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August 15th - Update!

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Bethlehem Warrior Points Zone Re-Opened!
1. We have added 2 Offhands for Mid Game Players, one at +5DR and one at +10DR image.png.2a8a4e61100561c4b0768e015ac212ca.pngunknown.png
2. We've also added a Bones Package and Bils Package for early game players


Unique Clan is Officially Out!
1. Get +1 DR for clan member in the clan chat
2. Hit Up Exodus or Old Nite in Game to Join Clan

Donation Points is Out!
1. All Donations from now on get an additional equal amount of Donation Points AUTOMATICALLY when using ::claim, which can be used at the Donation Points Store at Home 
2. Added items to the Donation Store, will add items in the future based on Suggestions
3. You can ask for Donation Points for Custom Donations from your Admin
4. Old Donations do not count, this is released as a Bonus for new Donations starting today forward

Bugs and Suggestions
1. Made De-Iron Message to be more clear
2. Sasuke Katana Special Properly Reduced at Global Bosses 
3. Fixed losing Arcane Scratch Cards from accidentally closing the interface
4. Added Madara and 2 Glacors to AA Zone
5. Removed Cell and Armored Zombies from Dungeoneering
6. Removed POS command from dungeoneering
7. Icy Katana is added to Vote Store directly, and is now more discounted than before

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