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April 12th - Updates

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April 12th - Game Updates

• Easter Release:
     • Easter PVM event:
           • Kill the Easter Bunny for an Easter Box. (1/5)
           • Easter Eggs:
                 • Each egg consumed will give you +1% DR/DDR permanent.
                 • A maximum of 10 eggs / +10% DR/DDR.
           • Easter Ring:
                 • Obtainable by combining all 4 different kind of Easter Eggs with a Lucky Ring of Wealth (I).
                 • +25% DR, +30% DDR.
                 • Picks up all clue scrolls, efficiency scrolls, hilt/edge shards.
           • Easter Carrot Mace:
                 • +10% DR/DDR.
                 • One of the fastest weapons in-game.
                 • Attack speed is not capped on one-hit gear.
           • Easter Bunny Pet:
                 • +40% DR/DDR.
                 • Will stun your opponent every 5 attacks.

• Weekly Boss Contest Beta:
     • Do ::weeklyboss in-game or via the player panel.
     • Kill the boss as many times as you can in a week, top 5 get rewarded!

• Other Changes:
     • N/A

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