine Phoenix (Drops 3 per kill)
3. Primordial Crystal is obtained at Cerberus
4. Stats are 140K strength per hammer (2x compared to Icy), officially becoming the highest damaging weapon in slot apart from Glaives. (If you still have chiller or infernal sword, there will be an update coming out to revamp those as well)

DragonBone Minigun (Mid-Game Content):image.png.cd3530fe950d2bb3247c4071610a9f0f.png
1. Obtain 3 DragonBone Crystals at DragonBone Corp
2. Use it to combine the Ultimate Minigun at 50K range bonus. (11K was the highest before for a minigun)
3. Officially the best Range Weapon apart from the Rocket Launcher

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