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January 30th - Updates

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January 30th - Game Updates

1. BloodLust Blade:
- Bloodlust Blade added to Bloodlust Shadowlord (same Droprate as Madara’s fan) you can sacrifice any bloodlust pieces to increase your Bloodlust percentage. Each percentage will increase Bloodlust Blade and all future Bloodlust items damage output.
- Each bloodlust level increases BloodLust Blade's stats by 1 fold. (::bloodlust to check)
- Every 5 bloodlust levels will increase Droprate and Double Droprate by +1.
- When Maxed: Strength = 100k and DR/DDR = +20. (New Melee Best in Slot) 
(Ice Dragon or DMC (i) gives 70K str and 15DR/DDR and is double-handed)
2. Combine all 4 Colored Santa Hats with Collectors (i) for Jester Scarf (+25DR/DDR).
3. First Clan: Exodus
- (DR/DDR Boost = number of clan members online up capped at 10)
- ::clanroom
- ::clanmeeting
4. ::bloodlord to teleport to Blood Lust Shadowlord.
5. ::invite (username) if you are in a boss instance.
6. You can now teleport out of Wilderness above level 20 as long as you are unskilled.


1. 2K20 Droprate will be 1 in 10 instead of 1 in 20.
2. Pinata harder to kill to give more time for people to join in (all player damage will be weakened to 1%).
3. Banking fixed for all those encountering problems.
4. Agility Brawling Gloves Fixed.
5. Hades Boots Multipliers Fixed.
6. Fixed Combat Rage for Magic Damage.
7. Tweaked Magic Damage for Wilderness.
8. Saradomin Staff to Rune Hasta Bug (Refunding all players who have experienced the bug, please message me personally for refunds)
9. Rewrote how female models are equipped for quite a few items, if you have a female character and notice certain items are equipped slightly off, please put in bug reports

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