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December 21st - Updates

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December 21st - Game Updates


Christmas Event (1 month starting today): 

- Talk to Santa at Home to Begin, Find the Christmas Tree before anyone else and seize the present! (Prizes Include Santa hat, Christmas Box, and Christmas Cracker!) 

- Christmas Box (1 month starting today, will be taken out of store like Halloween box afterwards):
- Candy Cane | 30K STR, 10% DR, 10% DDR, Predator Scythe Speed.
- Fat Santa Pet | 40% DR, 40% DDR, 30% DMG Increase, Freeze 1 sec every 5 hits .
- Jester Scarf 1 in 60 Chance - Same as Collectors Amulet (i).

Quality of Life:
- Zulrah Slayer Task will now properly count down.
- Admins can remove 2FA now.
- Anti-Botting System (Will alert staff if auto-clickers/botting software is used)

PKing Beta:
- Weapons have more of an effect on Melee Strength and Range Strength than does Armor (unlike in PVM). 

- All armor is scaled to the best OSRS Pking gear. So Ranger Boots < Depature Boots < Dragonrage Boots
- Combat Elo and Ragebar do not affect Damage Multipliers.
- All other damage multipliers are 10% of what they are during PKING. So if you have 1.5X damage, you now have 1.05X during Pking.
- ::Maxhit is now accurate and is in real-time (Magic Damage also shows now).
- ::Maxhit now gives Attack Speed of the Weapon. "Speed 3" means 1 hit per every 3 ticks. "Speed 6" means 1 hit per 6 ticks. Thus, Speed 3 is twice as fast as Speed 6 effectively.

- ::DPS to visualize things more clearly 7. ::DPS to see speed more clearly

- Akare's Trippy MG


- Rewrote the chat system to now support ‘ “ %, currently it’s impossible to add any more symbols/capital letters due to the size of a Byte.
- Made black-text white for all Full-Screen Players, so now people can finally see!
- Tifa (i) soulsplit + pickup + removed Attack Option + announcement fixed

Leader of the Exodus Clan



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