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March 6th/14th - Updates

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March 6th/14th - Game Updates

• Icy Vorago Release:
     • Drops Ice Dragon Hammers and Icy Salve Amulet.
     • 1 Spawn in Divine Rank Zone. (Divine Rank released in the week of 16-22 March)
     • Non-Divine rank can challenge it once by sacrificing 10 Stone of Anima.
     • Icy Maul of Omens:
           • Upgraded from Maul of Omens (1/10).
           • Becomes 2-Handed but has 999k stats.
           • Will have +65% DR/DDR while charged.
           • Will consume 1 charge every 4 hits, instead of Every Hit.
           • You can turn on Frenzy Mode, to hit 4 times per turn, but it will consume charges at 4 times the rate.
           • If you have already charged your Maul of Omens, your charges will automatically transfer over
     • Icy Salve Amulet:
           • +35% DR/DDR against "Undead" ex: Madara, Shades, Cerberus, Nulgath, Vladimir and Game of Thrones Undead.
     • Icy Vorago Pet:
           • Upgraded from Vorago Pet and Ice Dragon Hammer. (1/10)
           • +30% DMG Boost.
           • +40% DR/DDR.
           • Freezes enemies every 6 ticks.
           • Spawns 1 Stone of Anima every 30 minutes.
• St. Patrick's Day Release:                                                                                             
     • St. Patrick's Day Box is now the store for $1: https://www.bethlehem317.com/store/ 
     • Leprechaun Pet:
           • +40% DR/DDR on Weekdays
           • +80% DR/DDR on Weekends
     • Golden 4-Leaf Clover:
           • Each clover in your inventory gives you +1% DR/DDR.
     • St. Patrick's Day PVM event:
           • Kill the leprechaun for a St. Patrick's Box. (1/5)
• Minecraft Changes:
     • Diamond Pickaxe:
           • Obtained from Clues. (1/10k)
     • Minecraft Helmet:
           • Obtained from Crystal Keys. (1/30k)
           • +50% DR/DDR at Vorago/Icy Vorago
• Other Changes:
     • Bloodlust Scimitar boost: When fully charged, it will give +50% DR/DDR.
     • Furious Flasks now give 127 to Range and 127 to Magic as well, instead of 124 and 106.
     • Emperor’s Dragon Slayer Sword now gives +15% DR/DDR.
     • Passive Blood Madara's Fan Special that hits for up to 100k. (10% chance to occur)
     • Godwars now waives all KC requirements for Super Donators+, and the dialogue for "losing items on death" is removed.


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