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Summer Update - June 1st!

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Summer Update - June 1st! (::summer)

unknown.png       image.png.4da7116905d785e612a4fe97962ae8f7.png

Fight Beach Hulk for Summer Boxes or find them for just 10 Cents ($0.10) each at https://bethlehem317.com/store

Introducing the new Summer box! image.png.3929e187709257bc8c35a8d3ac5940d4.png

Summer Box gives 3 New Skin Sets (Skins give additional stats while FashionScaping): 
- Bikini Set (Gives +1DR/DDR per piece on top of Locked Stats)
- Supreme Set (Gives +1DR/DDR per piece on top of Locked Stats)                                                                         
- Beach Set (Gives +3DR/DDR per piece on top of Locked Stats)


Summer Box gives 3 New Pets:
- Mario Sunshine Mushroom Pet 
- Mario Sunshine Star Pet
- Beach Princess Pet 


New Owner's Goodiebag! 
- A new Goodiebag given to players, and you can grab yours during Admin Deals.


New Bethlehem Season Pass!
- Donate $100 to claim over $300 in prizes! (https://bethlehem317.com/store)


New Max Stat Ranged Weapon - Rocket Launcher (Mage Weapon Coming Next Update!)
- We will only be selling 3 through the store this year. 
- Can be obtained through Admin Goodiebags as well.


1. Fixed Multiplier Bonus for Nulgath (2.5X) Saradomin Battlerobes (2.8X) , and Mystic Virtus (2.9X)
2. Kingdom Heart Chests should now be in the New Store
3. Veteran Status should now have Unlimited Prayer Drain

Suggestions Added: 

1. Suggestion 326: Block out Spam message from Santa and Easter Bunny
2. Suggestion 331: Make Donkey Kong Boxes Muted.

3. Suggestion 317: ::mraids for Marvel Raids quick teleport
4. Suggestion 314: Make pets give Upgrade Bonus like Sora Set (Beach Babe 10%, Mario Sunshine Pets 5%)

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