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January 22nd - Updates

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January 22nd - Game Updates

2K20 Boxes
- Always: Common Shop Ticket
- Rare (1/4): Rare Shop Ticket
- Ultra Rare (1/10): Ultra Rare Shop Ticket
- Legendary (1/35): Legendary Shop Ticket
(Items in the store will change as we release new items, so even if you get duplicates, don't worry, hold on to your ticket, and we will be updating the shop every month instead of coming out with new boxes like we did in the past)
- Each box can be purchased for $5 on the donator store.
- You can get them for free every 30 minutes by participating in our global PVM event. Do the most damage you can, and the Top 3 players get double drop chance. Do a minimum of 1% damage to get a 1 in 20 chance of getting a Box!
- ::2K20 for the pinata boss!

Christmas Event will be ending in one week, this will mean that the Christmas Boxes will be removed from the Donator Store. Hold onto your santa hats, as we will be allowing players to use it to upgrade for Jester Scarf (Upgraded Collectors Necklace).

Additional Suggestions Implemented with this Update are as Follows:
Suggestion #20 - CTRL + B to open bank & ESC to close any interface.
Suggestion #21 - Make the examine option on max cape be "XP never sleeps, it's only AFK."
Suggestion #09 - Sakura and Sasuke Totems (will be available in 2K20 Shop exclusively).


- Ironman Contest/Highscore Portal should automatically restart this Friday! The dates were slightly askew because of the New Year.

Leader of the Exodus Clan



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