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December 11th - Updates

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December 11th - Game Updates
We apologize for the delay of updates but we've finally introduced the long-waited junk store!


- Junk Store (not all items are added in yet, will add more in the future)
- Adding Ring of Wealth and Scrolls of Efficiency to Trivia Shop
- Adding NEW Herb Boxes (gives 5-10 Random Herbs), Charm Boxes to Pest Control Shop
- Skilling Money Making: Added Sigmund the Black Merchant at west of Donator Zone who buys Thieving Items and Raw Rocktails at a price that is roughly 3.3x Bils per hour compared to the new AFK Tree
- Nerfing AFK Tree to about 30% of what it was before
- Tanzanite Zulrah (Inflicts a poison that does 10000 Poison Damage every 6 ticks - same as a magic weapon )
- Magma Zulrah (Does 50% Damage Bonus)
- Tifa (i) (+55 DR/DDR +50% Damage Bonus) Combine a Sponsor Sakura with a Tifa. 1/5 success chance. You will lose your Sponsor Sakura if you fail


- Dragonballs will only cost 100 Goku Points per Dragon Ball
- Ironman Free Instances
- Ability to take off bank-pin if 2fa is enabled (::deletepin)
- Bank Pin will last for 12 hours instead of per login
- Executive Rank Zone Drops announced
- Cerberus Crystal Drops announced
- No more “You don’t have the right ingredients” when opening slayer chests and combining miniguns.
- Dropped HP of Blood Wolf from 1 Million to 150K, and Lizard Shaman from 275k to 50k. This is a move to make the mount more accessible to mid-tier players (this should speed up the process for low-mid tier players by 5 times, but should still remain the same for end game players)
- Goku Armor (Points Zone) now gives 3.1x Damage (compared to E-Void which gives 2.5x) The armor also has DR as well, becoming the best armor to go for after E-void.

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