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March 3rd - Updates

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March 3rd - Game Updates

• Vorago Release:
     • Maul of Omens (0 Stats, but can be charged up to 1000 using Stone of Anima). Maul of Omens will be Single Hit since it consumes 1 charge per hit, but will have 600k Stats and 65% DR / 65% DDR.
     • Drops Vorago Pet, which spawns 1 Stone of Anima every hour while summoned.

• Minecraft Release:
     • Diamond Pickaxe (allows you to mine Stone of Anima AFK at 1 per 50 minutes), only obtainable in Donation Store, 2K20 Shop, 1/10k Clue Scrolls.
     • Minecraft Helmet (speeds up the mining rate of Stone of Anima to 1 per 25 minutes), only obtainable in Donation Store, 2K20 shops, and 1/10k Crystal Chest. Grants +50 DR when used against Vorago.
     • Stone of Anima will be accepted at Junk Store in next weeks Patch once the price stabilizes.

• 2K20 Changes:
     • 2K20 free event will end this Update as stated before, it is only for the month of February. However, it can be activated whenever we hit 20 new unique votes.
     • Will also be activated by admins during Special Events.
     • Pinata kills will take 5 minutes to kill instead of 30, and will drop 2K20 boxes instead of 1Q. Emperor Dragon Mount damage will also be reduced.

• Pleb Sword, Candy Cane, DMC girl models fixed.
• Skiadrum Task not counting fixed.
• Titan Slayer Master attackable fixed. 
• Certain things crashing the client is now fixed.
• Added Announcements for Zulrah Pets, Boxing Gloves, Blood Wolf.
• "Immortal Cape" is now untradeable.
• A bunch of others bugs that have been reported, have been fixed.
• Bloodlust Blade Boost: when fully charged, will give 200k strength.

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